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Blood Night Bouts

Blood Night Bouts: The Division



[Graphic Provided By: Meryl Ford]

La Puerta, San Andreas (WZL) — A bit of a throwback here, but these fighters deserve their spotlight, and with that, history was made on November 27th with Blood Night Bouts: The Division during the final Championship Bout of 2022. Meryl “Poison” Ford and Dan White commentated throughout the night for these courageous matches.

Recording By Rhylee Finke

Imogen ‘Starling’ Belmont-Fox and Luke ‘The Drifter’ McCoy went head to head in a historical fight. Starling was fighting to keep her gold and be the longest-reigning Blaine County Champion. The Drifter was fighting to become the first Grand Slam Champion, or someone who’s held all three titles throughout his career. 

Recording By Rhylee Finke

Street Fighters were the current and longest-lasting Tag-Team Champions with three consecutive wins. The Tag-Team, Death Wish, looked to end their reign in this fight against the reigning victors.

Recording By Rhylee Finke

Mattie ‘Calamity’ Belmont fought to continue his hold over the San Andreas State Championship. If he can come out with the gold, he would become the longest-reigning San Andreas State Champion surpassing Luke ‘The Drifter’ McCoy’s record. Stepping up to the plate in an attempt to take this title is Dom ‘Ragnarok’ Wickin; if; he can succeed, he will earn his first singles title gold.

Recording By Rhylee Finke

The first championship of the year, Retro Night Bouts: The Division for Singles and Tag-Teams, is set for January 21st at 9:00 PM EST at Maze Bank Arena. The night will be themed Retro; fans and fighters alike are asked to dress in their best Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, 80’s Retro, or Futuristic looks for a chance to win the Best Dressed award of $1000.

[Graphic Provided By: Meryl Ford]

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