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Stella’s Scoops Volume 78



Well, Dang!

The cat is out of the bag! Well, out of jail. Governor Ella Bright-Starr was released on bail of $6400 after being arrested for two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and uttering threats. Shout News explained the arrest a bit more, which you are welcome to read and understand what the heck happened more. She pled Not Guilty, so if she’s convicted of a felony, she will no longer be eligible to hold the office which is something the State of San Andreas hasn’t encountered before with a sitting governor.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

I mean cats. State Representative Astra Lillegård-Marino and State Representative Emilie Lillegård-Marino have both officially resigned as of Thursday, July 4th, 2024.  The two Lillegård-Marino’s were part of the Feline Party, which held the majority in the 10th Congress. San Andreas is now left with just one cat, Lieutenant Governor Quinn Lillegård-Marino, in office. Should another cat succeed in the Special Election to fill any of the three vacant State Representative positions, we can let the manufacturers know that the demand for catnip and laser pointers has declined. 

After Many Moons…

Evie Carter has been the proud owner of Wicked Motors for a year now. Long ago, Wicked Motors was in Rockford before moving to its current location on Vespucci Beach. While Evie wasn’t an owner back then, Evie has been a part of Wicked Motors for a very long time. Isaac Storm, a friend and employee of Wicked Motors, and I were chatting at the Wicked Rebranded event on Friday evening and he brought up a good point. Before working at Wicked Motors, Evie became the proud owner of Delilah, her precious purple Dominator GTT. The purple Evie is known for has become such an iconic color for her that it has been an inspiration for the new purple in the Wicked rebrand.

Fireworks go off at the American car show at the Wicked Rebranded event. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

The Wicked Rebranded event was not just to show off the new Wicked Motors shirts the employees wear; it was also an American car show to celebrate Independence Day. People were welcome to bring their American vehicles to the car show. Even though the cars registered in the car show were American cars, there was still a great variety there. While DJ RedRum, Pax, and Damien Daniels shared their music, the judges walked around to check out the cars. At the end of the event, Evie announced the winners. From third to first place, Amber Kemp won with her Zombie Chopper, Joe Ostanov with his Tahoma, and Carson Fowler won with his Classic Tornado. You may be thinking, “Wow, these are such American cars!” It should be noted that Carina Bail received an honorable mention with her minivan. I think any brand of minivan is pretty American by nature. Congratulations on the rebrand and the continued success at Wicked Motors!

Saved By the Bell…

After the cancellation of the government-planned 4th of July event for the holiday weekend, the Vespucci Community Center stepped it up by hosting a last-minute event at the Vespucci Beach Sunrise Club. The America Beach Party had all the same vendors and all the DJs the original event was supposed to have. The Events Committee had already paid the DJs from DJ Spooky Entertainment. The other performers, V, Larry Tate, Mykie Romance, Jake Gallagher, and Jason Tanners were planned to perform at the original event, however, the payment from the Events Committee never went through for the artists. Regardless, V, Larry Tate, and Jason Tanners performed for free at the beach party, with the addition of Barry Grimes. When asked, Barry Grimes responded with, “[KOKORO] said they needed people to volunteer to fill in, so I said sure, I’ve got an hour. Fuck the Government.”

Jason Tanners performing at the America Beach Party at the Vespucci Beach Sunrise Club. (Photo Credit: Wade Kenwayof Jolly Roger)

Novak with Arcane Engineering was also commissioned by Governor Ella Bright-Starr to manufacture the Patriot Ducks, however, due to the lack of payment, rather than splitting the profit to fund the Events Committee, the profits are now allocated to fund the America Beach Party and all its vendors. Arcane Engineering has donated $120,000 to pay for the vendors. When I spoke with Amber Kemp of Extra Events, she said she was “dragged by the bus through the mud” by Governor Ella Bright-Starr right before the cancellation of the original event due to miscommunication throughout the planning process. As mentioned in Extra Events’ press release, Extra Events had made it clear to the governor that the company’s only service is venue construction and yardwork, not event planning. Regardless of the start of the chaotic holiday weekend, the America Beach Party appeared to be a success with plenty of folks attending.

