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Blood Night Bouts

Retro Night Bouts: The Division Championship Qualifiers

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Graphics Provided by Meryl Ford

La Puerta, San Andreas (WZL) — A bittersweet night during the Retro Night Bouts: Championship Qualifiers as Meryl ‘Poison’ Ford announced to the crowd it would be the last night in the Professional Fighting Center (PFC) Blood Arena, but no need to fear! The Maze Bank Arena will be receiving a remodeling! The arena remodeling will now be an entertainment venue for all; sports, fashion, music, and more! Meryl hyped up the fighters, encouraging them to give the ring one amazing final send-off, and with that, these fighters showed true.

The Retro Night Bouts Championship Qualifiers brought many new and veteran fighters to the ring on January 21, 2023. All fighting for their chance at a spot in the championship finals. The first round of fights were best of-one; fighters had to be on top of their game to secure a spot in the semi-finals.

Singles Qualifiers

Round One

Opening the night was Ragnarok versus Deadshot; Ragnarok was hungry for another chance at the San Andreas Champion title gold and did not give way for Deadshot to come between that. Ragnarok secured his spot in the semi-finals.

The final blow between Ragnarok and Deadshot. [Rhylee Finke]

Who would step up to Ragnarok in the semi-finals of the qualifiers? Tommy Legend and The Hound moved into the ring for their best-of-one fight. The Hound, a member of the BCSO and newer to the scene, kept her distance from Tommy Legend with many kicks, really getting to Tommy Legends’ ability to stay on his feet. She takes Tommy Legend down with one final three piece; and moves on to the night’s semi-finals, where she will face Ragnarok.

The final blow between The Hound and Tommy Legend. [Rhylee Finke]

Moving into the third fight of round one, we find one-half of the current Tag Team champion, The Catalyst versus Phoenix. Catalyst, a typically reserved fighter, went into the match with more aggression than we have seen from him in the ring before. The aggression played out in his favor as he quickly secured his place in the semi-final matches.

The final blow between The Catalyst and Phoenix. [Rhylee Finke]

For the last match of the first round, Meryl leaves the commentator’s table and goes into the ring, where she faces JJ. JJ is a new fighter but has been seen putting in a lot of practice at Bruisers Gym in preparation for tonight’s fight. Poison will give him a hell of a fight for his chance at moving to the semi-final matches, has his practice paid off? The two tip-toed around each other, pushing each other into the cage several times. Just as JJ is free from the cage, Poison lays her final blow, ending JJ’s dream of reaching the semi-finals tonight.

The final blow between Poison and JJ. [Rhylee Finke]


The semi-finals are a set of best-of-three fights. First up are two of the winners from round one, Ragnarok and The Hound. Ragnarok gives it all he’s got, giving all his focus, again not letting someone get in his way for his next chance at fighting for gold in the upcoming championship finals. Ragnarok takes two wins against The Hound, giving her no chance to move forward and welcoming her to the end of her days.

Dom ‘Ragnarok’ Wickin [Rhylee Finke]

The Catalyst and Poison reenter the ring for the second match of the semi-finals. This match also being a best-of-three set. These fights are predicted to come down to the wire. The catalyst, as we have seen in his fights able to adjust to his opponent, whether being more reserved or aggressive, but will it be enough to take out Poison? Both fighters move across the mat, really only going in for trades. Poison keeps Catalyst wobbling on his feet, cutting through Catalyst’s counters. Poison ends the set with a 2-0 against Catalyst.

Meryl ‘Poison’ Ford [Rhylee Finke]

Poison calls Ragnarok into the ring, where they choose the title they will fight for. Poison shares their intentions of becoming a Grand Slam Champion, where she will need to take on the current Blaine County Champion, Luke ‘The Drifter’ McCoy. Having no hesitation, Ragnarok agrees to Poison’s choice of the fight as he has unfinished business with Mattie ‘The Calamity’ Belmont for the San Andreas State Champion title.

Ragnarok, Poison, and The Drifter discuss the singles championship matches. [Rhylee Finke]

Tag Team Qualifiers

To determine the Tag Team that will move forward for the finals, the fight was a Tornado Tag Team match. Stepping up to their chance was Dom ‘Ragnarok’ Wickin and Tommy Legend of Violence Incarnate versus Deadshot and The Hound of Team Red v Blue. Both teams look for a chance to fight Death Wish in the Tag Team finals. The Tornado Tag Team matches are a best-of-three; fighters are given a chance to tag out every 30 seconds. Violence Incarnate steps into the ring confident in their ability to take on Team Red v Blue, and they follow it up by winning their matches 2-0.

Death Wish and Violence Incarnate stare off. [Rhylee Finke]

After Fight Interviews

Recording By Rhylee Finke

Will more history be made in the upcoming finals? Find out at the Blood Night Bouts: The Division Finals on Sunday, February 12th, at Maze Bank Arena starting at 9 PM EST.

Flyer for Blood Night Bouts The Division Championship Finals [Provided by Mattie Belmont]

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