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What’s Cooking At Street Beefs 8?



This week at Street Beefs, it was another exciting tournament! This week the organizers slightly lowered the prize money to $10,000 in exchange for an ad-free show. 8 people entered this week, with the previous two champions being absent, so lets see who came out on top!

Round 1

Nathaniel vs M-Dog

Newcomer Nathaniel took on regular spectator and sometimes caterer of Street Beefs M-Dog, daughter of one of the showrunners, Nigel Jones. Both competitors put up a hell of a fight with a very strong back and forth to open the show. M-Dog was unable to dodge Nathaniel’s attacks when it mattered most and was eliminated from the first round. (Nathaniel W)

M-Dog is too slow to avoid a heavy strike from Nathaniel

Lou Winchester Vs Blake Fisher

A good back and forth fight from two fighters who are no strangers to Street Beefs. The fight started awkwardly with both men refusing to throw a strike for a minute or so. When they got going, however, they went at it HARD, but Blake went at it a little harder and was the one to advance to round 2! (Blake W)

Lou braces for impact as Blake throws a haymaker

Frank Payne Vs William Hunter

Frank looks to redeem himself against newcomer William Hunter. The Scotsman turned up to the show in a full Liverpool kit, much to the joy of the promoters. Hunter brought the fight and overwhelmed Frank with a combination of high aggression and stomping with some technical strikes thrown in, quite the impressive Debut! (William W)

Frank is left folded in half by William

Benny Vs Big Baz

In the final fight of the first round, two former finalists go head-to-head. Baz is notorious for his hyper-aggressive and dirty fighting style, but Benny took his stomps and fought back with the same energy. At the end of the fight, Benny jumped past a big right hook from Baz and hit him in the back of the head for the knockout! (Benny W)

Benny takes Big Baz by surprise


Nathaniel Vs Blake Fisher

A very impressive display from both fighters in the first of two second-round matchups.  Both men fought with a moderate level of respect and threw out many technical strikes, Benny narrowly avoided a huge uppercut from Nathaniel, but a big right hook soon after took Benny out. (Nathaniel W)

Moments from disaster for Blake as a big hook comes his way

William Hunter Vs Benny

At the request of showrunner Nigel Jones, William put his shirt back on to get serious. They loved seeing footballer Mo Salah being represented and did their best to encourage Mr. Hunter. This lit a fire under William and he came at Benny fast and hard with a lot of dirty fighting and some impressive technical strikes. Benny responded to the aggression with stomps of his own which allowed him to pull through and into the finals! (Benny W)

Benny responds to William’s stomps with stomps of his own


Nathaniel Vs Benny

The final fight of the tournament did not disappoint! Both men opened the fight with an insane amount of speed and aggression. Nathaniel threw out strikes at speeds that left the whole crowd in awe! Benny eventually turned this speed against him and backed Nathaniel up into the cars that make up one half of the fighting zone. Both fighters slipped through the gap in the cars and wound up fighting in the crowd! After some commotion, fighters were brought back into the ring and went back at it. Nathaniel was once again backed into a corner but still threw out lightning fast strikes. This speed, however, did not translate into good dodging and Benny knocked Nathaniel out for the $10,000 Victory! (Benny W)

Another week and another great show! Congratulations to Benny who takes home the $10,000 winner’s purse, and to G-Sheisty for winning the post-show free-for-all and $2,000!

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