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Stella’s Scoops Volume 27



Tube Soccer for the Library Cards

Remember in Volume 23 when I shared how I played tube soccer on the winning team? Here we are again with more tube soccer. It seems like the sport has officially gotten its name: tube soccer. It’s no longer “soccer hockey,” “sockey,” “floatie soccer,” and whatever else people have come up with. We’re finally on the same page! Anyway, on Thursday night, Brother Jeremy held a fundraiser event for the launch of library cards for the university library system. The Board of Education will bring open-domain books for all to enjoy. I’m really excited about it, and I had such a blast playing in the tube soccer game.

As for the game, there were two teams: shirts versus skins. I was on Brother Jeremy’s shirts team with Eddie Euckland and Hoss. Skyler, Chelsea from The Daily Globe (who wrote an article about the event), Barry, and Ralph were on the skins team. Before the game started, my team had a little prayer circle, and who knows, maybe that really helped our team. There were lots of kicking, tackling, and going out of bounds. With amazing commentary on radio frequency 60.2, the audience could stay in the loop of what was happening in the field from the stands.

The winning team with the “ball” and the commentator posing for a photo while Eddie and Ralph get into a fight. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

By halftime, shirts had scored two goals while skins had none. Eddie and Ralph got a bit intense during the game; they both got yellow cards and had time-outs. I’m not sure where we were at with time, but sudden death was put on the table after shirts had scored five goals and skins were still at zero. Both teams agreed to sudden death, which meant that whichever team scored next would win the game even though one team had five goals and the other had none. Unbelievably, the person who failed to score a single goal for the winning team scored the winning goal. I scored a goal during sudden death, and my team won! It was unexpected. Most people went to Salieri’s to celebrate after the game, and Brother Jeremy got quite a number of donations for the library cards. What a way to spend Thursday night! 

Latest Press Release from the DOJ…

So late last night, the Department of Justice put out a press release regarding 2023-CM-160, a docket about Rachel Scilly with charges for Embezzlement and Possession of Government Property. I didn’t fully understand the press release, but I looked at the docket and saw the words “dismissed with prejudice,” which I also forgot the meaning of. If you know what it means, you can figure out what happened with this case. Anywho…

Will the Real Churro Queen Please Stand Up?

Last Sunday was Churray Day, and Remy Fitzgerald was handing out free churro samples and Churro Queen t-shirts to promote the upcoming launch of her business, Churro Queen. I wasn’t available during the event that day to be in the know about the happenings, but I did see a tweet from Dante Gravina on Twitter about how Jason Tanners and Remy were going to fight for the title of Churro Queen. Since they couldn’t really fight with churros, they fought with glowsticks instead. Less than half an hour later, there were new tweets regarding the title. Remy announced that Jason Tanners would be the Churro Queen for the remainder of the night and that he wore the crown beautifully. I asked Jason about it, and here’s what he shared with me:

“Well, I love fried sugary snacks as much as the next person. I wrongfully thought that would make me heir to the Churro Queen throne. I was dead wrong. But, on the bright side, Remy did concede the title to me for the night after a sweet standoff. Thats more than I could ever ask for.”

Jason Tanners

Jason Tanners and Remy Fitzgerald during the Churro Queen sweet standoff. (Photo Credit: Dante Gravina)

In NOT Terrifying News…

One of our local clowns, Daisy, is out and about with a knife, a chainsaw, and other tools that can be used as weapons. If you’re afraid of clowns, I would advise against looking at the image in this totally serious article about clowns because it is scary. The main point of advice from this article is to have candy ready to offer and don’t run away from Daisy or her boyfriend Bingo because they can smell fear.

Back to the Hub

We partied it hard on Friday night at The Hub, which had their grand reopening after being closed due to renovations after the flooding of their basement. While the newly opened space has a much smaller footprint than the previous floor plan, everything that makes The Hub The Hub is still there. This place feels much cozier, from their arcade machines to the bar to their hangout space and stage next to the dance floor. Their new building size meant that they now have limited capacity at their events, and this grand reopening event was no exception. A limited number of tickets were sold for the event. There was live music from XR, Jackal, Loomis, Damien Daniels, Konrad Knives, and Lucas White. Of course, just a normal grand reopening event isn’t enough. The Hub also launched their new hoverboard skateboards, so go snag one for yourself if you haven’t already. 

People hanging out at The Hub during the grand reopening event. (Photo Credit: Jonathan Swizz)

Download the New News Apps…

Two new apps came out this week: one for The Daily Globe and one for Los Santos Diatribes. The Daily News app was renamed to “Weazel News” because that’s the news company it has always been made for. Our friend over at the Los Santos Diatribes wrote a short piece comparing the different news publications in the city. Just note that there are other news companies floating out there, but they just don’t have an app yet. 

Are You Most Wanted?

If you care to keep up to date about who in the state is on the US Marshals’ Most Wanted list (as of July 2023), then lucky for you, my colleague Maxine got the details for you. Some of these names don’t ring a bell for me, while others remind me of how fast time flies. 

ICYMI: Courtroom Edition…

I wasn’t there, and maybe you weren’t too. If you like watching law stuff go down in the courtroom, here’s the recording and the TL;DW regarding 2023-CM-190 that took place on July 6th. Thank you, Rhylee, for being there so I didn’t have to. 

Upcoming Events:

  • July 18th @ 7PM ET: Pillbox Medical Nursing Academy
  • July 18th @ 7PM ET: [2023-CM-208] State of San Andreas v. Jaylen Young & Dazmen Young
  • July 19th @ 10PM ET: Unusual Car Show
  • July 20th @ 2PM – 2AM ET: SAPD Treasure Hunt
  • July 20th @ 6PM ET: Hangout @ Handlebar
  • July 20th @ 9PM ET: Brimstone Brewing Co Building Grand Opening
  • July 21st @ 8PM ET: Sapphire Falls Vineyard CLOUT Launch
  • July 22nd @ 1PM ET: [2023-CM-209] State of San Andreas v. Zanick Rollings

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

It’s summertime, and you know what that means. The blue skies are here and the hot sun is out and about, ready to give you sunshine. It’s important to protect that skin of yours by wearing sunscreen. Treat yo self to some self-care! And maybe enjoy the beach too while you’re at it. 

Liz hanging out in a floatie after applying sunscreen at the beach. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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