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From Garage Band To Club Music Sensation: The Journey Of DJ Omen



LOS SANTOS, SAN ANDREAS (WZL) – I am Daffodil Gardner with Weazel News, and I had the opportunity to interview another DJ, DJ Omen, Allister Blackhand. DJ Omen opened his world to me of where he started and where he is right now in the music industry journey.

The Beginning

Allister Blackhand, or DJ Omen, has been making music for a little bit now, around a month, with DJ Spooky Entertainment since he started doing it around the KOKORO pride event. He was in a high school band that played in a garage. His friends saw him as a leader then, but he does not see himself as one. He was the lead guitarist and lead singer in that high school band. Their garage band only formed because they wanted to play music, so that is what they did. The first person Allister made friends with in San Andreas was Xander Redwell, who informed Allister that he was a DJ. Allister asked Xander to set up a meeting with Spooky, which is why he now works for DJ Spooky Entertainment.

Picture of DJ Omen / Allister Blackhand. (Photo Credit: Allister Blackhand)

His Style

He likes making club music; he mostly makes Dark techno music, EDM, and vampire night club cinematic-inspired music. He also plays the guitar and used to play drums which he is trying to get back into again. He also makes a lot of covers of early 2000s music. He wants his music to help people connect, like food, as he said, because you can connect with people over, for example, dinner, and he wants the same for his music, for people to connect. He wants his music to reach into people’s souls deeply. He might have yet to do many gigs, but he will be the first person playing at the Dark the Light show as the opening artist. And if you have yet to hear about DJ Omen, you might not know that many people call him a vampire; he certainly looks the part, and DJ Omen has vampire lore behind it. He wants that villainous, vampire vibe behind his shows and music.

Important People and Inspiration

Allister has a long list of people that have been there for him on his journey by showing up to shows, supporting him, and keeping him wanting to do what he does in the music industry. Here is the list of people DJ Omen gave me during our interview;

  • Astrid Slinger
  • Maggie Maple
  • Iris Decker
  • Chelsea Lafayette
  • Christopher Kellermann
  • Starla Kellermann
  • Dylan Blake
  • Guen-hwyvar Avarice
  • Iridesa Carter
  • Mugsy Banks
  • “Good fucking buddy” Oscar Steinbeck
  • Phoenix Hayes
  • Vivienne Malone
  • Xander Redwell (DJ XR)
  • Zelda Xavier (DJ Treasure Dragon)
  • Zoey Gray
  • Alexandra Constantine
  • Alex Feathers
  • Delilah Drake
  • Chas Haven
  • “My Son” DJ Jackall is his son, running joke
  • Ember Finley
  • Ashely Renee-Fowler
  • Reiter Cugraub

He thanks them all for having his back and showing up to his shows to support him. No one directly inspired him; he had a vision and went with it. People who do their own thing and have a drive inspire him; He does not have to know their names or who they are to feel inspired by them. He said, “I’m more of a go-with-the-flow kinda guy.” He does indeed have an assistant, though, which I gave him. The red frog, named Cherry, sits on his shoulder or in his office at The Daily Globe, where he works.

Picture of DJ Omen and DJ Mad Rabbit performing. (Picture Credit: Allister Blackhand)

The Feelings Behind The Music

Allister can express his soul with his music and feels deeper connections. “I feel more connected with the universe when I play music.” As well as feeling more at peace like he says, “I feel at peace.” He has stage fright, but when the music starts playing, his anxiety floats away with the tunes, and before any performance, he takes a deep breath and focuses on what he needs to do, letting the music flow. He has gained more confidence from playing his music; he sees it as a form of art, “It’s art that we hear,” he said. Saying music is an art we hear is a beautiful way to see it. According to DJ Omen, bad music is music with no meaning or emotions behind it; it is like any other art form and needs emotion to become incredible. And if someone does not like his music, that is on them; as he said, some people would not like the music he makes, and he feels like that is on them, their loss and not his. 

Picture of DJ Omen djing. (Photo Credit: Allister Blackhand)


He might not have competed in any music competitions but has won multiple car competitions. He is absolutely crazy about cars and loves them as a machine and instruments. He has placed in three car shows as third place, second place, and first place so far. And in the future, Allister hopes to be able to have his own shows. His goal is as simple as being a DJ, writing a story that people will remember, and forming memories with the time he has. He is here to spread the music and have fun. He is not seeking fame and money; he simply goes where the flow takes him on his journey. And if you are wondering what DJ Omen’s favorite food is, his comfort food is homemade mac n cheese which he loves, and Reuben on sourdough.

DJ Omen, or Allister Blackhand, has embarked on a remarkable musical journey from a high school garage band to the captivating world of club music. He is creating music that deeply connects with people’s souls. As he continues his journey, DJ Omen’s musical legacy is destined to carve a memorable story in the music industry.

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