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Get Shit Done: Lawson-Finch Campaign Turning Politics Into Progress

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Notice: This ad article was written for and by the Lawson-Finch Campaign.
Ad articles contributed to Weazel News by members of the public and/or political figures and do not represent the opinions of the Weazel News team.

It’s Election time, which means it is your time to decide who you want to be as Governor for the 9th Congress in 2024. So lets meet the leading candidates who want to lead our amazing state!

Becks Lawson, an experienced state-representative and seasoned politician who has the experience and the knowhow to lead this state better than any other governor candidate. She knows how to get shit done, with her work in the 8th congress proving that she is willing to fight for our state and keep us safe.

Becks was the driving force behind the legislative and criminal code overhaul which have made our government more efficient and our communities safer. With just under 200 bills merged and unified to make it easier for our law to be enforced and to clear up any confusion.

Maxine Finch, is a first time representative and former Weazel News Reporter who has broken numerous important stories and knows politics and knows the issues which grips our state. She has delivered strong constitutional updates allowing for the election of Chief Justices, funding for Government communication and a new bill amending the constitution to close legislation modification loopholes. 

So when you go to vote in 2024, vote for Progress, vote for experience, vote for actually getting work done. Vote Becks and Maxine for Governor in 2024 and let’s get shit done!

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Becks Lawson / Maxine Finch For Governor Campaign Ad (Provided By: Lawson/Finch Campaign)

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  1. Not a Fan

    December 29, 2023 at 1:16 am

    I can’t believe Weazel News sold out. Disgusting. But makes sense considering Maxine (lap dog to Becks Lawson and Jacob Wheeler) worked for Weazel. I guess Weazel will only post positive things about these two and are also just lap dogs for Politicians.


    December 30, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    Press bias. DISGUSTING. And you call yourself a news outlet?

    I would echo NOT A FAN in his/her/their comments.

    • lmao what a joke

      December 30, 2023 at 11:28 pm

      have you ever heard of ADVERTISEMENTS? Get out of your delusional reality and snap back to real life.

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