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Stella’s Scoops Volume 44



Impeaches, Impeaches, Impeaches…

In the tune of a spikey turtle villain singing on a piano, the 8th Congress passes Articles of Impeachment votes on not one, but two government officials. The articles against State Representative Justin Lee were due to his absence and lack of participation in his role.  As for Circuit Court Judge Kinsley Photopopulous, it was something about “Misconduct and Incompetence.” It looks like the next step will be Impeachment Trials, so stay tuned with Weazel News for updates.

City Hall and Alta Street Courthouse exteriors. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

Parsons’ Latest Upgrade…

Some of you may not think about Parsons a lot, but you probably see the ads about hiring at the psychology department at San Andreas Medical Services. It’s a little place that’s a bit tucked away while still close to the city. There was even a press release shared about the renovations. Niko McReary and I headed to Parsons on Wednesday evening for their open house to get a tour of the place post-renovations. Each patient’s room has an ensuite with an inspirational photo instead of a mirror. I enjoyed seeing consistency at Parsons, which was presented to me in the form of a pool table. 

Parsons exterior. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)

Niko McReary interviewed the Medical Director for SAMS Psychology, Bella Thompson, and psych resident Emberlynn Edwards-Smoak. They spoke about upcoming improvements within the department, the old building versus the new renovations, the amount of sunlight in the new patient bedrooms, and more.

Vespucci Got Cars…

Vespucci Underground was a car show that took place on Vespucci Beach across from the stalls on Friday afternoon. Over 60 people attended the event and checked out the 29 cars that were entered into the contest. Chris Kellerman DJ’ed the event. Many of the Vespucci businesses were present, including The Sundae Post, Blast Bitez, Der Keller, Snack Shack, KOI, and ARCola. DoCL and Zimports were also there to answer questions about the stalls, as there are currently vacancies. Starla Kellerman from Snack Shack donated $30,000 to the event to be given away to the winners. Each winner received $10,000, with the first place winner getting a medal as well. Congratulations to Alexander Novak, Paco, and Devina on your winnings!

Vespucci Underground takes over Vespucci Beach with cars, vendors, and attendees. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)


I showed up way late to the SAMS Fall Festival Blood Drive on Saturday, so the performances had already ended. At first, the only thing that was still going on was the Ventoso jousting. Due to the nature of the activity and the host, it was nice to hear someone say, “I’m a booboo fixer.” It’s not every day that you hear someone say that unless you work for SAFR or SAMS. Luckily enough for me, the people who were there playing and watching Ventoso jousting wanted to do bumper cars next, so I got the opportunity to watch not one but two silly cars catch on fire.

Performers for the event: Lulu Moon, Brick Colt, V, and GRIMM (left to right). (Photo Credit: Lincoln Perrywinkle)

At the end of the event, I was able to speak with Sage Wren-Freeman about how it went. She said it was one of the most active blood drives they’ve had in awhile. There were back-to-back blood donations. Yusef, a nurse-in-training, believes there were at least 50 donations at the event. The bumper cars were really well-received, as well as the jousting, which can be a hit-or-miss activity. A lot of performers spent time doing the activities after performing as well. DHS was also present and helped out as well. Public Works was also there. SAFR even helped out with some donations, which was nice. Thank you to everyone that came out to the blood drive and donated blood! Future you will thank you for giving blood to your injured self.

LEO Rivalries The Sequel…

Rangers on top! The audience believed that the troopers cheated during the Blood Night Bouts event today. They had a surprise fighter who wasn’t on the roster for the SASP, which gave somewhat of an unfair advantage against their opponents, the SAPD. The LSPD was the first to go, followed by BCSO. Both departments put up a good and honest fight. I wish I could say the same about the winners, but unfortunately, the rangers ultimately lost to the troopers. I guess congrats to the Troopers for defending their Rivalries Champion title. If we learned anything today, it’s that jorts are awesome.

Photo of rangers in Tobias Tarts’ Yeet.

A Dangerous Triangle…

Residents of Chumash are still grappling with unexplained phenomena Useless News has called “The Chumash Effect.” Planes continue to crash en masse in the area, as photos shared on Y by Candy Lane, Meredith Benson, and Jamey Johnson show. The Yeets contained multiple downed aircraft in Chumash Plaza and giving further credence to theories there may be something strange going on.

Yeets from Y.

Upcoming Events:

  • Nov 15th @ 9PM – 10PM EST: Recovery Support Group
  • Nov 15th @ 7PM – 9PM EST: DHS Winter Clothing Drive
  • Nov 16th @ 9PM – 11PM EST: Craft Bar & Eatery Soup Kitchen
  • Nov 17th @ 9PM EST: BLOOD NIGHT BOUTS: Championship Qualifiers
  • Nov 17th @ 11:59PM EST: Food Truck Friday
  • Nov 18th @ 3PM EST: Black Hawk Coffee Company Grand Opening
  • Nov 18th @ 5PM EST: Tube Football League Event #1
  • Nov 18th @ 8PM EST: REJENERATION Concert
  • Nov 18th @ 9PM EST: BLOOD NIGHT BOUTS: Championship Night

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Do something positive for the environment! There’s never a better time to take care of our home than today or, really, yesterday. Better late than never, I guess! I spent Tuesday in the Tongva Valley for the cleanup with Tortuga Marine Conservation. There were two cleanup events that day just in case people couldn’t make it to the earlier one or the later one, so there was an option. I went to the later one and there was a positive turnout. There was a variety of trash in the water, from plastic bottles to tangled fishing nets and food wrappers. If I were a water animal, I wouldn’t enjoy living in such contaminated waters. I’m glad we were able to improve the water quality by even just a little bit.

Harlow Greene and volunteers cleaning up trash from the Tongva Valley River. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)

Niko McReary interviewed Harlow Greene after the event. They talked about this cleanup and upcoming cleanups. If you’re interested in joining Harlow at a future cleanup event, definitely keep your eyes peeled in Y and OnlyAds. You can earn points at Tortuga Adventures to receive your Tortuga Marine Conservation skateboard!

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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