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Stella’s Scoops Volume 25



Found Not Guilty…

But what do you think? Do you believe the defendants, Daniel McFall, Arthur Cain, and Bazil McFall-Bertstien, were guilty or innocent concerning the murder of Hunter McFall-Black? There were people gathered outside of the Rockford Courthouse supporting and opposing the defendants, but the one thing that stays consistent is that Bishop’s Chicken will show up to these sorts of things with their food truck to feed the people. After what felt like a short time for this case, Circuit Judge Joanna McGrath found the three innocent, and they walked out free Tuesday night. A notable quote from Daniel McFall: “fuck Raven Teal.” Weazel News offers you a summary, and soon a full recording and a long, detailed article of this ordeal for you to enjoy.

Rockford Hills Courtroom during the trial. (Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)

Lee-Ding the Way…

Another thing that happened in the Rockford Courthouse this week was the swearing-in of our new Chief of Police of the Los Santos Police Department. The beloved Julie Lee, previously known as Deputy Chief Julie Lee, is officially Chief Julie Lee. She shared a small speech with the crowd at the courthouse. We’re so happy for her and can’t wait to see how she grows into her role. Sarai Young was also promoted to Director of Major Crime Division (MCD), which you can read all about it in The Daily Globe. 

Fireworks are set off to celebrate the new Chief of Police being sworn in. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

A Stirring Pot in the Legislation…

On Friday, the press received a press release issued from the Office of the Governor. Apparently, both Norman Aoki and Morrigan Ford resigned from their positions as State Representatives on Wednesday. Not sure if we’ll find out what happened, but how interesting. That’s two vacant positions less than two months into the term. The previous vacant spot was filled by Yuri Devlin early in the term. I’m curious about what will happen now. Who will fill the spots? The Daily Globe had the chance to get a comment from both Norman and Governor RyRy, which you can also read about.

BMX for the Weekend…

If you’re now finding out about the BMX park returning for the weekend, you are too late to the party. The BMX park by the Del Perro Pier returned for the weekend, and I finally made it down there after forever. The last time I mentioned something about the BMX park was in Volume 12, but the last time I said I would try to go check out the park was in Volume 8. Here we are now, Volume 25, and I finally got to enjoy the park! I’m very grateful for the EMS in our state for no particular reason.

Liz having fun on the half pipe at the BMX park. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Are You A 10 out of 10?

We know you have a stack of trading cards somewhere just sitting and collecting dust. Well, they can continue to collect dust after being graded by the employees at Hardcore Comic Store. Got that super mint condition, super rare card? Bring it to Hardcore! Got that well-loved common card? Bring it to Hardcore! Bring whatever card you have to Hardcore and get it graded for $600 each. Prove to your mom that you can take care of your belongings after all.

Hardcore Comic Store’s Trading Card Grading Ad. (Ad Provided by Hardcore Comic Store)

Hardcore is also putting 20% of their sales towards the Hardcore Charity Fund. I asked Sane Terrace about it, and he said:

“The Hardcore Charity Fund is a fund that Hardcore Comic Store is creating to give back to the community. We are planning to give money from the fund to various organizations and charities throughout the state of San Andreas. It’s a way for us to thank the community for supporting us and helping us be one of the oldest businesses in Los Santos!” 

Sane Terrace, hardcore Comic Store

How cool! You should go stop by Hardcore for your card grading needs. They also have tabletop games in the dungeon to play with. See you there!

Gamers playing chess at the Hardcore Comic Store dungeon. (Photo Credit: Lara Ripley-Wolf)

Add Some Seasoning to that Pot…

State Representative Yuri Delvin proposed a bill to impeach State Representative Tavlar FrostFell yesterday, July 1st, and Maxine worked hard on getting statements from the current and recently resigned State Representatives. We won’t know what will happen for about a week, but I’ll update you in a future Scoops.

Looking For a Burner?

It looks like someone is selling burners in the state. If you’re looking for a tiny stove for your next camping trip, text the phone number I found. Happy camping!

Burner flyer on Del Perro Pier. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Are You Fashionable?

Original Clothing is doing another outfit challenge this month. I can’t believe it’s July, but they sure can. Check out the themes for the next four weeks and tweet your outfits for a chance to be featured on their website.

Original Clothing July Outfit Challenge Ad. (Ad Provided by Original Clothing)

Upcoming Events:

  • July 6th @ 6PM ET: Cockatoos Pajama Party
  • July 6th @ 8PM – 11PM ET: National Fried Chicken Day (Bishop’s Chicken Event)
  • July 7th @ 9AM ET: SAMS Doctor Interest Class
  • July 7th @ 9PM ET: Blood Night Bouts: The Prize – Leap Of Fate
  • July 7th @ 9PM ET: Psychology 101 Class
  • July 7th – 9th: OWL Scouts Launch Weekend
  • July 8th @ 10AM ET: Psychology 101 Class
  • July 8th @ 7PM ET: SAMS Doctor Interest Class
  • July 8th @ 8PM – 10PM ET: Redline Supply Co: Local Lockout

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Please don’t set yourself on fire this Canada Day or Independence Day. From campfires or the fireworks, you should practice basic safety tips to keep you and others around you from being taken to the hospital. Here are some safety tips you should keep in mind this short holiday season:

  • Never use fireworks when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Never hold lighted fireworks in your hands
  • Never light them indoors
  • Only use fireworks away from people, houses, and flammable material
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person
  • Only light one firework at a time and maintain a safe distance after lighting
  • Never ignite fireworks in a container
  • Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning fireworks
  • Dispose of used and unused fireworks properly
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby to fully extinguish fireworks that don’t go off or in case of fire
Fireworks against the sunset at the Del Perro Pier. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

So please, stay safe and be smart about fireworks and fire. If you want fireworks but you’re not confident about safety, let someone else take care of it, and you can just enjoy the show.

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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