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Stella’s Scoops Volume 5




You may be wondering who Snowball is. Well, LOOK AT THE HECKIN’ PHOTO! THIS IS SNOWBALL!

Stella and Snowball engaging in a conversation. (Photo Credit: Chevy Mason)

On Thursday night, my ranger friend, who is also my mom-in-friend-law, called me, inviting me up to the ranger station up north to meet Snowball. I abandoned Isaac at Wicked because DOG. So I drove up to Paleto as fast as 90mph could get me there to meet Snowball. Snowball is a good doggo with plenty of smiles to share and enjoys eating treats of chicken jerky. She was found by Ranger Chase on Mt. Chiliad and was released to the rangers after a check-up with the animal doctors. She’s a well-trained hearing support dog with a mild temperament. She can get startled by unexpected loud noises, like car alarms, but overall, I think the one thing she is really bothered by is being asked existential questions. I love you, Snowball. I hope I get those slobbery kisses on the cheek again.

Snowball smiling with Chevy by her side. (Photo Credit: Sally Nailburry)

Jax Shines for Starr in the Meantime…

Last Sunday, I wrote about how Adrian Jax is currently the Acting Governor. Today, I am reminding you of the article that came out on Wednesday talking about the voting that took place with the Governor Boo Boo Act. Basically, if you missed the press release article when it was first announced that Acting Governor Adrian Jax was becoming the acting governor, the new article gives you a bit more context with the mention of the Whisperers and the medical assessment. 

The Beach Ran…

Last Sunday, I took part in the beach run at Vespucci Beach. Hosted by the Sunset Sprints Fitness Club, I and maybe ten or so people joined together to run a lap around the beach. We were too lazy to run another lap. It was probably best that we only ran one lap since the sun was coming up, which would mean even more sweating. Everyone got Haterade from The ArCola Company to stay hydrated before the run started. The coordinators of Sunset Sprints, Wallace Riggs and Remy Fitzgerald, plan to host something each Sunday with activities ranging from running, hiking, biking, weight lifting, and more, so be on the lookout for announcements.

Participants jogging on Vespucci Beach. (Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)

Scarlett Letter…

It’s been months since the last Scarlett Letter, but this week, we were blessed with a new one about being in love with your childhood best friend. Have you ever gone through a similar experience? Did you do things that Scarlett mentioned, or were you wilding?

The Mic Opened for KOKORO…

On Friday night, many talented artists performed on stage at the KOKOPlaza for their open mic night. Most of them did covers of songs from other artists in the city, while some just sang their own songs. Either way, I enjoyed it. The covers were a lot of fun to hear because the artists added their own touch to songs you might’ve not expected.

The audience doing sit-ups with Lulu as she performs a cover. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Emiko Ishii performed on stage for the first time. There was a father-daughter performance with the Winkler performing Lulu’s Twitter Fingers. Zalena performed Mykie’s Say My Name, but was toned down from the more seductive(?) version she prepared. Lulu made everyone do sit-ups while she performed a cover of Fuego’s pickyourheadup, which is now available on Soundcloud. Lulu also performed her f-word song on stage for the first time. Miranda Shingles did a great cover of Lulu’s Twitter Fingers as well. Kit Wright shared a pirate joke in between performances. Damien Daniels also vibed out on stage, and Tomiko shared some mayonnaise with us. I know I didn’t name everyone and their performance at the open mic because there were so many, but I would happily relive the experience if I could.


Der Keller and the Red Fox partnered together yesterday afternoon to host a “fashion contest or whatever…gosh…” There were three categories: Skater Person, Trash Couture, and “You’re asking your punk crush out!” For overall winners, Billie Eagley came in third, Alexandra Higashiyama came in second, and Charlie Marlow in first. For the specific categories, Charlie Marlow won Skater Person, Alexandra won Trash Couture, and Michael Andino won “You’re asking your punk crush out!” Billie told me he “had a really good time” which is awesome. 

Tortuga Trials Jet Ski Winners…

The Tortuga Trials happened yesterday afternoon down by the Tortuga docks with special thanks to Daniel Stroyer and Hunter McFall. Tortuga Marine Conservation’s first charity event was filled with music, vendors, and jet ski races. After two heats and one final race, the winners of the jet ski races were Travis in first with the $10,000 cash prize, Jackson in second, and Flint in third. Piper Riggs and CC2x performed on the stage after the races. CC2x had such a great time that he decided to join Tortuga as a volunteer.

Piper Riggs being awesome with her music at Tortuga Trials. (Photo Credit: Mykie Romance)

Daniel Stroyer would like to let you know the following:

“It went better than we could’ve believed. We will do so much good with the funds we raised and the city of Los Santos really showed its heart today.”

Daniel Stroyer
Travis Smirnov winning the final race. (Photo Credit: Daniel Stroyer)

Vroom Vroom Winners… 

If you like cars, I hope you were at the Paleto Car Show last night. There were so many pretty rides there. My friend, Candy, and I made our way around the lot to look at all 35 cars that were entered in the car show. There were food trucks and music from DJ Spooky as well. Congratulations to the car show winners: Andre Oxburg with his Willard Paradox in third, Janette Edwards with her very cute Castella in second, and Coco Gautreaux with her Yosemite Rancher in first! Honorable mentions for Andrew’s Picador EXR and Chris’ Vulture. Also, thank you to Peter Long for donating $30,000 to the prize pool so the winners could get their well-deserved money. I was also told that Knights Imports came by the event to show off two Euros Classics which will be in an upcoming auction. I know nothing about cars, but I’m sure they’re cool.

Winners of the car show: Janette with Castella (left), Coco with Yosemite Rancher (middle), Andre with Villard Paradox (right). (Photo Credit: Sally Nailburry)

If your car was in the car show, Candy and I would like to say, “good job, car.”

