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Stella’s Scoops Volume 2



Happy Lunar New Year…

I hope you all enjoyed the festivities this weekend. Our ears were blessed with music from both KOKORO and Ronin Records. The dancers also did an amazing job up on the stage. There were also plenty of businesses at the event so I was able to chat with different people. Thank you SAMS, KOKORO, and Ronin Records for bringing people together for the holiday!

Ronin Records at Lunar New Year Saturday Celebration (Photo Credit: Stella Day)
KOKORO at Lunar New Year Sunday Celebration (Photo Credit: Serena Valentine)


I thought I was going to die from pure purrfection. I got the opportunity to meet Garfield and Mittens on Wednesday. Garfield alone took over Twitter. As far as I know, not that many people got to meet Mittens because he showed up later in the night compared to Garfield just trotting around Pillbox. Garfield has a medical band that says “Therapy Cat” or something. Can Mittens have one that says “Will hiss if sniffed?” I would die for the Major Cat Division (MCD) and maybe you would too.

Garfield, Mittens, and their chauffer (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)
Carmen and Garfield at Styx Funeral Services (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Help is here…

The Department of Human Services (DHS) just bought a food truck which they use for giving out free food and drinks to citizens in need. You may see them randomly at places around the state, such as across the street from Legion bank. Even when they’re not driving around their food truck, you can reach out to them in the Fed Finder to ask for food. No questions asked. They usually give out two to-go boxes per person.

Department of Human Services exterior (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

In addition to food, they also offer social services including shelters and assistance with the Victim’s Rights Act (VRA). They currently have a couple of vacancies at their shelter so if you are in need of a roof over your head until you can find a home, do reach out. As for the Victims Rights Act (VRA), if you were a victim of a crime, DHS basically has a direct line to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to help you however they can. And if you ever feel lonely and need someone to talk to, the DHS offers mental health support where they will listen to you without judgment on whatever struggles you may be battling (but they aren’t actual therapists so they can’t give you advice). You can find the DHS in the Fed Finder or get connected through their referral form.

For the nerds and non-nerds…

The San Andreas Comic Convention is happening on Saturday! It’s going to be a big event and I can’t wait to be there. Some businesses are planning to sell some Princess Robot Bubblegum-themed foods and items. There are also going to be panels and a cosplay contest. It’s going to be an exciting day. Will you be dressing up for the occasion?

Ronin in the deeeeep…

Ronin Records did an exclusive preview event at the underground drift track last Saturday to get some footage and hype for Tommy Winston’s debut EP. The public was encouraged to bring their cars so they can be a part of the upcoming music video accompanying one of the songs from the EP. I talked to Tommy, also known as Loomis, on the phone for what was going to be a short call and ended up being almost half an hour. I’m very excited to see what he’s going to do with music and I can’t wait to see how that video turns out.

Loomis Teaser
Loomis’s EP cover (Photo Credit: Tommy Winston)

Tommy’s EP will drop on the 28th and he’s planning to drop another one in February and March, each with a different sound. There’s also talk that Victoria Delarosa will be featured in a song. Tommy’s music video will be released at a later date, featuring a song from the first EP. He told me that he’s enjoying being able to work on music in Los Santos and is glad that the people here are appreciative of the music made by local artists. He even said that the Los Santos Underground Radio is excited to play his music on the station and Yellow Jack wants him to perform live at their place. It definitely sounds like Tommy will have no trouble making himself known in the music scene here. I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears out for it.

It’s Saucy Time…

Saucy Taqueria is now open in East Los Santos off of Capital Boulevard. I was greeted by Miranda Shingles, Lulu Moon, and Ross “Saucy” Medina during my visit this week. I don’t think Lulu works there, but she said hi to me. Other people were there too (Hi April Davis!). Everyone was really nice to me and I got some tacos and horchatas. Even though I only stopped by for a short time, I felt welcomed and my hunger and thirst were satisfied. If you haven’t already, go get some tacos from Saucy’s!

