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Stella’s Scoops Volume 4



Always Vibing…

I sure was! Last Sunday, Damien Daniels had his first headlining show with CC2x and Mykie Romance as the openers at Bohan. The concert was presented by KOKORO, and the crowd was very supportive of Damien. A lot of the crowd dressed in blue with Damien-branded Crocs thanks to the help of Original Clothing. I really enjoyed the music and how positive the audience was. Everyone was just vibing out to the music. I’m really glad I was able to be there.

Damien Daniels performing in front of the crowd at Bohan. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

In Accordance with HR169…

In case you missed the breaking news from Friday night, Lieutenant Governor Adrian Jax is currently the Acting Governor. The “Government Boo Boo Act” allows the Cabinet to vote and declare if the governor is unable to serve. Lights out for Governor Starr for now until things get better and he can serve the State of San Andreas again. I hope he is doing okay and that he will be back soon. On a related topic…

Remember the Whisperers?

Well, they made a move. Not that we were really waiting for our turn like on a school playground. Governor Richard Starr got hurt by them, and only one Whisperer was sorta described by the now Acting Governor Jax in a recent press release. Same as before, be extra careful when alone, and don’t go looking in random bags. Also, Gracie McCoy was found alive, with thanks to Twitter, but I completely missed the part where she went missing. You’d think I was better at staying in the loop…

QR Confessions…

I’ve been seeing a few flyers taped up throughout the city, and it only has one word on them: confess. Just “confess” and a QR code that takes you to a form to fill out. All the form says is “submit a confession anonymously,” which doesn’t tell us much either. I’m very curious as to who is collecting these confessions, why, and what kind of confessions people have submitted. If you know anything about it or want to confess that you’re behind the confession collector, please hit me up! I won’t share who you are with the world if you want to remain anonymous. I’m just very curious!

Flyer with the Confess QR code taped on a tree. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Music So Sharp It Cuts…

On Tuesday night, Konrad Knives performed at Bohan in front of a very happy crowd. I was part of the crowd, and I was very happy, so I can confirm. Konrad was so excited about the new hardware he got because his guitar can now be directly connected to the speakers instead of being picked up through a mic. He also got a new mic so his voice was crispy. His music was so good that I want to listen to his show all over again.

Konrad Knives singing with his guitar on stage at Bohan. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Hall of the Town…

Town Hall happens at City Hall once a month, and in case you missed the one for January like I did, here’s what they talked about. State Reps voted on a bill, H.R. 216, “Judge Judy’s Revenge,” and hopefully, we’ll have the results by the time the article about this Town Hall comes out this week. State Rep Damien Key is hoping to make “panic buttons” available to businesses due to our state’s long and unfortunate history of robberies and kidnappings targeted toward businesses. State Rep Jimmie Dimmick is proposing the “Clam” Act, and I have no idea what that is, so I guess we’ll find out together when it’s ready. DHS is working with the government to establish a better budget. In the meantime, they’re driving around a food truck to hand out food when no food businesses are available, which I mentioned in the Scoops two weeks ago. SAFA wants you all to be careful at the airports because crime rates have increased there. Also, flight school is still closed, so you have to keep being patient. If you want to know more about this, keep an eye out for the article that is coming soon™. 

In Case You Missed It…

Bohan had a showcase last month where the artists performed some songs and shared with Weazel what they have planned for this year. You can read about it in Rhylee’s article

Remy Got S’mored…

Remy’s PJ Party was more than I imagined. There was a churro bar, pizza from Reese’s Pizza, soda from the ArCola Company, s’mores, and lots of pajamas. The night started off with the right chaotic energy: Remy fell off the roof trying to get a group photo. Sally took a photo of Remy lying in pain next to the campfire. Apparently, there were like four or five people who accidentally caught themselves on fire with the campfire, but only one needed medical attention for their burns. 