Dice Nights High Roller Announced…

Every Monday for the longest time ever, Pipe Down and Hardcore Comic Store have been partnering to present us with Dice Night. They start with $500 games before jumping into a $5000 game. Starting this month on the 27th, they will be introducing the High Roller game and will continue to have them on the last Monday of every month. If you think you have the right kind of luck for this, you should definitely go check it out.

The High Roller Game ad.

Triple T for Triple Awesome… 

What’s a better Tuesday activity than hanging out with friends while enjoying three tacos and a tequila shot? You can have more than three tacos and definitely more alcohol if you can handle it. You should stop by the Yellow Jack for their Taco Tequila Tuesday promotion and say hello to my dear friends (and tip them, too, for being awesome).

The Yellow Jack’s Taco Tequila Tuesday ad.
Harlow Greene (left) and Madi Vierra (right) telling you that the Yellow Jack is open on Tuesdays for Taco Tequila Tuesdays. (Photo Credit: Madi Vierra)

Happy Birthday, Claire Halsey…

Claire Halsey celebrated her 26th birthday with a party at SkyBar. She forgot to invite people to her “Super Pinky Out Birthday Party,” so she invited the public via Twitter. My friend told me later that Claire had a pop-up rave DJ’d by DJ Foxy. I hope you had a good birthday with friends and a very good year ahead.

Claire Halsey dancing with friends at her pop-up birthday rave. (Photo Credit: Maxine Finch)

Rawr XD…

Ronin and Bohan are partnering up to give the people a night of emo-ness. Emo Night will be happening at Bohan next Thursday, the 16th. Make sure you bring $500 so you can get in if you wanna be there.

Emo Night with Ronin & Bohan Poster.

Date night at Vixen Cabaret…

Vixen Cabaret is having their Valentine’s Day event at 9 pm with food, drinks, entertainment, and gifts. It looks like they’re partnering with a number of businesses on the goodies so that’s exciting. As of writing this Scoops, I’m not sure if I’ll have a Valentine this year, and that’s okay. I know I love my mom, and she loves me. I hope that’s enough.

Vixen Cabaret’s Valentine’s Day ad.

Sadie Be Hawkins…

Hawkins Hideout is having a Sadie Hawkins dance on the 17th. The ad makes it looks like it’s a late Valentine’s Day event with all the heart candies. If you identify as a girl, you get to ask “guys” to the dance, but I think the rules are vague around this, so you can probably ask whoever you want and bring them with consent. If you want to attend by your lonesome, you have to pay $500, whereas if you pretend to be a couple, you can pay $800 for the two of you.

Hawkins Hideout’s Sadie Hawkins Dance Poster.

Towed Away By Public Works Love…

If you didn’t already hear, Public Works released their PW Valentines album. Check out their commercial! You can get a free tape at the PW HQ. Give 211 a call if no one is around.

Towed Away By Love tape from Public Works.

Eat Your Heart Out…

There’s going to be a food truck festival on the 18th! HOWEVER, there are also a ton of other things happening in the city that day, so the festival organizers might push the event to the next day to help with the crowding situation. Please attend the food truck festival and show some love! Be ready and hungry for the good food!

Bomb Dot Com…

Bombshells, a strip club and bar, is having their grand opening on the 18th. They will be serving Cajun food and drinks. If you’re going, I hope you have fun! Let me know how the food is.

Bombshells Grand Opening Poster.

Bingo Was His Name-o…

My first time playing bingo in the city was either at the Little Teapot or at the Venetian, which was a long time ago. I’m really excited that Vixen Cabaret will be bringing us Bingo Night on the 19th. Dan White will be calling all the numbers, so you better pay attention and not miss your chance at winning. 

Vixen Cabaret Bingo Night Poster.

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

I must tell you about how great Tomiko Taneda is. This is not an ad whatsoever. She is absolutely talented, if you didn’t already know. Tomiko’s EP, i heart u, was recently released at the end of last month on January 23rd. There are five songs on the EP, with the first song being written back in October and the last song in December, taking about two months to complete from start to finish.

Tomiko being a cutie. (Photo Credit: Kyedae Bae)

Inspired by some synth wave tracks, Tomiko wrote and even produced some of her songs herself. The songs on the EP were not written with the intention of creating an EP, but they came together with Aiko’s suggestion. my escape and i heart u were both inspired by someone she has a crush on, whereas Skylines and cayo are paired together with feeling loneliness in a big city and going to Cayo to get away from it all. mayonnaise is both a fun song and Tomiko’s favorite condiment that led her to start her business, Mayogram Madness. It’s a telegram business where she will sing to whoever you pay her to sing to with whatever song she writes to fit the occasion with a side of mayonnaise. mayonnaise almost didn’t make it into the EP, but I’m really glad it did.

Tomiko’s favorite song on the EP is i heart u because she had a really good time writing it and has the most fun singing it. She dedicated this song to her crush at the Lunar New Year event in the horse tracks behind the casino. When I asked Tomiko about any fun facts with the EP, she told me that she said, “I was really high, like really high, and uh, I felt like I was floating above the skylines, and that was really fun.”

Tomiko Taneda and Stella posing together. (Photo Credit: Oli Cee)

Tomiko is currently working on a collab with Oli, aka Vapors, on a song for Valentine’s Day. She’s hoping to have a solo show in March where she’ll perform a bunch of songs, including one that she is working on right now that no one has heard before, and will debut at the show. I love Tomiko’s music, and I’m really excited to hear her new music. You can listen to her music right now on Soundcloud and on LS Underground Radio!

Have a Stella Day and a Hardcore Night, San Andreas!

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