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Mutiny: Their Motives And How They Exploited Our Trust



A question that has perplexed the state of San Andreas for weeks can finally be answered. Weazel Corp investigative journalists have pieced together evidence to support a motive for Mutiny’s actions. This report is based on their incredible work.

Mutiny is an anti-capitalist, multi-state “terrorist” cell who wanted to break the gears of states they targeted in order to spark a revolution. Their aims were anti-government and anti-greed according to their philosophy, not opposed to citizens of the states where they operate. However, their goals specific to San Andreas seemed to change during the course of their operations. One objective, which according to reports was completed on the evening of the 24th, was to create economic chaos by destroying physical currency reserves within the state. Police later confirmed this information in court evidence filed against a suspected Mutiny operative.

According to our sources as well as statements submitted to the court, Mutiny transported money from banks statewide during the blackouts and destroyed the reserves they collected after keeping an undetermined amount for themselves. Weazel News understands they accomplished this by impersonating high ranking employees at the Union Depository in an elaborate heist to gather and eliminate the state’s financial safeguards. In one case, our sources state Mutiny inserted a Senior Security Officer to infiltrate the bank and understand their security systems. 

Our reports concur with police allegations that a Mutiny operative named Eris Fraus impersonated a fake employee named Angelica Dawn in order to plan the elaborate heist. Weazel understands that the Director named “Quinton May” referenced in the letter above was actually another false employee inserted into the highest ranks of the Union Depository. Our sources indicate this “director” had a meeting with Chief of Police Brandon Davis during the course of this deception. They walked freely into Vinewood PD with scanning equipment they used to breach network security and plant a worm in the system that later obliterated the MDT database. Police confirmed that a person by the name of Lucas Troy was the one who impersonated “Director May”. Our sources also allege that Mutiny operatives were able to access “government laptops […] in the Lieutenant Governor’s office”. Lt. Governor Wheeler gave a statement at the town hall on the 28th when questioned regarding these reports: 

“That kind of. So as part of our relocation here into this building, that is this building does come with heightened security. We are working on putting together a comprehensive report in conjunction between myself, the executive directors of MCD, and the federal government. We anticipate this report being available within the week and that is going to be completely publicly accessible.”

Jacob Wheeler, Lieutenant Governor

Our investigation indicated there are eight cities including Los Santos which have or had active Mutiny “cells”. Each of these cities had similar operations take place on the 24th, with varying levels of success. Police confirmed in the same town hall that other cities had been attacked by Mutiny. Sources also indicate that Mutiny used criminal organizations already established within San Andreas to steal bank trucks before the blackouts began; they were allegedly paid sums up to $100,000 for these vehicles.

Unconfirmed reporting established that Mutiny operatives were also involved in a S.W.A.T. raid in Sandy Shores and potentially killed in the process. Police charged the aforementioned Eris Fraus with committing a Terroristic Act connected to this event. In the evidence provided, they clarified that “[redacted] shot the 8 victims inside the building in Sandy and also activated a C4 bomb in anger. Ms. Fraus mentioned that the reason the victims were shot was that they wanted the money for contributing to the mutiny project and that it was not the goal [redacted] was trying to accomplish.” During the final hours of the June 25th blackout, Mutiny operatives also shot former State Representative William Benning at the Tataviam Mountains “Land Act” Reservoir during the final hours of the June 25th blackout. Our sources say they did this in “retaliation” for Mr. Benning’s declaration of war on Mutiny, his kill on sight order against their operatives, and the fact that the government allowed his “Army of the North” to make these threats without repercussion. Police confirmed there are two persons of interest associated with Mutiny still alive at this time: Eris Fraus and Lucas Troy. Since charges were filed, however, Ms. Fraus was extradited to face federal indictment for her alleged crimes.

Mutiny used our trust in each other to infiltrate our society; they used fake personalities to engage with the highest offices of our state and lied to us with the harmful pretense of a “better future”. While I’m sure some believed the messaging, hopefully they now realize that Mutiny didn’t mean what they said. Mutiny also used people inside our state to help with this attack against our very own soul. Those aiding and abetting Mutiny should immediately be brought to justice within the full extent of the law. While sources indicate that a number of existing criminal groups assisted this attack in one way or another, it’s not clear at this time which groups were involved.

Mutiny has exposed how vulnerable our society is, damaging our infrastructure and ruining livelihoods in the name of societal change. While they seemingly didn’t succeed in any major social change, they have forever left a stab wound in our state’s history books. We lost, and we lost big. So many things have gone wrong in the response to this crisis, but we must remind ourselves that Mutiny operated for months, baiting our trust in one another to divide us. As we have said before: “We Will Not Go Quietly Into the Night”. No terrorist, hacker group, or civilian militia can break the willpower of our state; not now, not ever.

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  1. William Benning

    July 2, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    Let me remind Weasel News that the Army of the North is not a “civilian militia” and we take exception to that statement in the article. The Army of the North is, and always has been from the start, an intelligence network. It is not our fault that civilian government and law enforcement would not listen to the information that we gave them. They refused to have meetings even though that we gave them actionable intelligence. Our goal is to keep the citizens of San Andreas safe.

    • Weazel News

      July 2, 2022 at 6:14 pm


  2. Orchid Salt

    July 2, 2022 at 4:52 pm

    They should have called themselves Misery, instead of Mutiny. Then their true motives would have been honest.

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