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Blood Night Bouts

Blood Night Bouts Rivalries: Public Works Vs Eclipse Medical



Photo by Erin Murphy

LA PUERTO, LOS SANTOS (WZL) — Public Works and Eclipse Medical staff members returned to the ring at Plutus Financial Center on November 6th to battle for this year’s champion title. The night started off with Meryl ‘Poison’ Ford entering the ring to introduce the fight events for the night in collaboration with Dan White. 

Commentators Meryl Ford and Dan White pumped up the crowd as Public Works and Eclipse Medical were introduced. Public Works entered the ring, giving speeches about getting it done, being ready to kick some butts, and being excited to be in the ring. Eclipse Medical, in collaboration with a few BCSO members, had its own moment for introductions and speeches with ringside taunts toward their opponents.

The rules for the event were as follows:

  1. Fighters are not permitted to use any weapons.
  2. Fighters are not permitted to sprint punch.
  3. Fighters do not have to fight in a Southpaw stance.
  4. Fighters can not hit their opponent while they are down or their opponent will be given a free hit.
Photo by Bella Grande

Match One

Dew ‘Badger’ Glass of Public Works started the rivalry re-match squaring off against Doctor Adrik Nelson from Eclipse. Eclipse Medical starts the series off strong, taking the first point in the series.

Match Winner: Eclipse Medical
Score: Eclipse Medical 1 – Public Works 0

Match Two

Colt ‘Fuck Boy’ McCoy of the BCSO in representation for Eclipse Medical and Beaudarius Tato of Public Works entered the ring for the second bout. The fight was wrought with many whiffs, and ultimately Eclipse Medical was left standing.

Match Winner: Eclipse Medical
Score: Eclipse Medical 2 – Public Works 0

Match Three

Match number three featured the Undersheriff, Jean ‘BCSO Witcher’ Boudreaux and Meryl ‘Poison’ Ford. The fighters met in the middle of the ring and started to trash talk, Meryl asserted the undersheriff of the BCSO didn’t belong here, and that she was going to make him eat his own words after she was done with him. She delivered on that promise, securing the first win of the night for Public Works.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 2 – Public Works 1

Match Four

Our fourth match continued the rivalry with a one-on-one featuring Amber ‘Red’ Dent from Eclipse Medical and Elizabeth ‘Kitten’ Darhk of Public Works. Kitten mentioned in the opening of the round she was intent on destroying her competition which was a promise she fulfilled in a decisive victory over Red.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 2 – Public Works 2

Match Five

Veronica ‘Wendigo’ Corvus then entered the ring for Public Works against Cindy Halpman from Eclipse Medical. Cindy put up a strong fight, but Public Works took the victory and the lead.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 2 – Public Works 3

Match Six

Kitten from Public Works returned to the ring to take on Frank ‘Trauma’ Gavin of Eclipse Medical next. Kitten came out strong, completing her second decisive victory of the night – bringing another point home for Public Works.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 2 – Public Works 4

Match Seven

Corporal Lexi Fields, of the BCSO, entered the ring with encouragement from the crowd about her guinea pigs to fire her up for the fight against Clara ‘Detrimental Darling’ Evans, a former Blaine County Heavyweight contender and Public Works operator. Lexi started off the fight with high energy while Detrimental Darling worked around her, taking her time to get blows in. In the end, the Detrimental Darling took another point in favor of Public Works.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 2 – Public Works 5

Match Eight

Series Eight shook up the pace with a tornado brawl of two on two and a southpaw stance. Jacob ‘the Jackhammer’ Craine and Red representing Eclipse Medical versus Clara ‘Detrimental Darling’ and Kitten for Public Works. Tornado Brawls allow for two on two simultaneously as we saw in this fight. Kitten was the first fighter knocked out. Jacob stood back to conserve energy while Detrimental Darling and Red square off. Red then tags in Jacob to finish off the Darling, ending Public Works’ win streak.

