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Stella’s Scoops Volume 55



So Much Swearing!

People swore on Monday night at the 9th Congress Inauguration at the Vinewood Bowl in front of an audience and cameras. Those who swore to Chief Judge Kylian Clarkson and spoke speeches include Governor Damien Key and Lieutenant Governor Gracie McCoy, State Representative Emilie Paxton, State Representative Lilith Stark, State Representative Joanna Poole, and State Representative Artemis Blackthorne. Craft Bar and Eatery’s food truck was there to feed the people for free. A delight! Useless News was also there and did their own reporting if you wish to view their perspective.

As for those who couldn’t swear on Monday night, they were able to swear in front of the Chief Justice the next day, and that would be State Representative Lucas Evans at the Occupation Avenue Courthouse.

State Representative Lucas Evans getting sworn in by Chief Judge Kylian Clarkson. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

Slushies Gone or Not…

On Friday, Useless News published an article about the slushies crisis with interviews from the public about their thoughts on the disappearance of working slushie machines. Weazel News talked with a spokesperson for 24/7 Supermarkets to get to the bottom of this urgent crisis. What do I think about this? Well, I’m still getting slushies, so no comment.

The slushie machines at the 24/7 stores working overtime to keep up with slushie demand. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

Things Money Maybe Shouldn’t Buy…

This is probably a controversial thought, but I think artifacts should be shared with the world by being displayed in public spaces like museums or libraries. However, an artifact from the Ming Dynasty will be auctioned off soon at the Knight Imports Auction Room in Vespucci, with the starting bid at $10,000. This gold and red jadeite dragon coin dates back to sometime between 1572 and 1620 in the Nanjing region of China. By the 16th century, while the Ming government was weakening, there was a rapid economic expansion in South China, which meant many landowners and wealthy merchants started to be able to afford to purchase art, such as paintings and sculptures.

Ming Dynasty Artifact Auction ad.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of the wealthy also had gold trinkets similar to this coin that’s being auctioned here in Los Santos. It’s too bad that one person is going to win this piece of Chinese artifact and keep it hidden in their home, never to be seen again. There’s so much we can all learn from a piece of ancient history, and yet here we are. Useless News also wrote about this Ming Dynasty artifact auction in an article and included the certificate of authenticity if you would like a closer look.

First of Many, Hopefully…

Yesterday was the first state representative meeting session, which was open to the public at City Hall. I didn’t attend, but I skimmed the meeting notes, and it looks like they discussed concerns regarding H.R. 309, repealing H.R. 109, making adjustments to the Crime Crisis Act, and more. They also talked about new initiatives, which include Speaker Joanna Poole posting a Legislative Processes document accessible to the public with public legislative meetings hopefully happening at least once a month. Some of you might like this one if you’re too lazy to look for proposed bills. It looks like there will now be posters posted inside City Hall for all the current proposed bills. I guess that’s not bad for a first meeting of the new Congress.

Another Exchange with Jack…

Jack Callow’s latest exchange was with Assistant State Attorney Jessica Ashbrook. They talked about the Department of Justice (DOJ) and what their duties are in the state. I don’t really understand what happens within the DOJ, so if you are like me, this could be insightful.

Get Your Bank Accounts Ready…

Dynasty Realty announced on Friday evening that their largest batch of homes will be joining the housing market in early February. As February will begin this coming Thursday, it’s hard to say how much time you have to prepare yourselves, but it’s not much. I’m excited to see which homes go on the market.

Dynasty Realty ad.

Pardon the Opening…

Well, not exactly. But if you have a valid San Andreas Bar License and you’re interested in working as a private attorney, look no further. Lieutenant Governor Gracie McCoy issued a press release Friday morning. The Pardon Commission is now accepting letters of interest to fill up to three non-government-affiliated attorney positions. So, if you care about the law and the justice system here in San Andreas, brush off the dust on your keyboard or paper and get writing on your letter of interest to submit to Lieutenant Governor Gracie McCoy. You have like twelve days to do this.

Upcoming Events:

  • Jan 31st @ 7PM EST: Town Hall
  • Feb 1st @ 7AM EST: Zimports Valentines Sale
  • Feb 1st @ 8PM EST: Tabletop Tavern Game Night!
  • Feb 2nd @ 9PM EST: BLOOD NIGHT BOUTS: Championship Qualifiers
  • Feb 2nd @ 10PM EST: Valentines at The Venetian
  • Feb 3rd @ 3PM EST: Trooper Car Wash

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Chill out! I know it’s winter, and temperatures have been averaging in the mid-50°s Fahrenheit, but it’s still cold at night. Regardless, some of you need to chill out. I’m talking about your criminal activities and your panic at the 24/7 stores.

Stella Day enjoying a cup of the new grape-flavored slushie at a local 24/7 in San Andreas. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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