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Spring 2023 Elections

Spring 2023’s TLDR of State Representative Candidates

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If you have not voted yet, because you’re confused, don’t care, or (somehow) didn’t know it was happening, you should probably read this. Spring election season is here, and with it, a new batch of governor and lieutenant governor candidates! To help you wade through the sponsored advertisements, campaign posters, and general propaganda, here is a brief overview of each of the candidates, their positions, experience, and one sentence each of them would like you to know. 

State representatives are also known as congressmen/women. It is their job to represent the people of the state they work in to the upper echelons of government. Your state representatives should be your first point of contact for any legislative issues you wish to raise, as these are the people who write the bills. 

As defined by the State,

STATE REPRESENTATIVES are responsible for drafting and passing State Laws, Acts, Edicts, Procedures, Resolutions, Criminal Punishment, Endorsing Civil Appointments, and other tasks.
Representatives will be expected to attend a mandatory monthly ‘Legislative Meeting’, and bring forth proposals for discussion on behalf of the good people of San Andreas.

Looking to know more about the candidates running for Governor? Head over to our Spring 2023’s TLDR of Governor and Lieutenant Governor Candidates for more information.

Disclaimer: Candidates are sorted alphabetically by surname to avoid any implication of bias.

Billy Banter

Political Party: Independent

Billy Banter


  • Police the Police – Bring in SOPs that require the police to treat citizens with respect and to serve the citizens better. 
  • Fund Human Resources – More money to help the less well-off; veterans, homeless, disabled, and mentally ill people of the State. 
  • Make Business Better – Help DoCL help businesses better, being more present and available at all times.
  • 24-Hour City –  Help to make Los Santos a true 24-hour city with government services available across all time zones. 
  • Finding Work – Have a noticeboard at city hall with clear information on city hall of job opportunities available and a list of laws along with human-readable descriptions. 
  • Public Insight – Better communication of what the government is doing to the general public, so people can see how the government is working for or against them.

Experience: I have lived here since the city’s inauguration, and have long-time experience as a citizen and understand the citizens’ needs.

For the Voters: Billy Banter, your voice and ears in government.

Jonathan Chambers

Political Party: Independent

Jonathan Chambers


  • I want to focus on helping the services that help citizens. 
  • Work with DoCL and business owners to build the economy. 
  • Assist SAMS and Parsons by amending legislation. 
  • Work with DHS by hopefully acquiring assisted living for the less fortunate. 
  • Work with PDO to amend legislation to better serve defendants.

Experience: I served for 15 years in the US Army. I also run one of the largest security firms in the state. I also have run multiple other successful business ventures, such as a mechanic shop and a motorcycle dealership.

For the Voters: Go vote for the candidate you think will do the best job, not the ones who are only doing it for clout.

Yuri Devlin

Political Party: Renewal

Yuri Devlin


  • Renewing the integrity of the government through logical reform and restructuring.
  • My main focus will be helping the citizens of the state see us be more transparent. 
  • Moving back to weekly meetings held by the State Representatives
  • Pushing for more honesty from members of Congress as to who, if anyone, is helping them write the bills pushed forward.

Experience: A few terms ago, I ran for Lieutenant Governor. But not much success wise. I’ve been an active member of the Paleto Bay community for a while, founding the Paleto Property Committee alongside Sally.

For the Voters: I want to make this state a better place for both the current and future residents.

Jimmie Dimmick

Political Party: Independent (Not Affiliated)

Jimmie Dimmick


  • Build on what was accomplished last term.
  • Polish some existing bills and amend as required. 
  • Bring more transparency to Government branches.

Experience: 1 term in the 6th Congress. 4 weeks as assigned by Governor Starr replacing Oliver Hall prior to being voted in.

For the Voters: Every vote counts, and I encourage everyone to exercise their democratic rights. I have a proven track record, and I listen to the people.

Morrigan Ford

Political Party: Renewal

Morrigan Ford


  • Review bills and laws, revise them as needed, and add any clarifications and amendments as needed to ensure fair enforcement and ease of understanding. 
  • Work on a disaster readiness program with the state’s departments. 
  • Look into ways to help ensure our state’s disabled residents are able to enjoy a good quality of life. 
  • Look into ways the state can improve its economy. 
  • Ensure that all citizens have a voice and say in the direction we take our politics to the best of my abilities and station.

Experience: I have zero political experience, though I have had a few friends elected into seats of power and from them, I have learned a great deal. I have a strong desire to help others, and I enjoy testing the boundaries of established laws and policies.

For the Voters: Vote for who you feel represents your interests, wants, and desires regardless of your personal feelings towards them.

Tavlar Frostfell

Political Party: Libertarian

Tavlar Frostfell


  • Eradicate the Homeless.
  • Less Guns, More Swords.
  • More Snow/Winter will come.
  • Liberate these Lands!!!

Experience: I was born and raised to be king of my home lands of Easteros, before my corrupt brother staged a coup the second my father died… His body lay warm while my brother told the Kingdom that my father’s last words were to name him heir to the Cast-Iron Throne and the 6 Kingdoms under them.

For the Voters: I love you.

Daniel McColm

Political Party: Independent

Daniel McColm did not respond to Weazel’s request for information. 

Adam Wrangler

Political Party: Renewal

Adam Wrangler


  • Renewal
  • Transparency
  • Prosperity.

Experience: My experience primarily falls under the business category. I invest in and manage several businesses.

For the Voters: The government needs a bit of renewal, one piece at a time.

Norman Wren

Political Party: Independent

Norman Wren


  • Help DHS get back on track.
  • Monthly Meetings with government entities to see if there is something they need. 
  • Looking through the old bills that have passed and seeing if any of them need to be fixed. 
  • Help organize and find more housing for DHS.

Experience: 1 term as a state rep already under my belt. Eighty-three years of life experience. I’m a people person cuh

For the Voters: HOW BOUT TO GO VOTE CUH!

Still have questions? Check out our Spring 2023 election coverage for more information about how to vote and the candidates. Voting ends on the 8th of May at 8pm (ET). GO VOTE, San Andreas!

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