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Stella’s Scoops Volume 11



The One and Only Maxine Finch…

Maxine was featured in the first episode of Big Camera Content’s satirical comedy video series called Meet the Team produced for Weazel News. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch it.

Jason and Piper Are Equals…

Neither one of them carried the show. They are both equally great, as is Konrad Knives, who impromptu decided to pump up the crowd before the show started. Jason Tanners and Piper Riggs performed at Bohan on Tuesday night, and it was quite pleasant. The two of them performed a new song together, Dandelion. They mentioned something about working on an album together, so look forward to that, folks. Also, Blue Bionic said, “I like music” while at the show.

Piper Riggs and Jason Tanners performing at Bohan. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Free Hugs!

Remy gives great hugs! On Tuesday, she tweeted that she was giving free hugs and gifts to people at Legion Square. I managed to catch her before she went off on a date. I was hugger #21! Remy gave me a cash gift and a “Jewels of the Desert” bouquet. It was really sweet. Remy is such a nice person, and I’m glad she exists. The last count Remy got for the free hugs was 38. That’s a lot of hugs! Sidenote: #PinkOnTop

Remy’s Tweet.

Protect Your Cars…

Annoyingly, there are currently people going around lockpicking unattended cars and stealing everything. Usually, they will steal from cars where there’s no one in sight, like outside a business while everyone’s inside. On Tuesday, when people were gathered at Legion Square after hugs with Remy, these people literally circled the block multiple times and attempted to rob cars in front of us. They were driving a stolen car at first but then switched to their black Stallion. If your trunk and glove box were wiped, it was probably done by these people, and you should report your stolen items to the police just in case they get caught so you can maybe get some of your things back. For now, lock your cars and please park them whenever possible. Utilize the free valet parking services throughout the state!


Last Sunday afternoon, SAMS and the people of San Andreas came together at Legion Square for an MS awareness walk. MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis, and SAMS wanted to bring awareness to the disease and raise funds for a cure. Everyone met up at Legion Square and walked to the City Hall today. The ArCola Company, Cloud 9, and Cream Pie were set up at the City Hall, providing people with food and drinks. The bloodmobile was also there for the blood drive portion. They received twenty-five donations, so thank you to the twenty-five people who donated blood in this constantly-shot-and-bleeding state. As for money donations, SAMS raised $54,000 for the cause. Hoodies and ribbons were given out to those that attended and supported.

Group photo of those at the MS Awareness Walk. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)

Town Be Halling…

There was a Town Hall on Thursday. The legislature and executive branch gave some updates, and there was something mentioned about parks employees. Even though I was there, I can’t really summarize what was talked about because I was thinking about the free food I needed to get from whoever was there that provided catering and then donated the extras to DHS. You can watch the recording of the Town Hall yourself. And remember, Town Halls are open to the public, so if you want to know things right away and not whenever we bring it up on Weazel News, show up and listen and ask questions. They’re always announced on Twitter, and I’ve noticed they tend to be on the last Thursday of the month. Am I right?

Purple Music…

On Friday night, Purple World did a release party at Purple fantasy. It was pretty purple. Dre K 47, previously signed with KOKORO, released his first single with Purple World called GOAT. Dylan Mills, also known as Mill$, dropped his EP titled The Purple Tape, featuring Damien Daniels and Microwave. Purple Fantasy’s theme song, featuring Dre K 47, Lulu Moon, and Fuego, was also released at the party. Music!

Mill$ performing at Purple Fantasy with dancers alongside him. (Photo Credit: Dante Gravina-Reed)

Is the Gamemaster Scheming?

You might’ve noticed new flyers around the city posted by TGM. There are QR codes on these flyers. Lately, the topic seems to revolve around change and cops. My friend, Annie, did a phone interview with TGM himself which you can read all about it yourself.

Intense Cosplay…

People be really passionate about cosplay in this city, apparently. There was a cosplay contest event at the Hub, along with music from DJ Jackal and Konrad Knives. There were a lot of cool costumes there. Unfortunately, the contest was cut short due to a disagreement between three contestants… There’s going to be an article about this coming out this week. Be on the lookout for that. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Spicy ♥ The cosplay contest has been postponed to The Hub Block Party on the 7th of next month.

