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This Week in History: The Great New Alexandrian Hurricane



Today, 121 years ago on the 5/6th of November 1900, one of the worst hurricanes affected the United States Main land, impacting the state of New Alexandria. It was dubbed ‘The Great New Alexandrian Hurricane.’

Governor Baghatur, who was governor of the southern state at the time and President Henry Coleson were widely recognized for their humanitarian efforts in the face of such dangers. Citizens of the state, according to congressional records, fled into the mountains and boarded up their homes after word of the approaching storm reached the state. 

We found a reference to the event in the library of congress in Washington DC. It was a poster alerting citizens to the dangers of the storm and to evacuate. It was found in 1923 inside a house’s attic just near the main impact of the storm. 

A clipping from a newspaper at the time is also archived in the Library of Congress:

Using modern scientific understanding, this hurricane was towards the end of the hurricane season, with the typical Southern US hurricane season finishing in late November. 

Estimates of the storm put it as a category three, however against 1850-1900’s infrastructure, the winds were able to shove aside anything it wanted to. 

History always repeats itself and everyone should be aware of how to prepare for hurricanes and other dangerous storms, which frequent the area of Los Santos. 

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