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The Winners Of The Weazel Music Awards



Music is an important part of the culture of San Andreas, and as such, it deserves recognition. The artists who entertain us, make us laugh, make us cry, make us sing along, make us get up and dance the night away, and even the artists who leave us begging for more; all of them deserve their moment in the spotlight, to show their dedication to their work, and to their fans. As such, the Weazel Music Awards seek to award that spotlight. Without further ado, I present the winners of the Weazel Music Awards!

Best Music Video
For the Best Music Video category, we only received one submission, which therefore wins by default; However, the win is still well deserved!

The WMA goes to Twitter Fingers by Lulu Moon!

Best Vocal Performance

For the Best Vocal Performance category, we received several truly outstanding submissions – However, only four could receive the final nomination; And only one can take home the win for this category. The final nominees were….

Creep (Original by Radiohead) by Konrad Knives

Before He Cheats (Original by Carrie Underwood) by Velma Piper

Needed by Luci (ft. Fuego)

This Is Me (Tomi K Version) by Candi Kaine

With such outstanding talent in this category, it was incredibly difficult to choose just one winner – But after discussions and deliberations, the judges have spoken.

The WMA goes to… 

This Is Me (Tomi K Version) by Candi Kaine!

Best Collaboration

With the Best Collaboration category, we looked at outstanding displays of partnerships between artists who brought us something truly unique and amazing with their combined talent. The final nominees for the category were….

LDR by Jason Tanners and aiko!

DGAF by Bando and Lulu Moon

G00D G!RL$ by QU33N T!TAN$ (aiko! and Lulu Moon)

Inferno by Dante Delgato and Grimm

Each of these songs showcase incredible talent and collaborative skill, but only one song can take home the WMA.

The judges have spoken, and the WMA goes to…

LDR by Jason Tanners and aiko!

Best Producer

It is not just the outstanding vocalists that bring us the outstanding music we all love. The producers, sound engineers, and more are just as important to the process of creating these beloved tracks. As such, the Best Producer category is dedicated to them! The final nominees were…

Mr. Plimmft for Master Key by Mr. Plimmft (ft. Miranda Shingles)

Zavvi Zavala for Feel It by Zavvi Zavala

Dre K 47 for Y.D.K. by Dre K 47 (ft. mykie)

Grimm for Inferno by Dante Delgato (ft. Grimm)

With incredible mixing and sound enhancing each of these tracks, the decision was not easy. The WMA goes to…

Dre K 47 for Y.D.K. by Dre K 47 (ft. mykie)!

Best Rock Song

Best Rock Song only received two submissions, but those two submissions were both fantastic songs. These songs were submitted for the category:

River of Sand by Jason Tanners

RACE TRACK! by aiko!

The WMA goes to…

River of Sand by Jason Tanners!

Best Rock Artist

For the Best Rock Artist category, we only received one submission; however, it is a no-brainer that this artist deserves this award. The WMA goes to…

Jason Tanners!

Best Pop Song

Our next category is Best Pop Song, dedicated to the greatest individual song within the Pop Genre – This category was judged not only on the quality of the songs but also on how well they fit within the genre. The final nominees are:

Summer of ‘95 by Piper Riggs


Skylines by Tomiko

For My Hero by Candi Kaine

While this category has outstanding songs filled with veteran and newcomer talent, only one track can take the crown of Best Pop Song. As such, the WMA goes to…

Summer of ‘95 by Piper Riggs!

Best Pop Artist

When one looks at deciding the Best Pop Artist, a lot of things need to be considered. Their talent, the quality of all of their released music, as well as how closely they stay within the Pop Genre. The following artists gained the final nomination for this category:

Piper Riggs



Candi Kaine

With such incredible talent, and every artist leaving us wanting to listen to their songs again, this category was not easy to judge. With that being said, the WMA goes to…

Piper Riggs!

Best Rap Song

Best Rap Song was one of the most difficult categories, even when it came to choosing the final nominees. Rap music is a large part of our State’s culture – As such, we received a large number of amazing submissions. However, when choosing the final nominees, we narrowed it down to these four:

DGAF by Bando (ft. Lulu Moon)

Y.D.K. by Dre K 47 (ft. mykie)

Lavish by Fuego

Moon Salting by CC2x

One of our most difficult categories to judge, this category prompted a good amount of debate amongst the judges before we came to a decision. In the end, the WMA goes to…

Lavish by Fuego!

Best Rap Artist

Following Best Rap Song, we have the category for Best Rap Artist! An equally popular category, the following artists have all created incredible music, and each of them deserve recognition:


Dre K 47



With such an incredible range of talent, we believe we made the right choice, choosing an indisputable titan within the State’s music industry. The WMA for Best Rap Artist goes to…


Best Cover

With a large number of musicians within San Andreas relying heavily upon or dabbling in cover songs, we believed it was incredibly important to recognize their talent as well. As such, the final nominees for Best Cover are:

Hallelujah (Originally by Leonard Cohen) by Jason Tanners

Fix You (Originally by Coldplay) by Konrad Knives

Tennessee Whiskey (Originally by Chris Stapleton) by Velma Piper

My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Originally by Marilyn Monroe) by Lulu Moon

She Works Hard For The Money (Originally by Donna Sharon) by Candi Kaine

After reviewing and loving every single submission, it was clear that one song came out on top, and has been at the top since the moment it was released. The WMA goes to…

Hallelujah (Originally by Leonard Cohen) by Jason Tanners!

Best Diss Track

For our Wildcard Category, we selected Best Diss Track; however, we only received one amazing submission, from the Best Rap Artist Winner – as such, the WMA goes to…

entitled. by Bando!

Best Song

For our second to last category, we have the Best Song category. With so many incredible groundbreaking songs from our local artists, this category has some of the most amazing songs we’ve seen in any category. The final nominees are:

Trying by Jason Tanners

Twitter Fingers by Lulu Moon

CEO by aiko!

switch’d by mykie

While we loved every single song, with each one being nearly tied, one song just slightly managed to come out on top. The WMA for Best Song goes to…

Trying by Jason Tanners!

Best Artist

For our final category, we have the Best Artist category; This is the biggest category in the Weazel Music Awards. With their entire music career being evaluated for this category, the following final nominees are in the running:

Jason Tanners


Velma Piper


After reviewing the nominees and discussions between the judging panel, we ultimately decided that the WMA will go to…


We would like to thank everyone who submitted themselves for any category in the Weazel Music Awards, and a special thank you to all of the winners as well. Whether you won or not, your work is incredible, and we are deeply grateful that you’ve decided to share your talents with the world.

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