The crowd listens to Eddie Euckland explaining instructions before the cosplay contest starts. (Photo Credit: Norman Wren)

Visited Aiko’s House…

I was finally able to attend Aiko’s House. This was the second one and it was a banger. There were four DJs that played last night, and they each made the dancefloor irresistible. DJ Spooky opened with what he calls the “happiest beats on earth.” They made me feel nostalgic and happy. Grimm was up next, followed by Lucas White. Lucas dropped his EP, Brutality, during his set. Vapors closed out the night with his beats and a remix of CTRL by Grimm and Lulu Moon. If the dancefloor was a clean sheet, then it was permanently stained with footprints because the dancing never stopped. Y’all, do not sleep on Aiko’s House. This stuff is the sheets.

The crowd dancing to Lucas White’s music during Aiko’s House. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Thinking about Events?

If you’re thinking about hosting an event and you’re not sure if anything else is happening that day, check the Events App or the government calendar. If you’re still not sure, well, you can reach out to me, and I can do my best to let you know.

But Stella, I want you to cover my event. Well, reader, make sure you announce your event ahead of time, so I can plan ahead. You’re always welcome to personally invite me to your event as soon as you know so I can check my schedule and plan ahead.

How do you decide what event to go to? I check my list of events and availability. If it’s something I’m already planning to attend, I usually go. If it’s something that’s a maybe for me, it helps if you let me know what to expect ahead of time so I can gauge whether or not I have the energy capacity for it. It also helps if there’s a consideration for the press for events with a cover fee. If there are too many events happening at the same time on the same day, it gets really difficult for me to try to stop by everything, that I end up only going to one, which then makes covering the other events complicated.

Okay Stella, well, how do I get my photo in the Scoops? I’m always looking for photos to include in the Scoops! I look on Twitter, or I ask people who I noticed taking photos at events. As long as your photo is somewhere visible that I can find, I’ll probably see it. I always reach out to the person that took the photo for their permission so that’s how you’ll know if your photo ends up in the Scoops. I particularly choose photos that can capture the whole situation. For example, if there’s a concert, I don’t just want a photo of the crowd; I want to also see the performer in the photo. I don’t use many photos for a single scoop (topic) because I don’t normally write enough to use more than a couple of photos, so instead of having multiple photos, with each showing a different aspect of a concert, I prefer one that would show a bit of everything. Hopefully, you photographers out there find this information useful so you can showcase your photos in the Scoops.

Upcoming Events:

  • March 31st @ 9PM – 12AM ET: Corner Pocket Grand Opening & Pool Tournament
  • April 1st @ 3PM – 7PM ET: Knight Rider Festival
  • April 1st @ 9PM ET: April Fools Rave
  • April 2nd @ 2:30PM – 12AM ET: Hanami 2023 (Cherry Blossom Festival)

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Vapors, also known as Oli Cee, is an artist over at KOKORO. He recently released his first song, Fastlane. It’s an instrumental song that you may have seen promoted on Twitter by Vapors himself. He writes songs based on experiences from his daily life. It makes the songs more meaningful to him as well as helps him remember events in his life. He also tries to relate song titles to the events as another way to help him remember. Basically, his inspiration is his daily life, which makes sense; write about what you know and feel.

Vapors. (Photo Credit: Oli Cee)

Vapor is always learning new techniques by producing music within various genres. It’s a never-ending quest for knowledge for him, which also means his songs are never finished because there’s always more he can work on. It can be hard for him to find the finish line of a song if there is always new knowledge he can bring into a song. Fastlane took him a couple of days to write. He only decided it was good enough to release after receiving position feedback from his peers. There are different tempos in the song, along with a combination of different styles he was going for. With his passion for drifting, tuner cars, and just cars in general, Vapors has been working on phonk-style music. Sometimes, you’ll even hear car noises in his instrumental songs. He creates music he wants to hear when he’s driving, which is phonk-style music.

Stella Day posing with Vapors. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

There are so many dream collabs for Vapors. He first mentioned Tomiko before changing his mind and saying, “as opposed to an artist, just put KOKORO.” He released his remix of CTRL by Grimm and Lulu Moon last night at Aiko’s House. He has also done a remix of Supafreak as well as produced a Miranda Shingles song. You can find his music on his Soundcloud. He’s also in the first volume of KOKORO trading cards, featuring artists from the label. You can buy packs from Hardcore Comic Store and possibly from the KOKORO team as well if I remember correctly. Vapors’ CDs of Fastlane will be available, so be on the lookout on Twitter for the announcement. You can snatch your own copy of the CD soon. Go check out Vapors’ music and show up to Transcendent, an underground rave, trance, and techno music event on April 15th. Opening the event with DJ FOXI3, Vapors, g h o s t, Zavvi, and GRIMM will be blessing our ears that night. See you there.

Have a Stella Day and a Hardcore night, San Andreas!

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