Match Winner: Eclipse Medical
Score: Eclipse Medical 3 – Public Works 5

Match Nine Photo by Bella Grande

Match Nine

Continuing with another tornado brawl next, Colt ‘Fuck Boy’ McCoy and Cindy put up a fight against Erin ‘Fox’ Murphy and Veronica ‘Wendigo’ Corvus of Public Works. The chaos ended with this match point going to Public Works.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 3 – Public Works 6

Match Nine Photo by Bella Grande

Match Ten

A third Tornado Brawl brought another mix of fighters. For match ten, Public Works welcomed back to the ring Clara ‘Detrimental Darling’ and Kitten. Showing up for Eclipse Medical were Colt ‘Fuckboy’ McCoy and Jacob ‘the Jackhammer’ Craine, but was it enough? No, it wasn’t! There was friendly fire amidst the chaos between all four fighters but Public Works emerged victorious once again.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 3 – Public Works 7

Photo by Bella Grande

Match Eleven

Commentators Meryl Ford and Dan White turned up the heat with a Tullahoma Twister match next, a first for Blood Night Bouts. The Tullahoma Twister boasts a three-on-three fight filled with a hectic mess of flurried punches with even more opportunities for friendly fire. Our six fighters for this first-ever, unique bout were Cindy, Jacob ‘the Jackhammer’ Craine, and Red for Eclipse Medical, with Veronica ‘Wendigo’ Corvus, Clara ‘Detrimental Darling’, and Kitten for Public Works. The fighters attempted to keep a pocket of space amongst the mayhem. Spectators in attendance witnessed an accidental (but effective) Swanton Bomb on Meryl by Corvus. At the end of the chaos, Public Works were the last ones standing.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 3 – Public Works 8

Photo by Bella Grande

Match Twelve

Meryl Ford reminded the crowd and fighters that to take home this win, either side must finish with 10 points, and that there were only two more points needed for Public Works to take home a total victory. Eclipse Medical sent in Jacob ‘the Jackhammer’ Craine in an attempt to grab another point against Kitten, ‘the War Criminal,’ of Public Works. Both fighters started off strong with some hard hits but it’s not enough, as Kitten delivered her final devastation of the night against the former state champion Jacob ‘the Jackhammer’ Craine – taking home another point for Public Works.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 3 – Public Works 9

Match Thirteen

Public Works only needed one more point to claim victory over the Eclipse Medical team. The tow truck terrors sent in their most experienced fighter, Clara ‘Detrimental Darling’ Evans to secure the win as Eclipse Medical sent in their aspiring fighter, Red. Both warriors exchanged a flurry of blows in what seemed like anyone’s fight. The Detrimental Darling is quick on her feet and deftly dodged punches being thrown by Red. Moving into the second half of the fight, both fighters did all they could to get the upper hand, but Red hit the mat with a resounding crash, signaling Public Works’ secured their overall’ victory.

Match Winner: Public Works
Score: Eclipse Medical 3 – Public Works 10

Photo by Bella Grande

After thirteen intense matches in this rivalry, and great performances from both teams, Public Works – for the second year in a row – took the victory over Eclipse Medical.

For Eclipse Medical:
Red gave praise to her opponents, saying the girls of Public Works fought fantastically but she plans to continue to train and looks forward to a re-match. Maggie Martindale stated her team did a fantastic job, and they brought in some great people to help out with the fights – but at the end of the day members of Eclipse Medical were still covered in Public Works blood.

For Public Works:
Erin ‘Fox’ Murphy praised everyone involved stating it was a great fight for everyone all around. Kitten, new to the fight scene, shared a joke that attacking medical personnel in an armed attack is a war crime and also a crime against humanity and that she needed to get out of there before the authorities arrived. Clara ‘Detrimental Darling’, a veteran of the Blood Night Bouts brand, said it was amazing, and it felt like she’d never left the ring. She also talked about how excited she was to go for the title this coming season. Corvus discussed how she Swanton Bombed Meryl Ford during eleventh match, while commentators Meryl Ford and Dan White reminisced on the moment from the night.

Make sure you don’t miss future Blood Night Bout events! It’s an atmosphere you will surely enjoy.

Blood Night Bouts “The DIVISION”

For those interested in joining or checking out the fighting scene, the Division Qualifier matches are tonight. This qualifier is only for ‘Warrior’s’ members. You can become a Warrior for $2500 a month!

Date: November 13th, 2022
Time: 9pm EST
Location: Plutus Financial Arena

Photo provided by Blood Night Bouts

Blood Night Bouts Rivalries: LSPD vs BCSO

The following week Blood Night Bouts presents another Rivalries event featuring LSPD versus BCSO. Members of either; signups will open the day after the Division, don’t miss this opportunity!

Date: November 20th, 2022
Time: 9pm EST
Location: Plutus Financial Arena

Photo provided by Blood Night Bouts

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