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Stella's Scoops

Stella’s Scoops Volume 43



New PD…

The new police station is great. The floor in the lobby is super shiny. There are plants and vending machines. It’s also close to the freeway ramps, which is convenient. Stop by the Vinewood PD to see the new place!

Stella Day and Sofia Ramirez getting photobombed in the Vinewood PD lobby. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

Not Super Newsworthy, but Sharing Anyway…

Petra, the K9, was stuck on the slide at PW HQ on Friday night. Officers, troopers, rangers, and Public Works employees teamed up to rescue Petra, but there were many failed attempts that SAFR had to fix. In the end, Petra was saved, and we all ended up at Pillbox Hill Medical Center to either get treated or pick up the treated. No one died, and we all live to go down the slide another day.

Stella Day with Sam Riley on a stretcher. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

John Corrana- Do What Now?

This man works for the Department of Commerce and Labor, is a lawyer for a law firm with his family name, and is the owner of Black Hawk Coffee. This man was also convicted for government felony, also known as Abuse of Office. This man is John Corranado. Useless News wrote an article all about the trial so I didn’t have to.

Speaking of (Alleged) Corruption…

SWAT raided the Skinners yesterday with what is allegedly an expired warrant. I don’t know how true it is or any of the details, but Useless News also covered it in an article. Seems like there may be more to this we’ll learn about in the coming weeks.

New River, Who Dis?

Did you see the canals? The water levels rose and now you can take a nice swim or float along it. There’s a really neat park too. It has beautiful trees and plenty of benches for all the dates you can have there. However, not everyone sees it this way. Yeets on Y also share the opinions of those who view the new riverwalk as a sign of gentrification of the Southside. Do you agree? Is this a good change or a bad change? Share your thoughts on Y and maybe I’ll see it!

Duke Browning serving drinks to Firehawk and Erin Murphy at “Duke’s Island Bar” on the riverwalk. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Damien Key Shares A Thought…

Yesterday, the Office of Governor released a press release regarding the protest that took place at City Hall on October 21st. I don’t remember what happened that day, but it sounds like Governor Damien Key wants people to continue to reach out about their concerns, and they will do their best to address them. Just be mindful that it takes time to see change.

There’s Beauty, There’s Grace, There’s Mister San Andreas…

Your average Saturday wasn’t super average. The Mr. San Andreas pageant took place yesterday at the Maze Bank Arena. There were nine contestants representing East Los Santos, Grapeseed, Harmony, Mirror Park, Morningwood, Paleto, Sandy Shores, Vinewood, and Vespucci. The pageant was judged by Jack Callow, Remy Fitzgerald, CC2x, and Miss San Andreas 2023 Martha Sullivan.

Judge Remy Fitzgerald, Dante Gravina, Brick Colt, Zero Knight, Nicholai Solemko, Judge Martha Sullivan, and host Eddie Euckland (left to right) on stage for Dante’s acceptance speech. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

The contestants were judged in four segments: active/swimwear, talent, drip check, and questions. Within the four segments, they were judged on their presence, style, overall talent, personality, confidence, and community service. Backstage, they were secretly judged for the Mr. Congeniality crown. Out of the nine contestants, Andrew Fischer won Mr. Congeniality, and Dante Gravina was crowned Mister San Andreas 2023. Congratulations to the contestants and the hardworking people who made the pageant possible!

Two Years Later…

Hardcore Comic Store is still kicking and living on Eclipse Boulevard. The business has been around for a long time. They celebrated by having music, Dice Night, raffles, food and drinks, and overall just socializing. It was really nice to see people come together again at this cozy place I spent a lot of time hanging out at when I first moved into the city.

Floor Gang hanging out at Hardcore Comic Store. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)


The Tube Football League is looking for teams and sponsors! If you’ve never been to a game at the Mirror Park soccer field, either playing on the field or cheering in the stands, then you should go to the game on November 18th to see what the game is all about. You can register your team and/or sponsor a team with your business. I’ve played a few times, so this is super exciting to me. For more information on sponsorships and team opportunities head to

Tube Football League Announcement – BIG CAMERA CONTENT

Upcoming Events:

  • Nov 7th @ 3PM & 8PM EST: Tongva Valley Clean up
  • Nov 8th @ 5PM EST: Parsons Open House
  • Nov 10th @ 3:30PM EST: Vespucci Underground: Car Show/Meet
  • Nov 10th @ 6PM EST: Sprezzatura Grand Opening
  • Nov 10th @ 9PM EST: Cookies’ “OLD BUT NEW” EP Release Party
  • Nov 11th @ 2PM EST: Public Walk-Ins at Parsons
  • Nov 11th @ 3PM EST: SAMS Fall Festival Blood Drive
  • Nov 11th @ 9PM EST: Dreamscape EP Release & Debut Show
  • Nov 12th @ 3PM EST: 2nd annual PD Blood Night Bouts Rivalries

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Enjoy some s’mores by the campfire. “They always leave you wanting s’more quality time with good friends,” is something Erin Murphy would say. So go get cozy by a campfire with your friends. Maybe enjoy some acoustic music too.

People gathered around the fire as Jason Tanners play on the guitar. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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