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Stella’s Scoops Volume 56



Another First…

Last week, we had the first state representative public session of the 9th Congress. This week, we had the first town hall of the 9th Congress. Weazel News (myself) was present and recorded the meeting for all to enjoy.

Temporary Sale!

Zimports is currently selling Valentine’s goodies for a limited time. They have silk gloss Valentine’s heart-shaped balloons and luxury gift boxes and bags. The balloons are so cute, and the gift boxes and bags would be perfect for holding your gifts for your special someone(s). I can’t wait to get these items for myself to gift to my loved ones. It’s going to be great! (I’m totally ignoring how Valentine’s Day is a capitalistic made-up holiday this year.)

Stella Day hanging out with her heart balloon during sunset at the beach. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Press Releases In Overdrive…

We have a press release from Friday regarding H.R.’s 312, 314, and 315 getting tabled for revisions and resubmitted at a later date. We also have a press release regarding H.R. 302, which amended H.R. 293, The Environmental Protection Act. That’s one of the bills from the 8th Congress that was getting a lot of public pushback. If you were concerned about that bill, you should read the press release so you can stay up to date. 

Gaze Upon A Movie Premiere…

On Friday, the City of Los Santos finally got to enjoy a movie premiere after forever. I don’t even remember the last time there was a movie premiere, but I think there was one. This time, we had Stargaze premiering their latest movie, Run, at Sisyphus Theater. 

Part of the cast and musicians of Run posing for a photo at the Run movie premiere. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Another Two Exchanges…

We have been blessed with two new Exchanges this week with Jack Callow. One is with Krystal Velione regarding the death penalty and the other is with Surgeon General Doctor Justin Cooke. Go check them out!

Something Something McFall Something…

Useless News was there and wrote about it. I didn’t read it, but you can. 

Squeaky Clean Troopers…

Oh wow, I sure had an interesting Saturday afternoon. I feel like I was beyond lucky to have shown up at the Trooper Car Wash at Le Mesa PD yesterday to get the full experience. I knew I was in for a treat when the first thing I heard was, “Get your car cleaned by shirtless and experienced individuals.” I only intended to be there for a fairly quick visit to check out the event and take some photos, but I ended up being there for about an hour. At first, I was only asking questions, watching the procedure, and taking photos, but it ended up being way more. I even got invited to ride along in a trooper vehicle with Commissioner Barry Hill and Trooper Sofia with an F for a wash. 

“Weenies are good in all shapes and sizes,” said one of the troopers. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

The price was $250 per vehicle, and I would say it was definitely worth it. They raised $66,108, which will go towards their community outreach program so they can host more events similar to this as a way to have bonding experiences from law enforcement officers to the public. The car wash was visited by fellow officers, government employees, and criminals alike. Commissioner Barry Hill shared with me that it was nice to see people they have arrested or exchanged gunfire with before to put it all aside for two hours to have a nice car wash. With more events, it means more opportunities so that people aren’t missing out on the fun. I know Sofia is going to continue to do awesome with these events. Their next event will be the Palentine’s Paw-ty on February 17th.

The troopers washing the trooper vehicle with Luna and Parks Employee Chevrolet Mason watching in the background. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

There was great teamwork between the troopers at the car wash. There was also a lot of good communication between them, so they knew who was cleaning where and how. Two notable techniques involved butts and hats. One of the troopers was very impressed by the team’s cleaning and even said, “When I’m done with this car, it’s getting a citation because it’s looking fine.”

“You know, Luna, for a wet dog, you smell pretty good,” said Pippi Popadopoulos to Luna. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

A Zimportant Poll

Useless News is running a poll right now about the art in the Zimports office. If you have an opinion, do vote in the poll.

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb 8th @ 9PM EST: Addict Support Group
  • Feb 8th @ 9PM EST: Purple Fantasy’s Super Sweet Night
  • Feb 10th @ 5PM EST: Zimports Ming Dynasty Auction
  • Feb 10th @ 8PM EST: Bahama Mamas’ Sexy Singles Mixer
  • Feb 10th @ 8PM – 11PM EST: CUPIDFEST hosted by TUMBLE
  • Feb 10th @ 8:30PM EST: Pretty In Pink Valentine’s Dance

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

With the Lunar New Year approaching next weekend, it may be valuable and important for you to consider some things going into the new year. Lunar New Year is celebrated across multiple countries and communities. This time, we’ll be entering the Year of the Dragon. It’s supposed to be a year of luck and greatness, so I hope we all get to experience some good luck and great things this year. 

Stella Day shopping for new clothes to celebrate Lunar New Year at the clothing store. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

To prepare for the Lunar New Year, there’s usually a lot of cleaning to get rid of the old and make room for the new. Sometimes, that means getting rid of clutter and buying new clothes or getting a fresh new haircut. Once the first day rolls in, you can expect some fireworks and maybe a lot of eating, depending on who you’re celebrating with. So with this, perhaps you may be interested in the preparation so you can be ready to welcome in the new year of good luck and greatness with open arms and open mouths.

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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