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Stella’s Scoops Volume 45



New Judge, Who This?

Kylian Clarkson was sworn in this week as the new Chief Justice. Maxine shared a press release about this, while Chief Justice Kylian shared his series of initiatives he will be focusing on for the next six months. Maxine also told me there’s a new law where that position is elected, and people can only serve a maximum of two terms. This sounds like a good change if it means people can’t grow old and die without ever making room for someone new. We’ll see how this will marinate with time.

Officially Impeached…

Last week, I told you all to stay tuned on the impeachment news. Well, Justin Lee is officially out the door since H.R. 287 passed with a supermajority. All four other representatives voted not once but twice to get rid of the guy due to his lack of participation in the Office. Will this be a lesson learned for next election season when someone like Justin Lee runs for election?

Niko McReary pretending to be Justin Lee getting kicked out of City Hall by Stella Day. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)

Speaking of Which…

Are you ready for change? Whether that’s a change in politicians or policies, both will be coming soon. If you’re planning to run for governor or state representative next term, start with knowing the dates. Registration will begin on December 12th at 8 PM to December 19th at 8 PM. If you miss the registrations, then you won’t have to worry about campaigning because you’ll have to wait for the election season months later. For more details on the dates, you can find them in H.R. 294

Your Wallet May Get Refreshed…

Word on the street in the legislature is saying that we might possibly be getting new IDs. This would include our regular IDs and our licenses for whatever, like driver’s license, skipper’s license, library card, notary pass, and more. I’m not sure what the details are when it comes to them having a photograph, but I’m sure we’ll all know soon once H.R. 290 passes. 

Stella Day showing off her handmade ID. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)

Pending New Folks…

With Justin Lee out the door, Governor Damien Key has appointed Yuri Devlin to be a State Representative for the remainder of the current term. Kasper Bergstrand resigned from Public Works, and my best friend, Erin Murphy, has been nominated as Director for Public Works. Honestly not sure if this changes anything since Erin became the co-director when Kasper took over the department, and the two were working closely to lead the PW team. It’s not like she’s going to sleep any more or less than she does now, anyway. The governor is also nominating Tobias Tarts, Ethan Lawrence, and Anthony Corranado for the positions of Circuit Court Judge of the San Andreas Judiciary.

Consent is Important…

Probably not what you expected, but you can now tell a law enforcement officer that you consent to your boss or future boss doing a background check on you. Basically, to retell you H.R. 281 in my words, you tell a cop you consent, and then your boss goes to someone who has access to the MDT to run the background check. This is supposed to make it easier for your boss so they aren’t limited to going through the FOIA process to get the information. Hope that makes sense. If not, go read the bill yourself.

First Tournament!

Tube Football League had its first tournament yesterday. I think it changed history. It showed the state that sports are possible! We, the people of San Andreas, can have organized sports! It can be fun with mostly good sportsmanship. There were no shots fired at the tournament which is great considering how people did show up to the game with shotguns. Four teams played on the field: LS Pounders, Wicked Werewolves, Melon Motors, and Dream Bots, with winning placement in that order, respectively. I had a lot of fun playing with my team, and I’m excited for future practices and games with my team. 

Yeets from Tube Football League first tournament.

Weazel News live broadcasted the whole time, and I believe one of the video production companies in the state will soon release a video recapping the tournament. I hope to see more yeets supporting the teams during the next tournament, even if you’re watching from the comfort of your own couch. 

Southside Party…

Also, yesterday, there was a music festival in the Southside. It was called nothing other than “Southside Music Festival,” so you really knew what and where the event was. There were lots of vendors and performers. The stage was all lit in purple, which is a pretty color. It’s nice to see things happening at the Southside Community Centre, and I’m excited to see what else is in store for them.

Nicholai Solemko, Cookies, and Damien Daniels performing at the Southside Music Festival. (Photo Credit: Lincoln Perrywinkle)

Upcoming Events:

  • Nov 22nd @ 7PM EST: Hubcap Cafe Cars & Coffee
  • Nov 25th @ 3PM EST: Scarlet Valkyries Potluck
  • Nov 25th @ 9PM – 11PM EST: High Roller Cab Co Grand Opening

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Put your winter clothes on! We had the first snowfall of the season last night. It started off soft and fluffy, and then it became a super big blizzard! I was so excited about the snow that I called one of my best friends and she had the opposite reaction than me and was such a downer. I was driving my tow truck in the blizzard and I could barely see several feet in front of me. I was driving slowly so I could stay in my lane as best as I could and not hit any oncoming vehicles. I guess that’s another time I would recommend. Drive slowly and safely in the snow if you can’t see where you’re going. Also, to avoid getting hit by someone, maybe be as visible as possible with bright colors that will give you contrast from the road and the snow.

Stella taking a selfie in the blizzard at Public Works. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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