Everyone around the campfire with eyes on an injured Remy. (Photo Credit: Sally Nailburry)

There were also a few games of Devil’s Dice, and I managed to play some Truth or Dare. The lucky Petal Thorne won $5000 from the pajama contest wearing a cute oversized sweater in white and baby pinks topped with a white fluffy hat and kitty plush from Toe Beans. You can find Petal in her pajamas in the group photo below. Even though I wasn’t there the whole time, I had a fun time. The PJ party, unfortunately, ended abruptly because something happened. We’re waiting for more information from law enforcement at this time to see if there’s anything further to share with you.

Group photo of the PJ party while PD was on scene. (Photo Credit: Saoirse Sterling)

You’re Glowing Here…

Original Clothing, the clothing brand people, recently did a glow-up competition where citizens submitted photos of themselves from a long time ago and a more recent photo to show how much they’ve changed. I’m not sure what everyone submitted, but the winners were announced just this week. Lulu Moon won the well-deserved first place, followed by Ranger Chase Dane in second, and Dante Delgato and Mykie Romance tied for third. Honorable mentions include my best friend, Erin Murphy, as well as Jessica Valentino and Joanna Poole.

Original Clothing Year in Review Poster.

Winners were encouraged to reach out to Jose Samson, from Original Clothing, if they haven’t already.

Speaking of Erin…

My dear best friend, Erin, is amazing. I love you, Erin. 

Coming Together in Vespucci Beach…

I spoke with Buffy Wren, the owner of Cloud 9, who told me about the desire to bring people down to Vespucci. The business owners from the Vespucci Beach stalls organized an event and invited the community to join in. Cloud 9, Excited Safari Snackies, and Der Keller were open while Piper Riggs played music for the crowd. Piper Riggs’ music was good, as always. She told me that she plans to release little pieces of art to tease her new songs. There will be 9 new tracks, including a Jason Tanners feature, on the album, which should be ready in two to three months.

Saige Neoni, the owner of KOI Retreat and Spa, was also present. Piper and Saige are working on a product together for KOI. I can tell something good is brewing in Vespucci. In the meantime, Piper Riggs may be traumatized from following Daisy (the goth clown girl?) to the “carnival,” and I got some goodies from Der Keller and Excited Safari Snackies.

Piper Riggs performing music on the roof above the stalls at Vespucci Beach. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Ranger Trail Cleanup

On Thursday afternoon, the San Andreas Parks Department hosted a Raton Canyon Trail Cleanup event. Led by Deputy Head Ranger Melvin Fox, citizens of San Andreas came together with the rangers to pick up litter that you probably left behind the last time you went on a hike. Everyone helped clean up anything that could potentially be a fire hazard, as well as straight-up trash. They managed to fill up a big bag of trash. Y’all are disgusting! The rangers were also kind enough to have checkpoints with Owl Scout cookies and SAPD bottled water, as well as refills for the power washers used for watering dry areas. Any recyclable trash was brought to the recycling center afterward.

Volunteers running to the Owl Scouts bus. (Photo Credit: Annie Coady)

Just like every decent person, Ranger Melvin hopes that we will one day come to a point where we won’t find any trash. The Wildfire department is new to SAPD, and they’re focusing on preventative measures starting with education on the basics of fighting fires and how to use a campfire safely, so hopefully, that means they won’t have to actually fight fires as much. Here are the rangers’ two cents for you:

Tip #1: Be mindful of how you dispose of cigarettes, matches, etc.

Tip #2: Make sure you have a metal bucket, preferably filled with dirt or sand, so you can safely dispose of such items.

Tip #3: Whenever possible, try to give your campfire a stone surround.

Deputy Head Ranger Melvin Fox looking cool at Raton Pass. (Photo Credit: Annie Coady)

There was one incident where a black SUV drove through Raton Pass and started littering trash all over the trail in front of everyone. It was very rude of them, but it didn’t discourage the rangers and volunteers from cleaning up. To those of you that showed up to the cleanup event (minus the ones that drove through and dumped trash), you made Ranger Melvin happy because it tells him that people here do, in fact, care about the state and the environment. 

“The turnout of volunteers was amazing and made everyone in the SAPD happy to see such commitment from the community.”

