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Public Feedback Prompts 9th Congress To Table Legislative Decisions

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Rockford Hills, Los Santos – The 9th Congress has hit the ground running writing and proposing new legislation as well as collecting feedback from the public. Secretary of the Legislature, State Rep Artemis Blackthorne, issued a press release on Friday letting the public know H.R.’s 312, 314, and 315 have been tabled following feedback the Legislature has received. The bills will be resubmitted at a later date once they’ve undergone appropriate revisions.

The text of the press release is copied below, along with a PDF attached as well for ease of reading:


February 2nd, 2024

Liam McGrath, Legislative Assistant to Artemis Blackthorne | 831 830 5121

Bills Tabled for Further Expansion

City Hall, Rockford Hills — Following feedback from the public in regards to a number of bills, the following bills have been presently tabled:

  • – H.R. 312 – The Government Security Act of 2024 (submitted by Joanna Poole)
  • – H.R. 314 – Private Security and Investigative Services Act of 2024 (submitted by Joanna Poole)
  • – H.R. 315 – Repeal of H.R. 109 (submitted by Lilith Stark)

With the feedback the Legislature has received in regards to these bills, we believe that more extensive changes need to be made in order for them to be fully prepared for voting, that go beyond simply amending them while they are up for review, and as such they will be tabled and resubmitted at a later date when these changes have been made.

The 9th Congress would also like to thank the members of the public for providing their feedback, and engaging in these conversations with us – It is our goal this term to work hand-in-hand with our constituents as best we can, and to take your feedback into account when we work on these bills.


Artemis Blackthorne
Secretary of the Legislature
State Representative

Below is a PDF copy of the press release issued by State Representative Artemis Blackthorne:

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1 Comment

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