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Summer 2023 Elections

Summer 2023 Election – Meet the Candidates



As the sun-drenched shores of San Andreas transition from the lazy days of summer to the crisp embrace of autumn, the atmosphere in the air isn’t the only thing heating up. The upcoming voting season is already sending sparks flying across the political landscape. 

Voting opened tonight, Friday, September 1, at 8pm EST, and ends September 5, at 8pm EST. This article is designed to provide a quick rundown of the candidates, their platforms, and important notes from the campaign trail, so you have the best information heading into the polls. 

Our post-debate polling will be released Monday before the official election results are announced!

The information below was gathered from candidates’ platform information and their debate performance. Not all candidates submitted information or were unavailable for comment.

Governor and Lt Governor Candidates

Damien Key and Gracie McCoy:

The Key/McCoy campaign has a couple of moving parts to it; they intend to focus on Communication, Transparency, Efficiency, and Consistency. They intend to have fireside chats to help further expand the message of the executive and do more hands-on communication with the San Andreas public. They intend to get more of the public opinion on bills and nominations prior to voting and more. The Key/McCoy campaign believes they will be efficient with the job due to their multiple terms serving in support positions for the executive and legislature, and having a good base understanding of the job walking into it. 

You can view the Key/McCoy campaigns platforms and ideas here:

Rachel Scilly and Susan Lacey:

The Scilly and Lacey platform consists of being pro-business, for the people, and “Rock, Flag & Eagle.” They are passionate about justice, freeform, and political accessibility (during EU/AU hours). They want to reach issues like DHS and the Private Medical Act. 

Rachel has experience as a co-owner of a successful business (having three locations) and working as a Lieutenant (Specialty Paramedic) at the San Andreas Fire Rescue for over a year and a half. Susan Lacey is a dedicated Public Works employee, and “it girl.” 

You can view additional information about the Scilly/Lacey campaign here.

Governor Candidate Adam Wrangler and Carmen Mason-Medlin:

The Wrangler/Medlin platform includes creating more state parks, encouraging people to “not get caught”, and providing “trash for Trash God”. Wrangler has experience running a business in San Andreas and is the current president of RavensMC.

Emile Paxton and Jack Burton:

The following was provided to Weazel News by the Paxton/Burton campaign:

• Working to bolster and improve the Justice System, and the citizens views of it
• Working to improve the security of government employees and the facilities they work out of
• Increasing transparency and accountability within all levels of government
• Ensuring the rights of all citizens are strictly upheld

From the political side of things, my running mate and I do not have any experience. While that may seem like a negative, it also can serve as a positive. We are not subject to the expected norms or expectations of what has been, but rather we are on the forefront of what could be. A vote for Emilie Paxton would be a vote for a fresh perspective on the political interworking within San Andreas.

We’ve advocated for those who could not do it themselves. With your vote, we can help to strengthen your voice and advocate for all citizens within the state.

State Representative Candidates

Former Representative Becks Lawson: 

Becks served as a state representative for multiple terms, drafting and rallying for numerous bills, such as the creation of the San Andreas State Police, San Andreas Security Services, multiple changes to the criminal code, and more. After being voted out of office, Becks Lawson was served with corruption charges. More information can be found in our previous reporting for those charges.

Becks Lawson also recently published Conviction: My Life in Politics, which is for sale at A Novel Idea. This book has a deep dive into her political past.

Former Lieutenant Governor Jacob Wheeler:

Jacob Wheeler has run in multiple past elections, serving as the Lieutenant Governor to Karmen Brown, formerly Karmen McKenzie. As the former owner of Merryweather Security, Wheeler has experience running a business and helping sustain business in San Andreas. Wheeler’s campaign highlights legislative reform, executive transparency (requiring the executive to release what business affiliations they have), and intends to hold government officials more accountable. 

With the evolving article by The Daily Globe and limited public information, Weazel News will not be reporting on the contents of the dossier. 

Representative Jimmie Dimmick:

Jimmie Dimmick is on his third and final campaign term as a Representative. Dimmick told Weazel News he wants to have more community outreach in the legislature and improve attendance at town halls. He helped create the San Andreas Fire Rescue, the Board of Medicine, and the CLAM Act. He wants to improve criminal codes and continue listening to the community as he has done for the past two terms. 

Dimmick wants to work to combine bills and amendments, so folks don’t have to determine what is the most recent bill. Dimmick believes you should not need a PhD to decipher a San Andreas Law. Lastly, Dimmick is an advocate for fighting corruption, and abuse of office within the government as a whole.

Maxine Finch

Maxine Finch has multiple ideas for this term if elected into the legislature; this includes increasing transparency for public government officials within the executive and legislative branches when it comes to the Freedom of Information Act. More information about this project can be found in this article. Finch is interested in providing more options for capital punishment, creating lethal injection as an option. She wants to work with counterparts in the legislature to create the San Andreas Rescue Service (SARS), designed to create action plans for state disasters, such as MUTINY or other weather-related tragedies. 

Check out Finch’s campaign video here, or her platforms below:

Justin Lee

The following statement is from Justin Lee: 

I am Justin Lee, commonly know as (Copperhead), I am running for State representative in the state of Los Santos.

I am not like the other politicians that are running for State rep. I am down to earth and if you ask me anything, and I will be blunt with you and tell you the truth.

I’m here to represent the silent majority, helping out the working class. I will do the best in my ability to help those in need. My platform to enforce preservation on wildlife, as well as banning adult adoptions. So I hope everyone votes for me to make a better State!

Tavlar Frostfell

Weazel News attempted to reach out to this candidate, but received no information. 

Jason Wayne

Weazel News attempted to reach out to this candidate, but we were unable to schedule an interview with the candidate. 

Daniel “Danny” McColm

Weazel News attempted to reach out to this candidate, but received no information. 

Weazel News is committed to being your unbiased political information center each election season!

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