Deputy Head Ranger Melvin Fox

Fun fact about our man Mr. Ranger Melvin Fox: his favorite tree is the palm tree because it gives us nourishing coconuts and very useful palm leaves. Here’s a quote my friend, Annie, got from him:

“We’re grateful to all the people that showed up, it’s been a great turnout, and we love that people are interested in caring about nature. Anyone is welcome at the ranger station too.”

Deputy Head Ranger Melvin Fox
Group photo of rangers and volunteers at Raton Pass. (Photo Credit: Clayton Greene)

We Went to Aiko’s House Yesterday…

Much sad I missed this electronic music showcase yesterday, but Aiko released her newest album, Aiko’s House, alongside the debut of a new KOKORO artist and producer, Vapors, with Grimm and Zavvi Zavala hyping up the crowd. The first twenty guests got a free goodie bag from Euphoric Cannabis which included some edible stuff, and everyone was given permission to smoke weed indoors. This event was advertised as a monthly electronic music showcase which makes me believe that we’ll get to enjoy this every month and that’s very awesome.

Aiko shares her music with the audience in the sex dungeon at Hardcore Comic Store. (Photo Credit: Maxine Finch)

You can let loose to Aiko’s House on Soundcloud whenever you want. After the event, Aiko tweeted to thank everyone for their support and also announced that she is taking a break from singing to focus on new KOKORO projects and events. We love you, Aiko!

Aiko’s Tweet

Cockatoos Will Re-Open Grandly…

One of my first employers in the city is having a grand re-opening party this coming Friday, the 10th. DJ XR will be playing music at Cockatoos Night Club with all the dirty pop vibes. After the previous event, I would like everyone to know that there is valet parking across the street outside the garage, so please park your cars instead of leaving them on the curb. I’ll probably see you there if you stop by.

Cockatoos Night Club Grand Re-opening Event Poster.

Valentine’s Special at the VU…

Vanilla Unicorn will have their Valentine’s Special event on Tuesday, the 9th. I’m actually excited about it since finding out that one of my close friends is actually a dancer there. She’s really cool.

Vanilla Unicorn Valentine’s Special Poster.

Jet Ski Race for Charity…

Rocky Laws and Hunter McFall are having their first charity event on February 11th, the Tortuga Trials. Based on the ad, I can’t tell you where the money is going, but I want to assume it’s for the Tortuga Marine Conservation. Thanks to SAPD, KOKORO, Float ’N’ Soak, and the Los Santos Coast Guard, y’all can compete in singles and couples jet ski races to win part of the $20,000 prize pool. CC2x and Piper Riggs will be performing as well if you want to listen to some jams.

Tortuga Trials Poster.

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

I’m trying something new where I tell you what I think you should check out at the end of every Scoops. This week, you’re gonna be slacking on awesomeness if you haven’t already heard Lulu Moon’s newest song, the “f-word song.” She had two other possible song titles for this song, but the f-word seems appropriate. Lulu and I counted that the word is used four times in the song. This song is one of Lulu’s two favorite songs that she has made. She told me that sometimes the best songs you make are the ones you finish really fast because you’re super inspired and passionate about them. She also said that she prefers to work by herself because she gets insecure about criticism, as one would.

Selfie of Lulu Moon (Photo Credit: Lulu Moon)

This wonderful song is actually inspired by a broken heart which sucks, but venting through the song allowed her to feel better and move on. Lulu’s favorite line from the song is “only when we fight, run away n hide” which I can agree is pretty good. Another thing that’s pretty good is Lulu’s favorite dance move. She calls it the “weird circle dance,” which Mykie taught her. Go listen to Lulu’s song on Soundcloud and on LS Underground Radio!

Lulu Moon and Stella posing together. (Photo Credit: Lulu Moon)

The wonderful Lulu Moon is working on an EP with two songs on it and maybe even a third bonus song, all in collaboration with Zavvi Zavala, the guy behind the King Tut song. Her dream artist to collab with is Fuego if he ever decides to make music again. I’m really excited to hear more of Lulu’s music. I love you, Lulu.

(Director’s note: The “f-word song” is actually called F*CK.)

Have a Stella Day and a Hardcore night, San Andreas!

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