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Dear Dolores

Dear Dolores, Did I Commit Too Soon?



Dear Dolores,
I am a relatively inexperienced person when it comes to relationships. I’ve only dated two people my entire life. When I met my current partner, I was immediately infatuated. I love them with all my heart. I see my future with them!

My problem is, I’ve met a new person who I really, REALLY like. As in, I would 100% get naked with him if it weren’t for the fact I was already in a relationship. Not only that, but he spends a lot more time with me than my current partner. Now don’t get me wrong, my current partner is super duper busy with work and stuff and I don’t blame them but, I need some attention, too?

Oh Dolores, what do you think I should do? Part of me wants to approach my partner and ask them for more time and attention, the other part of me thinks I’ve committed myself too soon and that I should explore this new person.
– Free Love

Dear Free Love,
Assuming that your situation with your current partner is monogamous, you owe it to them to communicate how you’re feeling. A committed relationship is an understanding between people and if you are considering changing something about that understanding, you should talk to your partner. 

How would you want to be treated if the situation were reversed? I would spend some time soul searching. Is the current lack of attention the only thing that’s wrong? If your partner started dedicating more time to you, would you lose interest in this new person? If not, you know that isn’t the only thing you need to address. It seems you’re at kind of a crossroads. Whatever you choose, just remember to treat everyone involved with respect and kindness. 
Love, Dolores

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