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Stiletto’s Conceding Message to the People



LOS SANTOS (WZ) — on Tuesday the Stiletto Campaign has released a statement after yesterday’s Election Results. Their statement contains some serious allegations against a sitting member of the Legislature and the Governor-Elect.

Tuesday Morning, Weazel News asked if the Stiletto Campaign was going to release a statement, Tuesday afternoon they delivered on that request. In a statement to the people, the Campaign thanks everyone who voted for them in the election and has accepted the vote. Further on the statement makes a series of accusations against current members of the Legislature. 

It states. 

“James Paxton, you stand as the new governor of San Andreas, congratulations. Your campaign must’ve been a strong one if people were willing to overlook the clear conflicts of interest that come from your new power, your shameless practices of nepotism, and the appointment of incompetent puppets you’ve made and will make. To top it all off, the state’s public defenders are contemplating suing after you illegally suspended them. You broke a law that you wrote, correction, that your husband wrote. That’s a great trait for a new governor to have.”

At the time of this article no lawsuit has been filed in the Civil Courts, this could obviously change. We have also contacted the Paxton campaign for public comment on the issue, here is what they had to say

The claims made by Ms. Stiletto regarding my conduct in her statement to the public are purely frivolous accounts of things she has no knowledge of. The Public Defender himself even responded stating that she does not speak for his Office. I also think it’s quite ironic that somebody who rallied against corruption in her own campaign would take such an issue with the Government investigating its agencies.
Three members of the Public Defender’s Office were requested by the Legislature to not take on new clients during an open and active investigation by the Legislature and Law Enforcement into their conduct. None of them were terminated, so I am not sure where Ms. Stiletto gets the notion that I broke the law somehow. I will also state that I had the backing of a majority of the Legislature to take these actions, the required threshold to terminate (as stated in the Public Defender’s Office Bill) if that was what was happening, however it was not.
Democracy continues to thrive on the premise that opponents typically lose gracefully. I am saddened that Ms. Stiletto took her platform and influence to slander my name on topics that she quite frankly has knowledge about. I wish Ms. Stiletto the best, and I welcome any questions that the incoming Legislature may have of me – But I have already read them into this subject before Ms. Stiletto’s statement, and I don’t expect any impeachment investigation to come about from it.
Thank you.James PaxtonGovernor-Elect of San Andreas

The statement from the Stiletto Campaign continue;

“Becks Lawson also made it into office. As many of you may know, an audio file with Becks Lawson admitting to putting hits out on people was being spread through the city. While Paxton claims he will do the right thing, I hope he stands by his word.
Ms. Lawson, you slandered my campaign while hiring hitmen to kill the people you claim to serve. Shame on you, shame on everything you stand for. Justice will come. Be ready for when it does.”

Weazel News has reached out to Becks Lawson for comment on the allegations made against her, here is her response:

“The tape that is being spread around is simply the latest volley in a long running and disappointing smear campaign. As the public may already know, I was subjected to a violent encounter by a criminal group on August 18th, and audio recorded under duress has been manipulated into an attack on my character. I have fully cooperated with the Los Santos Police Department during their investigation of this matter and am not under arrest, nor have I been charged with any specific crimes. If you believe you have evidence of this, I encourage you to approach the Major Crimes Department.
I am proud to be re-elected by the population of San Andreas and I’m eager to return to serving the state. I will be resuming my role as press secretary, where I will ensure a new level of communication and access to your government.”

The recording alleged to here is transcribed as the following; 

Editors Note: Elements of the transcript have been removed to protect personal privacy, this was an editorial decision 

Person One asks: Ehh I got one question then, before I drop you off right next to [redacted].
Person Two responds: Alight
Person One continues asking: What’s a politician putting hits out on people for? 
Person Two interjects: Honestly,
Person One continues: And getting involved in this life?
Person Two Answers: Honestly [inaudible], I thought I did enough good. That I could bal […] That it would balance out the bad, I genuinely thought that […] I, you know, I I I I I was a good person, I’ve done good, and I was drunk on power and drunk on ego, and I thought I could get away with it. I was clearly f**king wrong. And that’s why i didn’t f**cking call the cops in on this meeting or anything. Cause I am, I don’t even know the game i’m playing, you know? And I can tell that I fucked up.
Person One responds: I’m glad you admitted that

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