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Finishing The Fight: The Hub’s New Level Begins



DOWNTOWN, SAN ANDREAS (WZL) -It’s time to leave behind the fading echoes of laughter and dimming arcade lights and bid a heartfelt farewell to the Hub. From the fun times to the challenging moments, the lively gatherings to the quiet get-togethers, the exhilarating competitions to the shared secrets, to the connections formed, and the emotions expressed, we now say goodbye to the Hub—a place built with nothing but love, passion, and cuh.

As of June 27th, 2023, The Hub temporarily closed its doors to undergo renovations. The final decision was made following the flooding of their basement, home to their legendary nightclub, on June 26th, 2023. While it was not the first time the business had dealt with flooding or building deterioration—according to the owner, Norman Aoki, these issues had been happening for some time now—this incident became the breaking point.

The entrance to The Hub’s nightclub and basement on the day of its closing, June 26th, 2023. (Photo Credit: Norman Aoki)

“I was in the bar area, and I heard this loud banging,” said Norman, reflecting on the incident. “I called up Public Works, and they did some measurements and whatnot. They said the place is not safe for us to use. So, we’ve been saving up some money, we’ve been wanting to do some things, and we kinda wanted to rebrand what we were. Instead of a multi-entertainment facility, we’re now gonna be known as a retro-bar-cade,” he had explained before closing the doors to The Hub.

Norman hadn’t planned on letting the collapse of the original Hub building be a game over, though. Instead, he humorously offered some theories about what might have caused the final collapse. “You know what I think? I believe we partied too hard—so hard that the floor couldn’t handle it anymore and caved in,” Norman had amusingly remarked to Weazel, giving a lighthearted explanation for the building’s damage.

The once lively, yet now desolate, bar sits empty and alone. (Photo Credit: Seven Barstow)

As we look ahead, the design plans for the renovations provide both partygoers and employees with a better experience. One of the primary concerns voiced by employees and friends of the original building was the considerable distance between the bar and the nightclub itself. Specifically, bartenders working upstairs would often miss out on the entertainment happening on the dancefloor. It happened frequently enough that multiple employees shared stories during the interview about how they would “tag-team” each other to take turns watching Ronin Records’ former owner and rapper, Bando, during his occasional performances.

“I’m really excited,” Logan Savage, one of the Hub’s senior employees, told Weazel. “The renovations that are in mind… I’ve seen the plans for the future, and good things are afoot for this place. With the two levels, it was a lot to manage. Downsizing in size gives a better atmosphere where everyone, whether they are a patron or employee, is in it together—both metaphorically and figuratively. It allows us to enjoy the events that go on together. Previously, all the events were held downstairs, and any employee working upstairs was missing out on the fun. The future plans now enable us to be together throughout the duration of the events.”

Currently, The Hub’s grand re-opening is scheduled to take place on July 14th, 2023, starting at 9:00 pm EST. Given the expected limited occupancy in the new building, attendees are encouraged to contact a Hub representative and inquire about tickets as soon as possible. Tickets will be priced at $500 per person and are anticipated to sell out quickly – after all, it’s The Hub, where all the Hubba is about.

The Hub… The Hub Never Changes. Figuratively Speaking.

Kicking off with the unforgettable Hubchella Weekend on September 9th to 11th of last year, The Hub burst onto the scene with unparalleled energy. (Arguably, perhaps even stronger than Kratos himself!) Still, The Hub has come a long way. So many memories have been made, and countless more are to come. Let’s take a moment to cherish some of the best moments:



The city unites to break it down old-school style at Hubchella, September 9th, 2022. (Photo Credit: Dante Gravina)


Spooktober Rave

With an enchanting fusion of beauty and horror, Noel Johnson enchants the audience at the Spooktober Rave, donning white lingerie smeared with blood. October 15th, 2022. (Photo Credit: Noel Johnson)


Pre-Halloween Party

No gods or kings, only Kokoro letting loose at the Hub on October 29th. (Photo Credit: Kokoro)


DJ Spectre at The Hub

November 9th welcomed DJ Spectre every Thursday at the Hub. These performances would end up haunting our dreams, but in the best way possible.


Magiko Rave

On November 13th, DJ BAJA Blast takes a moment from the spotlight at the Hub’s Magiko Rave to capture a photo. Iconic. Just like the drink she’s named after.
(Photo Credit: Baja Blast)


Turkey Rave

Had to have been there! It was a gravy train of good times at The Hub’s Turkey Rave, featuring internationally-known rapper Bando and singer Konrad Knives, who both added their flavorful beats to the mix. Yum. Nom. Yummy yummy nom. Imperialism!



The Winter Carnival took our town by winter storm, all thanks to The Hub! It was an absolute riot, with laughter echoing through the streets and attracting businesses from across the state. Of course, there were a few scrooges, but even they couldn’t dampen the festive spirit. Take, for example, the cop dressed as Santa (who, honestly, appeared a bit weary by the end of the multi-day event. Who could blame him?) Even he couldn’t resist spreading the holiday cheer… or should I say “clause”?


