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Progress Party’s Becks Lawson Reflects On Political Future



Los Santos, San Andreas – After Monday night’s shocking re-election loss, Weazel News reached out to Representative Becks Lawson (P) to hear her thoughts on the results. The Progress Party founder reflected on the successes of her colleagues and her past eight months in office before turning toward what the future may hold in store. View the full statement below:

On Monday night, we learned the results of the upcoming Congress. Congratulations to Jordan Malone and Audrey Storm on their re-election; I am so proud of you both. You earned this, and I have faith that you’ll do us all proud in the months to come.

I was not re-elected as Representative, which brings my term to an end. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of my supporters over the last eight months of my career. There are too many to name, but I leave office with no regrets. I know I am leaving the government stronger than how I left it. I only hope the legislature faces the coming months with curiosity, tenacity, and a spirit of compromise.

I will be working to expand Progress to allow for political consultancy opportunities. I remain deeply dedicated to the state of San Andreas, and pledge to continue to aid her people over the coming months from this new role. Please visit for more information.

Representative Becks Lawson, Progress Party Leader

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