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Dear Dolores

Dear Dolores: How Can I Exude A More Dominant Energy?



Dear Dolores,

How can I develop like an aura that makes people want me to step on them? Just curious because you’ve given off that feel since I first met you, so I was wondering how you, like, acquired that skill ya know? I always just figured that part of being short was being a bottom, or that maybe it was because I don’t wear heels or something, I dunno.

Anonymous Surf Shop Owner

Dear Anonymous Surf Shop Owner,

I think domme vibes just kind of happen when you have a natural confidence and an obvious disdain for most people. I’m just kiddin’, I have no idea. 

Consider incorporating a power suit into your wardrobe. I know when I dress professionally, it makes me feel more authoritative than when I am in street clothes. I don’t imagine a surf shop gives you lots of excuses to dress up, but just consider dressing for the (surf)board room. 

Tone of voice goes a long way toward promoting a specific vibe as well. Try experimenting with a more direct or authoritative tone. You might be surprised how easy it is to win arguments just by shifting your tone of voice and presenting your opinions as facts. Lawyers do it all the time!

This is all to say that I am delighted that this is the vibe I give off to you. It is also to say golly, all you have to do is ask. 

Love, Dolores

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