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Summer 2023 Elections

The Results Are In: Key Secures Gubernatorial Victory And 8th Congress Prepares For Inauguration



Update 9/7/2023 2:45PM EST:
Added information for the inauguration of the Governor, Lt Governor, and 8th Congress
taking place on Friday, September 8th at 10PM ET, at the Vinewood Bowl.

The Summer 2023 Elections wrapped up Tuesday, September 5 with a solid victory by Damien Key and his running mate, Gracie McCoy, in the gubernatorial election. For the state representatives election, the 8th Congress will consist of Jimmie Dimmick and Becks Lawson, who were both re-elected, as well as newcomers Maxine Finch, Justin Lee, and Jacob Wheeler.

If you missed the results party last night you can watch the re-broadcast below:

Our team will be providing updates from the candidate-elects as we catch up with them after this momentous night. Congratulations to all the candidates on well run campaigns.

The Inauguration of the Governor, Lt Governor, and 8th Congress will take place on Friday, September 8th at 10PM ET, at the Vinewood Bowl. Weapons are NOT allowed at the inauguration event so please secure those items in your vehicles or leave them at home.

If you’re unable to attend in person you can watch the live broadcast on Weazel News.

Weazel News is committed to being your unbiased political information center each election season!

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1 Comment

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