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Stella’s Scoops Volume 32



And now for something slightly different…

Hello to all you loyal fans of Stella’s Scoops. This week you’ll notice a bit of a different style to the writing. The scoops this week are brought to you by Stella’s amazing setup and information gathering along with me (Erin Murphy) helping fill in for San Andreas’ favorite article series writer. Thank you to all the amazing people who read the scoops and everything else Weazel News publishes. We appreciate all of you and of course none of this would be possible without the incredible Stella Day!

All the Election Stuff…

The Weazel crew is partnering with The Daily Globe for the Summer 2023 Election Debates and we’re mixing up the venue and format this time around. We’ll be at the Sisyphus Theater with the candidates taking the stage on two separate days. This coming Wednesday, August 23, at 7PM ET will be the Governor and Lt Governor debates and the State Rep debates will happen next Sunday, August 27, at 3PM ET. Weazel News will be broadcasting the events live and if you happen to miss both debates, you’ll have a week to catch up by watching the re-broadcast to see what you missed before the voting period starts on the first of next month.


Two LEO departments played ball this week, and it was all broadcasted live for four hours. The BCSO Cougars and LSPD Huskies ran, tackled, and victory danced on the field. SASP’s Junior Major and LSPD’s Henry Chaos were an incredible commentating duo we didn’t know how badly we needed in our lives. Overall the game was quite the nail biter in the last quarter. After several tense turnovers and touchdowns the Huskies clinched the game with a final score of 84-77. You can check out our re-broadcast here and see all the amazing plays made by both teams. Thank you to everyone who helped make the Patrol Bowl an amazing sporting event for everyone to enjoy!

The Cougars and Huskies gather for the coin toss.


Campaign season is officially here, whether you like it or not! Buses with faces and lots of words on them will be driving around. With some new faces this time around and a few veterans this election season is going to be an interesting one. Be careful out there and take the necessary precautions to stay informed with great coverage from Weazel News, The Daily Globe, Los Santos Diatribes, and the other great news and media companies here in San Andreas.

Not all it’s cracked up to be…

Even tasks as mundane as collecting your paychecks can be dangerous. Sue James found this out when a masked individual held them up a bat point in the Fleeca at Legion Square demanding crack in exchange for their safety. Turns out this was not all it was cracked up to be as their hostage really let it rip. Law enforcement were able to intervene and arrested the crack seeking robber before they could leave the scene. Watch your back at all times. You never know when all heck will break loose.

Sue James held at bat point. (Photo By: Arya Crane)

“I just wanted to get my paycheck. I didn’t expect to be held hostage with a baseball bat for crack or to be cracked in the head with said baseball bat. It’s never a dull day.”

“They wanted crack so, like, I let it rip.”

Sue James – Manager, San Andreas Department of Public Works

School’s in session with SAMS

Do you have the talent and a passion for helping people and saving lives? As we mentioned last week, SAMS is looking for those interested in being a nurse, doctor, etc, within the medical services. Check out the this article for all the info you need on upcoming classes, ways you can meet the team, and hiring!

SAMS Group Photo (Photo Credit: )

Upcoming Events:

  • Aug 21st @ 9:30PM ET: Final Town Hall of the 7th Congress
  • Aug 22nd @ 7PM – 9PM ET: To The Point Grand Re-Opening
  • Aug 22nd @ 7PM ET: Street Beefs 002! Event
  • Aug 22nd @ 10PM ET: Taco Tequila Tuesday
  • Aug 23rd @ 7PM ET: Electoral Debate – Governor and Lt. Governor Candidates
  • Aug 23rd @ 9PM ET: Recovery Support Group
  • Aug 24th @ 7PM ET: Nursing Academy
  • Aug 24th @ 8PM ET: Damien Key and Gracie McCoy Campaign Pool Party Event
  • Aug 25th @ 10AM ET: Doctor Crash Course
  • Aug 25th @ 4PM – 2AM ET: Atlantis Rave
  • Aug 25th @ 9PM ET: Richard Starr’s Funeral
  • Aug 26th @ 11:30AM ET: SAMS Meet N Greet
  • Aug 26th @ 3PM – 4PM ET: SAMS Meet N Greet
  • Aug 26th @ 3PM – 5PM ET: F1 Driver Nick Hulkenstein LIVE
  • Aug 26th @ 5PM ET: Corner Pocket “BIG TICKET” Tourney
  • Aug 26th @ 10PM ET: Psychology Course
  • Aug 26th @ 10PM – 11PM ET: SAMS Meet N Greet
  • Aug 26th @ 10PM -12AM ET: SAMS Blood Drive
  • Aug 27th @ 11:30AM ET: Nursing Academy
  • Aug 27th @ 3PM ET: Electoral Debate – State Representative Candidates
  • Aug 27th @ 3PM ET: SAMS Meet N Greet
  • Aug 27th @ 5PM ET: Doctor Crash Course

Erin’s Recommendation of the Week…

Each election we see political campaigns often filed with big promises, catchy slogans, and persuasive speeches. It’s critical we look beyond the flashy political campaigns and exercise a bit of this week’s recommendation, which is skepticism. Before you cast your vote demand to know what their plans are for if they win the election. Remember campaign rhetoric can sometimes be impractical and disconnected from the realities of the actual work that goes into a government position.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the integrity and track record of the candidates. Have they followed through on previous promises, or are they known for flip-flopping when the going gets tough on important issues. Ultimately, your vote is a powerful tool, use it wisely by fact-checking and holding candidates accountable for their promises. Stay skeptical and support candidates who you believe are genuinely committed to improving the state for everyone.

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