Chill Vibes Up North…

I randomly showed up to Motordome last Thursday after a friend suggested we go on a road trip up to Paleto. This was my first time ever watching Motordome and it was really nice to hang out and watch. Everyone was really nice there. Based on my understanding of how it was explained to me, Motordome happens randomly on the lot between the Ravens compound and the chicken factory. Anyone with a cruiser-style motorcycle and a blunt weapon can join in. It’s never advertised so you really just have to drive by and see if anyone is hanging out on the lot or have the right connections. Pop’s Diner even showed up so I got fed while simply hanging out. I’m adding this to my check-it-out-when-bored list.

MotorDome (Photo Credit: Rosalind Mercer)

Open Mic’d and Raved Retroly…

We were blessed with an open mic and a retro rave on Friday. Brave people showed up to the Craft Bar & Eatery to perform in front of friends and strangers. Loomis and Konrad Knives did their thing at The Hub and people had fun dancing. The Yumi Zoomies Energy Drink was set to release during the Retro Rave event but was instead released during the Lunar New Year Celebration last night.

(Photo Credit: Norman Wren)

Fill in the Blank Position…

Karly Stark resigned from her position as Secretary of State on Tuesday in a press release from the Office of the Governor. The executive cabinet is looking for a replacement. If you know anyone who may be interested, tell them to send a letter of interest to Big Starr, Medium Jax, and Gracie McCoy.

Getting Back in Business…

This coming Saturday, Galaxy Nightclub will be celebrating its grand re-opening with a masquerade party. I’m excited to see Galaxy opening regularly because it means more options for places to hang out and host events. With how important music is in our state, I’m expecting to see artists from different record labels performing there. We also have a new place in town. On Friday, the Sardinian Blade had its grand opening and they are ready to make your hair all pretty. Pipelines Inn Beach Bar also had a soft opening on Monday which I missed. Wrangling Saloon also had a soft opening on Friday night. Madi Vierra, an employee from Wrangling Saloon, claims that they have a “friendly and charismatic staff” and guarantees “you’ll be in good company”. They have a “warm, cozy atmosphere” located in “one of the most entertaining spots in the city,” also known as the intersection of Lower Power and San Andreas Avenue. They also have a cactus named Stanley. 180 from that, Paradise Resorts is closed now. I remember flopping around in the pool there during an event. #Memories

Wrangling Saloon exterior (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Bumpy Rides Ahead…

McKenzie Enterprise and Knights Imports are teaming up to host Bumper Cars at Del Perro Pier this coming Friday, the 27th. There were bumper cars at the previous Festival of Joy in December. I stuck around to watch a couple of rounds and it looked really fun. I’m looking forward to seeing tweets and photos from the event.

Poole’s Law School…

Joanna Poole is now welcoming people into the world of law with classes for those interested in becoming a lawyer. The curriculum will cover topics including court theory, criminal code, mock trials, practice bar exams, and more. Classes are open to anyone who is interested in learning about law regardless of their background. Tuition for Law 101 is $10,000 with scholarship opportunities available. You, law firms, or a government office can sponsor a student if they want to, you just have to let Joanna Poole know. I feel like I should take these classes just for the heck of it. Anyone want to sponsor me? I promise I’ll stay awake in class. The last day to apply for classes is next Saturday, the 28th.

Poole Academy of Law Admission Poster

Down and Cozy at VU…

The Vanilla Unicorn had their Pajama Party event on Thursday night and I completely slept through it! I hope everyone was dressed in their favorite pajamas and bunny slippers.

Blood Night Bouts Returns…

Blood Night Bouts had their qualifier event on Saturday where fighters rumbled for a chance to be a singles and/or tag-team championship contender. It wasn’t just a regular qualifier event; it was themed! Fighters and fans dressed up in their best retro gear for a chance to win the Best Dressed award. I’m excited to see how the new year goes for the fighters and BNB as a whole since winning Best Sports Organization in the Weazel Choice Awards.

Meryl Ford at Blood Night Bouts Retro Qualifier (Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)

Have a Stella Day and a Hardcore Night, San Andreas!

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