Fireworks fly over the America Beach Party at the Vespucci Beach Sunrise Club. (Photo Credit: Liz Barber-Day)

Big Shoes to Fill…

Before the America Beach Party, the Vespucci Beach Sunrise Club was empty. However, for the event the club was filled! There were big shoes that filled it! Arcane Engineering now sells cardboard cutouts of Larry Tate and Jason Tanners, but that’s not what filled the space. Instead, thanks to Extra Events, a giant Larry Tate and a giant Jason Tanners stood to watch over the event. Out of curiosity, I reached out on Y to see if anyone knew if and how large their shoes were. My good friend, Niko McReary, volunteered to jump into the water to find out for me before I could object. Upon resurfacing on land, Niko shared with me that Larry’s shoes were about the length of an average car, which is roughly 15 feet. Those are big feet! Jason Tanners’ feet were covered in the sand so Niko couldn’t tell if there were shoes or not. Jason’s giant feet live on another day hidden from the public. Happy birthday, Jason Tanners!

Add 10 to the List of Unlucky Numbers…

If there’s anything I can summarize from the 10th Congress so far, it’s that it’s going far from well. Chief of Staff Jade Storm resigned on Friday, July 5th, following the three other resignations. On Y, Jade Storm posted “Yeah I left after getting thrown under the bus for an event I tried to help. Im not working for someone who leaves me in the dark and use me as a scapegoat.” With that said, that’s four resignations in the 10th Congress, which only began on June 7th. That’s a couple of days short of a full month. There are still three months left of the 10th Congress. Despite how it’s all going, State Representative Tommy Merlin wants everyone to have some patience during this time. Hopefully, there’s some luck left this summer to survive the remainder of the 10th Congress.

Stepping up to the Challenge…

Registration for the Spring 2024 Special Election has closed. This time around, we have 6 candidates to vote for to fill 3 vacant State Representative seats. The candidates for the Spring 2024 Special Election are:

  • Yuri Devlin
  • Maxine Finch
  • James Hill
  • Wyatt McKenzie
  • Rachel Scilly
  • Bill Smith

Who are these people? Head on over to Shout News to read the candidate profiles they’ve compiled to learn a little more about them.

It’s a short campaign period this time, starting earlier this evening and ending Friday, July 12th, at 8pm EDT. Be sure to tune into the Spring 2024 Special Election Debate hosted in partnership by Shout News and Weazel News on Thursday, July 11, at 9pm EDT.

I’m Curious…

With all that has happened within one week’s time, I would like to see how you all respond to the latest PolitiPoll. It will close on Tuesday, so hopefully, you read this before it closes.I’ll be keeping an eye on what Shout News publishes in summary of the poll next week. It will sure be interesting.

Upcoming Events:

  • July 10th @ 5PM ET: [2024-CM-217] – State of San Andreas v. Ivar Hellsinky
  • July 10th @ 8PM ET: San Andreas Fire & Rescue First Aid Class
  • July 11th @ 9PM ET: Addict Support Group
  • July 11th @ 9PM ET: Spring 2024 Special Election Debate
  • July 12th @ 6PM – 10PM ET: Bohan Beach Bash
  • July 12th @ 8:30PM ET: Town Hall
  • July 13th @ 11AM ET: SAMS Picnic in the Park
  • July 13th @ 6PM ET: The Hub x The Hubcap Cafe Jams & Jet Skis
  • July 14th @ 5PM ET: BHCC Skateboard Launch Party

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Have you ever considered saving money? I know it’s very tempting to buy the latest toys, foods, and even cars, but do you really need 20 pieces of cardboard cutouts that will clutter your house? Actually, on second thought, continue as you were.

Liz Barber-Day says, “What the heck is going on here?!” with all the plushies on her. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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