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8th Congress Passes Articles Of Impeachment Votes With Supermajorities

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Rockford Hills, Los Santos (WZL) – Monday, November 6th, the 8th Congress of San Andreas passed proposed Articles of Impeachment with supermajority votes against sitting representative Justin Lee, and Circuit Court Judge Kinsley Photopopulous. Representative Lee was sworn in following the 8th congress elections, and Judge Photopopulous was appointed to her role by Richard Starr during the 6th San Andreas Congress.

The articles introduced against Lee speak towards an absence of a state representative. They mention that Lee has not written a singular bill of resolution since taking office, despite multiple opportunities. It also mentioned Lee has not attempted to participate in his role as a representative.

Judge Photopopulous has had articles brought forward due to “Misconduct and Incompetence”. According to the articles of impeachment, there have been “numerous examples and incidents which display a pattern of misconduct or incompetence”.

Article V of the San Andreas State Constitution lays out the impeachment process by which the Governor, elected officials, State Judges, or appointed heads of Executive Departments can be removed from office. Reasons for remove include mal-administration, corruption, or violation of the State Constitution, which poses a threat to the safety of the State. The State Legislature exclusively holds the power to impeach and pass Articles of Impeachment, requiring a supermajority vote (4/5) to initiate an impeachment trial.

Article V – Impeachment
Section I – Impeachment
Subsection I – Definition: The Governor, elected officials, State Judges, or appointed heads of Executive Departments, offending against the State, either by mal-administration, corruption, or violating this Constitution, by which the safety of the State may be endangered, shall be impeachable by the State Legislature.

Section II – Who can Impeach
Subsection I – Power of Impeachment: The State Legislature holds the sole power of Impeachment and shall be the only body that can pass Articles of Impeachment.

Section III – Impeachment Process
Subsection I – Articles of Impeachment: A sitting State Representative has the power to submit articles of impeachment to the State Legislature. A supermajority vote (4/5) in the State Legislature is required for articles of impeachment to be passed. When the State Legislature passes an article of impeachment it will then go to an impeachment trial.

Subsection II – Impeachment Trial: The Chief Justice shall preside over all Impeachment trials. The outcome of any Impeachment trial shall be determined by the State Legislature. A supermajority vote (4/5) by the State Legislature is required to determine the outcome of any Impeachment trial. If the Chief Justice is unable to preside over an Impeachment trial for any reason, they shall appoint an alternative Justice to preside in their stead.

Subsection III – Conviction and Removal from Office: Any Government Official that has been impeached and convicted shall be removed from office and shall no longer be eligible to hold any elected or appointed government office in the State of San Andreas.

Article V – Impeachment – San Andreas State Constitution

Weazel News reached out to Judge Photopopulous, who declined to comment, and Representative Lee who was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

The San Andreas Legislature issued a press release regarding H.R. 287 – Article of Impeachment for State Representative Justin Lee:

Press Contact:

Maxine Finch

Secretary of the San Andreas Legislature

Phone: (833) -799-9131

Email: [email protected]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, 6 November 2023


Rockford Hills (City Hall) – Today, Representative Jacob Wheeler filed Articles of Impeachment against Representative Justin Lee. The Legislature has voted to proceed with the process of impeachment.

The San Andreas State Constitution grants State Representatives the “sole power of Impeachment” as they are “the only body that can pass Articles of Impeachment” against government officials who offend the state, “either by mal-administration, corruption, or violating the Constitution, which the safety of the State may be endangered.” Justin Lee was elected to serve the people of San Andreas with the implied promise to uphold the responsibilities of his office, including drafting and submitting legislation, participating in weekly legislative meetings, casting votes, and engaging in constituent outreach, among other duties. Therefore, the Legislative Branch has put forth Articles of Impeachment against State Representative Justin Lee for neglecting to submit or draft legislation, for numerous absences at both meetings and during voting, and for a general lack of active participation.

The Articles of Impeachment can be found clicking this  blue text.

That’s all. More to come!

PRESS RELEASE – Legislature – Articles of Impeachment – State Representative Justin Lee – 20231106

The San Andreas Judiciary issued a press release regarding H.R. 288 – Article of Impeachment for Circuit Judge Kinsley Photopoulos (formerly Kinsley Murphy):

[November 6, 2023]


The Judicial Branch has presented documented concerns and evidence to the State Legislature to consider as grounds for Articles of Impeachment. We will follow the process as outlined by the Constitution of the State of San Andreas.

In the meantime, Circuit Judge Kinsley Photopoulos (née Murphy) will be suspended from her duties in the Judiciary until such a hearing can be scheduled and concluded.No further comment from the Judiciary at this time.

PRESS RELEASE – Judiciary – Articles of Impeachment – Circuit Judge Kinsley Photopoulos – 20231106

Lieutenant Governor Gracie McCoy offered the following statement:

“When there are concerns regarding a State Representative being able or willing to uphold their responsibilities of office, they must be addressed. I trust that our State Representatives have conducted this process in a thoughtful and thorough manner and did their due diligence to work with Representative Justin Lee to address their concerns before taking this step to have him lawfully removed from Legislature.

That being said, having reviewed the reasons and evidence being provided, I believe there is a sufficient basis for this inquiry to move forward to trial. I have full confidence that Representative Lee will be afforded a fair and impartial trial and it is my hope he will embrace the democratic process provided to him within the Constitution of San Andreas and use this opportunity to present any facts he has in his defense to the articles of impeachment that have been put forward.”

“In regard to the articles of impeachment filed against Judge Kinsley Photopoulos, it is my understanding she has resigned her position within the Judiciary and I have no further comment at this time.”


Gracie McCoy
Lt. Governor, San Andreas

Lieutenant Governor Gracie McCoy

This is not the first time in San Andreas history that a state representative or judge has faced impeachment, in 2021 William Benning was charged and found guilty of corruption among other charges, and in 2022 Matthew Snyder was served with impeachment papers.

With Articles of Impeachment passed, next step is an Impeachment Trial where the Chief Justice oversees the proceedings. A subsequent supermajority vote (4/5) by the State Legislature is required for conviction. If convicted, the impeached official is immediately removed from office and barred from holding any elected or appointed government position within the State of San Andreas.

Stay tuned to Weazel News for updates on these developing stories.

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