Retro Rave

The Hub had Loomis and Konrad Knives hyping up the crowd at the Retro Rave during the start of the new year! People were getting footloose, shaking their groove thangs, and moonwalking into nostliga. It was a night filled with neon lights, funky fashion, and just a teeny-weeny bit of hair gel. (According to Stella, the Yumi Zoomies Energy Drink came a wee-bit late, but was told to be well worth it!) (Photo Credit: Norman Wren)


Norman’s Birthday

Norman celebrated his birthday on February 14th! Not only was it dinosaur-themed, but tons of people made an effort to come out and give our 83-year-old (going on 28) a big ol’ happy birthday! Weazel’s very own Stella couldn’t contain her excitement and nearly passed out. Fun times! (Photo Credit: Stella Day)


Back to the 90’s Party

Bada-bing and talk to The Hub’s hand, because we all remember when they brought the bling, cha-ching to the Back To The 90s Party! Konrad Knives, Loomis, and Bando all made the experience totally wicked, dude. (Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)


Cosplay Party

On March 24th, The Hub held a highly popular event: a cosplay contest. People dressed up as X-Men and other iconic superheroes, and everyone had a great time. That was until the mice came around and ruined the fun for everyone. The contest would be delayed until April 7th, at the Block Party.


The Block Party

The Block Party! Twelve hours of non-stop action. All the celebrities came out that day: Piper Riggs, Lulu Moon, Jason Tanners, Velma Piper, Konrad Knives, Mayumi Loomis, Bando, DJ Spooky, Copperhead, BillyBoe Stone, and Lil Pooh. (Like, holy crap, the day was filled with stars!) And of course, the cosplay contest finally got its winners. However, the mice would still manage to enter stage left by the end of the night.


Pension Mania

The highly anticipated battle between some of San Antos’ most… uh… seasoned gentlemen was also held at the Block Party! The Cuh and the Winkler engaged in an epic struggle, showcasing their mature prowess, and entertained the crowd for quite some time. In the end, not to everyone’s surprise and amusement, the victorious contender turned out to be none other than Norman Wren. The Hub, representttt!! (Photo Credit: Vincent Darling)


Cuh’paign Event

The Hub’s very own Norman Wren began campaigning during the 6th Congress and later held a “Cuh’paign event” to garner community support. As a result, he was voted in as the second-most popular State Representative that term.



The “Ravessance” came along at the start of May. It garnered high attendance, and a bunch of people enthusiastically participated, immersing themselves in a medieval-like period. Costumes, food, and music all blended together to portray the theme. Mhmm… Turkey Legs.


Stars & Cars

“Stars & Cars” may be perfect rhymes of each other, but they also serve as the title for one of the biggest Hub events in May! On May 19th, the Hub hosted a spectacular Rooftop Car Show & Rave, featuring a whopping 30k prize pot for the best-looking car contest! The event was a wheel-y good time that left attendees fueled with excitement and burning rubber with delight!


The Hub House Party

H-H-House Party! Don’t have a house? That’s okay; you didn’t need to bring one! The Hub hosted a “House Party” at their Lounge on June 9th, featuring music performed by well-known celebrities.


Wild West Rave

Yeeee-haw! The Wild West Rave was held by the Hub all the way up in Sandy Shores! With dusty trails, boot-scootin’ dance moves, and some good ol’ dirty dancing, this party was one for the history books.
(Photo Credit: Logan Savage)


Summer Government Employee Dance Party

Sure, the government can be frustrating, but they’re people too, and they work hard! The Hub held a Summer Employee Dance Party on June 23rd, featuring music by DJ Jackal! This would become the last event prior to the closure of the lounge.


The Hub Closes

The Hub’s original lounge closes its doors for the last time.

Get Hired and Be Game-tastic at the Hub

Due to the current circumstances, the Hub had to make the difficult decision to lay off most of its staff. It sounds bad, but there is a silver lining to it. All employees let go during renovations will have the opportunity to return and have first dibs on future positions, as they are considered part of the esteemed “2023 Hub Draft.” During renovations, The Hub will open its applications to anyone interested in joining the team. Whether you’re a former employee or not, everyone gets a shot.

Also, The Hub will continue its long-term partnership with Nut Busters. Additionally, they seek vendors who want to sell their merchandise through the Hub following the grand reopening. They aim to provide options beyond typical snack bar food, hoping to cater to those legendary greasy gamer hands out there.

Moreover, they will introduce a brand new skateboard for sale upon reopening, so collectors and Hub enthusiasts better be ready! As the advertisement depicts, this new release showcases a striking design with a mesmerizing blend of neon pink, energetic green, and a burst of yellow. Like previous merchandise, the iconic Hub logo is proudly emblazoned across the bottom of the board, right below where the hoverboard’s skateboard shape is referenced.

Hubver Board

A Final Hurrah for the Hub and a Gift To The People Behind It All

The Hub wouldn’t be where it is now without its customers, but it certainly wouldn’t have existed without its staff. Weazel News recognizes that, so as a gift in preparation for their grand re-opening, we present you with a heartfelt – and hopefully humorous – video.

(Filmed by Michael Andino, edited by Rhylee Finke)
The last photo taken at the original Hub.
Top Left to right: Logan Savage, Norman Aoki, Seven Barstow, California Hargrove. Bottom Left to right: Deacon Hope, Inanea Bennick, Hans Schneider
(Photo Credit: Norman Aoki)

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