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Stella’s Scoops Volume 14



Adrian Jax is So Silly…

Our lieutenant governor and my friend, Adrian Jax, was recently stuck on the roof! She was being silly and curious. She climbed a ladder to the roof of the City Hall and then jumped down to a spot where she couldn’t get out. Luckily, she was saved from the roof. Look how small she looks from the ground!

Lt. Governor Adrian Jax on the City Hall rooftop. (Photo Credit: Drake Paxton)

Space Space Space!

We celebrated Space Day on Wednesday night at the Hardcore Comic Store. There were new things and a costume contest. Starstranded is a new choose-your-own-adventure book where readers like yourself can vote on what happens in the next book. In addition to that, Space Chase 3 is out. It was released for a limited time at the San Andreas Comic Convention, and now it is here to stay. The Alien Toy and the original Space Ranger Toy are also available for sale.

Chevrolet Mason posing with her special Space Ranger toy. (Photo Credit: Isaac Storm)

As for the costume contest, the contestants were judged by Becks Lawson, Sane Terrace, and Alexandra Higashiyama. Blue Bionic was dressed as Buzz Lightyear but had to forfeit the contest due to an ATM robbery, so he received an honorable mention. In third place, a guy named Barry dressed as Albert Wesker from Resident Evil won $1,500, along with some pogo pennies and a couple of trading card packs. In second place, a guy named Simon dressed as Count Edair from Space Chase won $3,000, ten pogo pennies, and some trading card packs. Taking home first place with $5,000, a ton of pogo pennies, some trading card packs, and the limited edition of a special Space Ranger toy was Chevrolet Mason dressed as a space kitty from an anime I don’t know. How cool!

More from Hardcore Comic Store…

Eddie’s comic is finally out! Noise Volume 1 was released on Friday night. My friends and I got our comics signed by the one and only Eddie Euckland. We attempted to solve the mystery, but we got stumped a couple of times. The art is really nice, and I’m really proud of Eddie for how it turned out. I hope everyone reads it and enjoys the adventure.

Change is Hard but Inevitable…

Aiko’s House, an electric music series, had its last event on Friday at KOKOPlaza. Aiko herself said that just because Aiko’s House is over, it doesn’t mean electric music events are. The final Aiko’s House was headlined by FOXI3, with aiko!, DJ XR, and Vapors also DJing the show. A lot of people showed up to enjoy the music, and those who were early enough received free goodie bags from Euphoric Cannabis. It will be different to wake up every day knowing that Aiko and Mykie are going to be in Japan indefinitely, but a new chapter lies ahead. We can still enjoy the good music this state has to offer, and there will be plenty more musical events to dance at.

The crowd enjoying Vapors’ music at the last Aiko’s House. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Tran-sent It…

Another rave took place yesterday afternoon at Humane Labs. The hosts of the ZVG: Trancendent Rave got permission from Lt. Governor Adrian Jax to have the rave on government property. Partygoers got to enjoy the ravecove/ trancecore mix of music DJ’d by FOXI3, g h o s t, Vapors, and Zavvi.

Zavvi on the beat! (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

If you read the scoop above, you might recall that I mentioned Aiko saying something about how it’s not the end of electric music events. That’s because ZVG: RAVE will be taking over Aiko’s House, as Marceline Grey, also known as g h o s t, tweeted. The electric music scene is not dead! You can continue to go to raves and have a blast. I’ll probably see you there.

Marceline Grey Tweet.

Partying in Vespucci…

Vespucci area businesses had another block party. Hosted by The Pit and Caked Up, people hung out in the Vespucci area for some music DJ’d by Angelica Carlisle. Brimstone Brewery, Der Keller, Excited Safari Snackies, and ArCola Company were there with their trucks to feed the people.

People vibing out at the Vespucci Block Party. (Photo Credit: Remington Steele)

The Dog Days Are Over…

At least for Smokey, who is now a dead dog. There was a very, very long court hearing for the State of San Andreas v. Annabelle Holland & David Tickner. Basically, it’s a court case about animal cruelty involving a police officer tasing a dog, and that dog later being buried to rest. There were mentions of the dog driving a car and dogs being criminals for not following traffic signals. I’d say Lt Governor Adrian Jax summarized it pretty well in her tweet.

Lt. Governor Adrian Jax’s Tweet.

Both Annabelle Holland and David Tickner were found guilty of animal cruelty, with Tickner also being found a liar. After six and a half long hours, David Tickner was sentenced to 4,000 months in jail, according to his tweet. He said something about how he would rather get stabbed in prison than do community service with the rangers because the “rangers are an inept department.” Yikes. Annabelle Holland chose to do community service, so there’s that. I haven’t heard anything since leaving the courtroom, but I’m sure we have two fewer cops now.

David Tickner’s Tweet.

UPDATE (as of 17 April 2022 12AM ET):
A press release from the DOJ states that Holland only got 35 hours of unpaid community service, which will be supervised by the Rangers. Tickner only got a 45-month sentence in prison. Also, the press release says, “intentionally committed the act of animal cruelty,” so take that as you will.

