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Turmoil In San Andreas’ 7th Congress: Articles Of Impeachment Follow Resignations



Los Santos, San Andreas – Saturday evening, State Representative Yuri Devlin has introduced H.R. 254, a resolution to impeach State Representative Tavlar FrostFell. According to the bill, Tavlar FrostFell is being impeached due to not fulfilling the duties he swore to fulfill when assuming the role of State Representative. The basis for this impeachment includes allegations of neglect of office.

State Rep FrostFell was present for Sunday’s meeting of the 7th Congress. Meeting notes indicated they discussed the articles of impeachment.

Articles of Impeachment
Following discussions in regards to Representative FrostFell’s absence and inactivity since being sworn in, Representative Devlin requested that Representative FrostFell resign the Office of State Representative, so that someone prepared to devote more time to the position could take his Seat. Representative FrostFell stated that he had been away for personal issues, but planned to take a more active role within the State Legislature. Representative FrostFell was asked if he had any bills to present to the Legislature to demonstrate that he was serious; he did not. When Representative FrostFell again refused to resign his Seat, Representative Devlin opted to file Articles of Impeachment against Representative FrostFell for Negligence of Office. The Supreme Court has been contacted for guidance on the Impeachment Proceedings.

Articles of Impeachment Notes from 7th Congress meeting on July 1, 2023

These articles of impeachment come days following the resignations of both State Rep Norman Aoki and State Rep Morrigan Ford. With these resignations, the current 7th Congress stands at three representatives. However, it seems Tavlar FrostFell cannot successfully be impeached without at least 4/5 of the State Representatives voting aye on the resolution. Replacement representatives have not been appointed yet, as a recent executive press release and The Daily Globe has reported.

In a statement made to Weazel, State Rep Devlin expressed his stance on the matter:

Since Representative FrostFell was sworn in to the State Legislature, he has not attended any of the weekly State Rep Meetings that are announced and communicated directly to the members of the Legislature; nor has he submitted a singular bill or resolution during his tenure in office. The Legislature has attempted to make contact with him on several occasions, both directly from former Speaker Norman Aoki (formerly Wren), and in a group email with all of the State Representatives. While early on Representative FrostFell had told Representative Wren that he was dealing with personal issues that prevented him from being an active participant, he stated it would not be long before he returned. After some time, the correspondence including all of the State Representatives was sent out, to which no response was sent from Representative FrostFell.

Following this, the discussion was had between the State Representatives to impeach Representative FrostFell, and the Legislature was in agreement that it was for the best. Following the resignations of Representatives Wren and Ford, I (Representative Devlin) took the lead in writing up the Articles of Impeachment. On July 1st, Representative FrostFell attended the State Rep Meeting, inquiring where things stood following the resignations. As the matter of FrostFell’s impeachment had already been decided, I laid out to Representative FrostFell our reasoning behind it, and politely requested that he, like Representatives Chambers, Wren, and Ford, respectfully resign the Office of State Representative, to not only focus on himself and the personal issues that had prevented him from being active within the Legislature, but to also allow for his Seat to be passed on to someone who is readily able to dedicate themselves to the position.

Representative FrostFell was upset by this, and insisted that he would not resign; stating he planned to be more active as a State Representative going forward. I asked him whether he had any bills or resolutions to submit, or any that he was actively drafting to show that he was serious; he did not. I asked him if he had any ideas for any bills or resolutions that we could help him with; he did not. As a result of this, I informed him that I would be moving forward with the Articles of Impeachment, and submitted them during the July 1st Meeting. It is my firm belief that, following the Impeachment Trial as mandated within our State Constitution, the State Legislature will vote to remove Representative FrostFell from Office, and open up his Seat to be filled by someone more readily available to serve the people of the State of San Andreas.”

State Representative Yuri Devlin – San Andreas 7th Congress

In response to the proposed impeachment, Tavlar FrostFell conveyed he had already spoken privately to the other Representatives regarding the matter of his absence. He further indicated that, if the process continued, he would issue another statement to the public. Despite not being present for several meetings thus far, State Rep FrostFell has participated in electronic votes on 4 of the 7 bills that have been proposed.

Former State Representative Norman Aoki acknowledged that prior to stepping down, he was in agreement with Tavlar’s impeachment due to his absences and inactivity.

A different perspective on the articles of impeachment is held by Former State Representative Morrigan Ford:

“I do not approve of them hounding him like that, asking him to resign instantly after returning. It’s harsh. He still deserves a chance to do something. Whether people agree with me or not, that’s ok. The people voted for him, and I believe he deserves a honest chance.”

Former State Representative Morrigan Ford
“Say No to H.R. 254, Save Tavlar FrostFell” is boldly written. (Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)

It appears she isn’t the only one to think that way. Posters endorsing Tavlar’s continuation in office have since surfaced throughout Los Santos, attracting some attention due to their placements being in highly trafficked areas.

The earliest scheduled date for voting on the impeachment will be on July 9th, 2023. Weazel News encourages individuals who wish to have their opinions heard by the legislators to reach out to them before voting takes place.

Our team has also reached out to State Representative Jimmie Dimmick and Governor Ryyan Avery for comment, but none was provided at the time of publishing. This article will be updated with additional statements if they’re provided.

Stay tuned to Weazel News for updates on this developing story.

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