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Wonder, Whimsy, and Wisdom: Happy Birthday To Maxine Finch!

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Maxine Finch: State Representative, Melon pusher, correspondent, best friend, person for the people, obnoxious being, trendsetter, and so much more. Countless hours full of dedication and passion in an often underappreciated craft, journalism. You inspire those around you, informative to those wanting to know, and caring to all.

To anyone who’s spent time with THE Maxine Finch, you’ve experienced the genuine curiosity and raw emotion she brings to every interaction. Her infectious energy and genuine joy make her a pleasure to be around. She doesn’t shy away from expressing her opinions and stands up for what she believes in, making her a memorable and influential figure in the community.

It is your special day, Max! Here are to many more years full of laughter, friendships, stories to chase, and challenges to conquer.

Happy Birthday, Maxine Finch!

“Maxine Finch is one of the smartest and kindest people I know. I’m so proud of her and all she’s accomplished. I look forward to seeing what she does next.”

– Erin Murphy


Maxine Finch was born


Hired to Weazel News Corp

The beginning to a long and fulfilling career in journalism.


Maxine releases her first article with Weazel

Maxine’s first article published at Weazel.


Maxine meets her BFF, Rhylee Finke

A friendship worth cherishing, just as PB&J, there is no Rhylee without Maxine.


Maxine releases her most read article, Serial Torturer Elizabeth Walker Released On Time Served

A worrisome time in Vespucci as Elizabeth Walker was given time served by Judge Lighten and allowed back into society.


Promotion to Director

After countless days, nights and hours, Maxine is promoted to Director of Correspondence at Weazel News, a leadership position she worked tirelessly and proved fit for.


25th Article Published

A milestone in journalism, Maxine publishes her 25th article, State Rep Hall Resigns From Office, Doctor Dimmick Scrubs In


Winter Carnival

Be jolly!


Maxine & Lulu win Black Lotus snowball fight

Mostly work, but Maxine knows how to play! Lulu Moon and Maxine win the snowball fight for their team.


Maxine Finch & Ross Reed tie the knot

*wedding bells!*


Maxine joins Backdoor Divas

The girl group of the century featuring Maxine Finch, Miranda Shingles, Rhylee Finke and Susan Lacey


Interviews on the Red Carpet

Maxine & Rhylee interview stars, celebrities and prominent individuals on the red carpet at the first Sapphire Soirée hosted by Clout


Elf/Witch Takeover!

A typical Maxine shenanigan


Campaign Trail

Hard work, sweat and tears and endless political conversations. Maxine takes her first steps along the campaign trail


Steps down from Weazel News Corp

Set to make waves in the government, Maxine steps down from Weazel News in pursuit of becoming a State Representative


Maxine Finchs Take Over!

One Maxine is often enough… but there were seven during Maxine’s campaign event


Maxine Finch: State Representative

Maxine is sworn in as a State Representative in the 8th Congress!


Day of Birth

Happy Birthday Maxine!

Happy Birthday, Maxine! We love you so much and are grateful you’re in our lives. <3

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1 Comment

  1. Stella Day

    September 15, 2023 at 11:19 pm


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