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Stella’s Scoops Volume 53



Am I Meant to be Sentimental?

There are only 52 weeks in a year. Since this is the 53rd volume, it means we have officially published a volume of Scoops for a whole year as of last week. Shocking, right? As someone who didn’t really write before the Scoops, it’s wild to see that I’ve written weekly for over a year now. Time flies when you’re having fun or stressing out. Seven months ago, my series won Best Weazel Series at the Weazel Choice Awards. Thank you to everyone for reading the Scoops weekly, monthly, or occasionally. I appreciate it regardless of how much you comprehend. I still find it fun when people see me on the streets and recognize me as the Scoops person after I say my name.

Stella Day writing on a tablet in the empty Weazel News office while everyone else works at home. (Photo Credit: Liz Barber)

Now that we’ve reached Volume 53, you might be wondering what’s next for me. Well, not much. I plan to continue to write as I am doing right now with these words. I hope to stick to the same consistency with the weekly Sunday publication. Here’s to another year!

The election results are in…

As you’ve all probably heard by now, Damien Key and Gracie McCoy won the gubernatorial elections with 52.97% of the votes. Becks Lawson and Maxine Finch were super, super close. I can’t remember how close votes were in the past, but this felt very close. The Election Results Party was broadcasted live on Weazel News from Black Woods Saloon in Paleto Bay.

Updated LSD App…

If you haven’t noticed already, the Los Santos Diatribes (LSD) app has been updated with their new website. All the old articles are there as well as the new ones that were published this week. Obviously, there’s the one about the fire at Bentos. There’s also an article about Rockford being the music capital of Los Santos, which, now that I think about it, it’s kinda true. LSD has a category for Yeet Beefs, and there’s now a third article about the alleged AI art commission business or “business.” I have no comment on that one.

Some Like It Hot…

Bento more like burnto (pronounced burnt toast). Sorry if I made this joke too soon. In case you haven’t seen it between three different news companies and on Y, Bento was on fire on Tuesday night. Useless News mentioned someone getting stabbed. Los Santos Diatribes included a theory about restaurant competition. Weazel News focused on interviews and Y. At the time of writing this, I haven’t heard any updates on the cause, the future of Bento, and where customers will go to satisfy their Bento cravings.

A fire engine works to extinguish the flames destroying the Bento building. (Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)

DoCL Town Hall

New year, new goals. The Department of Commerce and Labor (DoCL) stated in their January Town Hall meeting notes that they intend to host monthly Town Hall meetings to discuss business things and also give people the opportunity to chat with them about current or future business plans. Unfortunately, I missed their first meeting, which happened last week, but the notes are great. Did you know there are currently 354 businesses in San Andreas? It’s a lot. I can see DoCL is definitely kept busy. They’re also starting a mentorship for newer business owners, so definitely sign up if that’s something you’re interested in. They cover a lot in the meeting notes, but one thing that wasn’t mentioned at the meeting that I want to note is that there are now options to expand your business storage and fridge for an additional fee. How exciting! Useless News also covered it if you want to read about the meeting in long paragraph-form.

DOJ Seeks Death Penalty…

Earlier this week the San Andreas Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a press release stating their intent to “seek death penalty for capital murder suspect charged in the shooting death of Robert Richardson”. A public response has quickly appeared around town in the form of a petition demanding a stop to the death penalty in San Andreas.

Reopened in Del Perro…

It might’ve felt like a long time since you’ve been inside The Hub, but that’s because the old location you knew in Legion Square is now closed as they have moved over to Del Perro. The Hub is about a block away from the clothing store near BurgerShot. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the grand reopening, but Los Santos Diatribes covered the event so you can still find out how it went.

Reopened in Purple…

Another reopening happened last night, except it was all the way in the Southside at Purple Fantasy. I also wasn’t able to make it to that one live and I’m not sure if anyone wrote about it, but I still wanted to mention that it happened.

We love Annie!

She’s a great writer! Her second edition of Annie’s Angle’s is out and her latest conversation with The Gamemaster has been published too. We’re grateful for all she does and are glad she’s on the Weazel News team.

Upcoming Events:

  • Jan 15th – 22nd: SAMS Applications Open
  • Jan 18th @ 10PM EST: SAMS Doctor Interest Class
  • Jan 19th @ 3:30PM EST: Shack Tracks
  • Jan 21st @ 3PM EST: Knight Import Vehicle Auction
  • Jan 20th @ 8PM EST: Curb Appeal Auto Show
  • Jan 21st @ 6PM EST: Madi’s Yellow Jack Celebration Party

Stella’s Erin’s Recommendation of the Week…

Effective communication is extremely important for building understanding, collaboration, and success in our daily lives. We can’t do everything alone and being able to work well with others is a difficult skill to develop. It’s something I struggle with and am working to get better at myself. The government of the State of San Andreas is no exception to this too. By working together we build better relationships between the departments and branches of government we can accomplish so much more for the citizens of this great state.

With the exception of Joanna Poole, our incoming State Reps are all new to the position. These freshman politicians will likely be looking to the people who came before them for their wisdom and guidance. Governor Key and Lt Governor McCoy will be returning to their positions for another term and have the challenge of continuing to facilitate open, productive communication between the various state departments. This next term will be an interesting one for sure and I’m curious to see if all parties understand communication really is key.

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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