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Queen T’s Coronation: A Debut Fit For Royalty

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The world celebrated the highly anticipated debut event, “The Coronation of Queen T,” an artist who is set to make waves in the music industry with her unique blend of talent, ambition, and a commitment to her community. In an exclusive interview with Weazel News, Tiffany “Queen T” Lawson shared her journey to this pivotal moment, her inspirations, and her dedication to giving back.

(Photo Credit: Xander Redwall)

A Positive Prelude

Having initially released music independently, Queen T received a positive response from her fans. While her early works may not have been the most family-friendly, these initial releases were limited. Now, she is challenging herself to create music that is both innovative and accessible, aiming to connect more deeply with the community through her songs.

One pivotal step in Tiffany’s journey has been her signing with Savage Records, San Andreas’ premier hip-hop label. This expands the labels already impressive signings to include yet another talented artist. For Queen T, the label is more than just a professional partnership. “It’s like a family,” she says. Working with label has enriched her life and artistic journey in many ways.

She shared that she draws inspiration from the powerful women who came before her. Artists like Lil’ Kim and others have influenced her work. Additionally, Tiffany pays homage to the rich musical heritage of the Dirty South Hip-Hop and New Orleans bounce music scenes, drawing from their distinctive sounds to create her unique Queen T twist.

(Photo Credit: Momenti D’amore)

Limited Edition Album Release

The new songs performed at the “Coronation of Queen T” will be featured on her debut album and is a limited edition run. It is only available exclusively through pre-order vouchers sold at the event itself or from the Vibe Out Record Store for $8,000. These pre-order vouchers are available now through September 3rd, making them a collector’s item for any fans of Queen T.

If you missed the concert and want to pick up your copy, don’t waste any time. You can reach out to Damien Daniels, owner of Vibe Out Record Store, directly or stop by while they’re open to secure your voucher. Once the albums are available to pick up, those with vouchers can stop by Vibe Out Records and pick up their copy. Keep an eye on Twitter and OnlyAds for more information.

(Photo Credit: Momenti D’amore)

A Philanthropic Heart

Beyond her musical endeavors, Tiffany is known for her philanthropic efforts. She is inspired by the spirit of giving, evident in her dedication to the soup kitchen. Her message is clear: she wants to be of service to those who serve others, motivating her to be a better person.

While Queen T is all about securing the bag, she is equally passionate about giving back. Her connection to the community is evident in her partnership with Craft Bar and Eatery, a significant hub for her networking and entrepreneurial endeavors. The connection runs even deeper as Queen T has actively participated in the local soup kitchen. She expresses awe at the tremendous drive to help others, extending far beyond monetary gain.

To underscore her commitment to the community, Queen T has made a remarkable decision. She will be donating 50% of her ticket sales from the event to the soup kitchen. With general admission tickets priced at $200 for general admission and $500 for VIP’s, this generous gesture is bound to make a meaningful impact to the Craft Bar and Eatery Soup Kitchen.

Those interested in donating directly to the soup kitchen by speaking with any of the managers at the Craft Bar.

Photos Provided By The Craft Bar and Eatery Soup Kitchen

A Grateful Artist

Queen T acknowledges the importance of her sponsors in bringing this event to life. She expresses her heartfelt appreciation for their belief in and support of her journey. She gave a special shout-out to Heavy Lifting Event Planning for managing tickets, sponsors, and logistics, and to Xander Redwall for making this extraordinary event possible. Find them in the directory or OnlyAds to inquire about planning your event today!

At the end of the, Queen T’s “Coronation” is not just a debut; it’s a grand celebration of art, community, and giving back. With her unique twist on hip-hop and a heart that beats for her community, Tiffany Lawson is poised to ascend to royalty in the music industry.

We hope you were able to attend Queen T’s coronation, where music, artistry, and philanthropy unite to create a memorable evening. Tiffany may call herself the queen of Savage Records, but on this night, she’s the queen of hearts, making a difference through her music and generosity.

(Photo Credit: Momenti D’amore)

The full press release, which was originally shared by The Daily Globe, can be read below in text and document format:


Savage Records Presents: The Coronation of Queen T – The Highly Anticipated Debut of Their First Female Hip-Hop Artist

Los Santos, San Andreas – Savage Records is proud to announce the official debut of their first female hip-hop artist, Queen T, at ‘The Coronation of Queen T’ on September 2nd at 8PM EST. This electrifying event promises to be a night of unforgettable music and a celebration of Queen T’s incredible talent, made possible with the experts at Heavy Lifting Event Planning.

Queen T, the newest sensation in the world of hip-hop, is set to take the stage and captivate audiences with her unique style and lyrical prowess. Her partnership with Savage Records marks a significant milestone for the label, as they continue to diversify their roster of top-tier artists.

In addition to her musical prowess, Queen T has also garnered attention through her endorsement deals with industry leaders. Notably, she has joined forces with ArCola, the renowned beverage company known for its innovative and refreshing drinks. Queen T’s collaboration with Sally’s Surf Shop brings her passion for surf culture to the forefront, and her partnership with the lifestyle brand Premier underscores her influence and style in the world of fashion.

But Queen T’s influence extends beyond her music and endorsements. She is committed to making a positive impact on her community. In a demonstration of her dedication to giving back, 50% of all ticket sales from The Coronation of Queen T will be donated to support the Craft Bar and Grill Soup Kitchen. This generous gesture reflects Queen T’s commitment to using her platform to effect meaningful change.

Join us on September 2nd at 8PM EST for a night of music, fashion, and philanthropy at The Coronation of Queen T. Tickets are available now. Locate Heavy Lifting Event Planning in the Directory app to purchase.  Don’t miss your chance to witness the rise of hip-hop’s newest queen and contribute to a worthy cause.

For media inquiries, interviews, bookings,  or additional information, please contact:

Tiffany J Lawson


About Savage Records:

Savage Records is a renowned hip-hop label dedicated to discovering and promoting exceptional talent in the world of hip-hop. With a commitment to diversity and innovation, Savage Records continues to make a significant impact on the hip-hop music industry.

About Queen T:

Queen T is a rising star in the world of hip-hop, known for her distinctive style and lyrical prowess. With a growing list of endorsement deals and a dedication to philanthropy, Queen T is poised to become a trailblazer in the music and fashion industries.

About Craft Bar and Grill Soup Kitchen:

Craft Bar and Grill, a local restaurant, has taken up the noble cause of hosting a soup kitchen twice a month to provide nourishing meals and support to those in need. Queen T’s partnership with Craft Bar and Grill underscores her commitment to giving back and making a difference in her community.

About Heavy Lifting Event Planning:

Heavy Lifting Event Planning, owned by Xander Redwell, is a trusted event planning company known for their remarkable event ‘PULSE.’ Their dedication to detail and creativity ensures that every event they undertake is a memorable success

The Coronation of Queen T Press Release


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