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From Ashes To Anarchy: The Gamemaster’s Return And Unanswered Questions

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It has been several months since the organization known as The Game Master (TGM) reared its head, with the elusive leader Oslo making his presence known once again. Some of you may have noticed my silence on the topic in the meantime, although that does not mean nothing has occurred since Policing the Police: The Gamemaster Looks Into LEO Accountability.

Disclaimer: Weazel News does not condone the messages contained within this article and is merely reporting on the facts of the situation, both given and gained during interviews.

On the 13th of April, I received a text from an unknown number. They requested I head to a location to meet an unconfirmed ‘friend’ of mine. After a short bit of back and forth, I headed to the location and was met by Oslo. He was wearing what he wears in all of his videos, and spoke to me for a short interview.

As many of you may also know, I had believed Oslo to be a friend, albeit on the other side of the law to me. This was no longer the case. After a short surgery, a conversation with MCD and a longer recovery, my opinion on the man in the mask has changed somewhat.

The only thing I have left to thank him for now is for leaving my hands untied so I could call for help. At the time, I decided to not publish what he had told me. And, I can admit, it was partly out of anger, and partly to stop accelerating his platform within Weazel News.

To Oslo, as I know you read these: I was vouching for you. Not your methods, as I could not in good conscience agree with those, but your message. I believed in the cause with which you were grappling, which is why I took an interest in publishing your words.

We continued to speak on occasion, with him reaching out to check on my healing, and me meeting him with continued anger. I would not say our relationship has healed yet, but I always did understand why he thought he had to do what he did. However, I have not spoken to Oslo since the 23rd of May.

Moving On

On the 23rd of October, I saw another flyer posted at the Legion Square Fleeca Bank. It looked similar to the other TGM posters that had been placed around the city previously, and sure enough, the posters contained a QR code leading to a video from Oslo.

In the video, warning lights (presumably from the bank) can be seen flashing, before Oslo enters. No other information is forthcoming, but readers may be able to make their own inferences. The title, TGMDD.db raises questions of its own, with the last two letters being of unknown significance, although inferences may be made. The QR code itself reads ‘from the ashes’, presumably a reference to his return.

TGM has been known to coordinate large scale civil disobedience, with the last known incident being the arson at the Sapphire Falls Vineyard, although it is unclear as to whether this was a game or a movement for revenge.

TGM is known for its ‘games’, which Oslo has informed me need not include criminal activities, when he asked me if I wanted to be a player. According to him, government workers play these games, although to what ends I cannot guess. Perhaps Oslo and I will have another conversation. I have reached out to the source, and will update as soon as I learn more.

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