Every Day is A Park Day…

There was a fishing jamboree today, and Mr Jack Callow won. He texted me that he won by like seven pounds. The Rangers also started selling their trading card packs today. There are twenty rangers featured, and you can buy a pack for $500 each. They also sell Owl Scouts cookies for $10 so yummy yummy! All profits the rangers make will go towards their events, conservation studies and projects, and the Owl Scouts. They plan to do more conservation studies and have them in magazines that can be sold to the public to further fund their department.

SAPD National Park Week poster.

The fishing jamboree was just the start of National Park Week. Throughout this week, the San Andreas Parks Department is hosting a lot of things. On Tuesday, there will be the Beach Cleanup at Vespucci Beach. On Wednesday, there will be the Raton Canyon hike which they will meet at the Welcome Center and then take the bus to the trail. The Jetski Adventures will take place on Friday. Saturday night will be huge with the KOKORO charity concert at the Owl Scouts Camp. Bringing the week to an end will be Art Circle, also at the Owl Scouts Camp, where people can make art together. There is one national park and five state parks in our state. There’s never a better time to visit the parks than every day!

Upcoming Events:

  • April 18th @ 3PM ET: SAPD Beach Cleanup
  • April 18th @ 4PM ET: SA State Library Creative Writing Club
  • April 18th @ 9PM ET: Corner Pocket Double Elimination Tournament
  • April 19th @ 4PM ET: Haunt Studios Grand Opening Concert
  • April 19th @ 9PM ET: SAPD Raton Canyon Hike
  • April 19th @ 9PM – 10PM ET: Addiction Support Group: Forgiveness
  • April 20th @ 6PM – 11PM ET: 4/20 Block Party
  • April 20th @ 8PM ET: San Andreas State Election – Spring Election | Candidate Campaign Period Begins
  • April 21st @ 5PM ET: SAPD Jetski Adventures
  • April 21st @ 9PM – 11PM ET: Hub & SAMS Dance Party Event!
  • April 21st @ 9PM ET: Bando Fest
  • April 22nd @ 4PM ET: One Planet: An Earth Day Charity Concert
  • April 22nd @ 10PM ET: DJ XR Breakout Debut
  • April 23rd @ 4PM ET: SAPD Art Circle

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

He may be the man behind the lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle over at Premier, but he’s more than that with his musical career. The CC2x, or Carter Cornell, is the man behind A Trillion Black Snowflakes, Moon Salting, and many more. In his newest releases, he worked with Lulu Moon on Vicious and Tomiko on Arise. Maybe he likes to moonwalk to these songs because both the songs and the dance moves are legendary.

CC2x living the lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle. (Photo Credit: Lulu Moon)

Vicious was released at the Hanami festival a couple of weeks ago. It was a collaboration between CC2x and Lulu Moon. This song is about Vicious, a character from Cowboy Bebop, also the name of the beat. While I have never seen this show, CC2x shared a bit and said that he chose to write the song from the perspective of the character Vicious, who killed people to become the head of the syndicate. Lulu’s verses are about being a demon. No wonder she’s usually wearing horns on her head. You might remember from Scoops Volume 4 when Lulu shared that the best songs are the ones you finish really fast because you’re really inspired and passionate about them. This song is no different. CC2x said, “She’s the full package. She’s going to put her foot in it.” Lulu was the one asking CC2x to do things for the song, almost as if it was her song. He found it wonderful that Lulu was so excited and passionate about the song.

Lulu Moon and CC2x. (Photo Credit: Lulu Moon)

My latest favorite song, Arise, is by Tomiko, featuring CC2x himself. This song is about taking all the trauma and heartbreak you’ve experienced and turning it into something bright. When CC2x first listened to Tomiko’s lyrics, he resonated with them and chose to write about a phoenix arising despite all the bad things in the world. His part in the song was spoken word. He loves to talk, so spoken word was the perfect choice for him. This may be the first song you’re hearing with both their voices in it, but it’s far from the first song they’ve worked on together. Tomiko mixed both A Trillion Black Snowflakes and THE SHAPE. Soon enough, CC2x will feature Tomiko on one of his songs, and then they’ll both be able to say they’ve featured each other on their songs.

CC2x thinking about the lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle. (Photo Credit: Lulu Moon)

You may have seen his tweets earlier in the week about leaving KOKORO. He believes that it’s time for him to fly and spread his wings. He felt like he did everything he could for KOKORO, and now it’s time for him to do things for himself. “Sometimes it’s just time for you to go on to the next chapter.” He’s going to focus on the lifestyle and still make music. He’s working on his debut album, and it’ll be about an unhappy man who goes into space only to find the things he was yearning for were at home all along. He plans to have a comic book released alongside it, as it is an album that tells a story. As for lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle, his business, Premier, is getting ready for its grand opening, so keep your eye out for ads so you can be there. He also wants to fight for independent artists in the city. To end this Scoops, as Mr. Twice says a lot, “Those who cling to life: die. Those who cling to death: live.”

CC2x and Stella Day posing together. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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