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Pieces In Play: The Gamemaster Kicks Off A New Game

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On the 13th of December, I received a text from Oslo. When I finished up what I was doing, I gave him a call. He invited me to meet up with him, and I expressed my concerns. After a short back and forth, I suited up and headed down to meet him. 

Disclaimer: Weazel News does not condone the messages contained within this article and is merely reporting on the facts of the situation, both given and gained during interviews.

The Meeting

I met up with Oslo on the roof of a parking garage that was kinda near the red garage but not really. When I arrived, there were two masked people standing behind Oslo, who were wearing the same clothes that were now familiar to me. However, he was wearing a different mask than usual, which will be addressed further on in this piece. 

We spoke briefly about what had happened, and I had asked him about the incident way back. I think we’re good on that front now, but we will see. Moving on, Oslo stated that he hadn’t been completely open with me.

Some of the words in this interview have been paraphrased for clarity, but wherever possible, it has been noted down verbatim.

I haven’t said who I am truthfully – many people are playing a part, so am I. [I’m] more of a public figure, talking to people like you. The picture that has been painted is not necessarily a 1-1.

Most of the pieces help out and talk, I’m not at the head of the table, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last for. Everything is moving quite fast. One day you’re waking up outside an apartment, the next day you’re in a 5ft hole. Anything can happen in a split second.

So, what’s been going on?

Publicly nothing has happened, stuff has been going on in private. It just wasn’t meant to be.

What’s next for TGM?

A game is in the making – something old will play a part in how you solve things. The new announcement for the public that they are back for the public, making something for them to partake in.

[This is in reference to the new video, accessible here: The Kick]

When you offered for me to join, what would I be doing?

Almost a year ago they had a quest called hunting the rabbit, they went from place to place like an easter egg hunt that told a little story. Pretty innocent. Can do worse,  it’s really all about each person’s dedication.

Why the mask change?

I’m wearing a player’s mask, you will be seeing it a lot. 

[I mentioned the QR code visible on the wall here]

You can look at it when we’re done, think of it as an advanced notice – an early look. 

Why reach out to me now?

You’re a good person to talk to that is somewhat neutral. 

How have you felt about the pieces I’ve done so far?

You’ve said everything word for word, 1-1. Nothing I can say except that you’ve done okay. 

When you broke my leg, who were you trying to send a message to?

People like to put their nose in things they shouldn’t have their nose into. They like to put their own feet before others can follow. If they go too far, they will be next.

Why Weazel?

As soon as we get the material needed, you will be the first person to put it out for everyone to see. Legit source, legit evidence.

What is the QR code about? 

A new thing will be released tonight. The holidays are coming, and a new year. We’re giving people time to understand and to take their time. Sometimes it’s not all about having things done right away. People want to spend time with their loved ones.

How many people are in charge in LS?

Two figures, not me. I’m the voice, the person who gives orders. I’m a member.

Who are the two people with you?

They’re here to protect me. 

Is there anything you’d like me to state? 

At the current state of things, do not trust the government with anything. People in certain positions are not to be trusted.

Any comment on the Wheeler and Lawson dossiers?

No comment. 

Can you tell me about the government officials involved with the games?

People in certain positions – Wolf, the gorilla, the monkey, mr rabbit, some like animals, some like ideas, some like personas. Whatever you like. People are very fluid, sometimes one person will take the lead and the next they are crunching numbers and doing paperwork.

[This is where he asked me a question]:

If you were to play a game with a friend or two, would you betray them to go further? Not in a harmful way, but would you sabotage their progress to gain yours?

No.  [I don’t remember exactly what I said here, however, I trust the people I surround myself with, and I want them to succeed.]

To Conclude

Now, I had kind of figured Oslo was the mouthpiece of TGM, but it’s always good to have it confirmed by the source. Whilst it’s still vaguely unclear on what the future holds for the organization, it is clear they still plan on continuing their games of civil disobedience. 

If any players wish to get in touch, you can feel free to contact me via the Weazel Tip Line and mention me, Annie. Put a contact number, and I will get in touch.

To Oslo: Keep in touch. 

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