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Stella’s Scoops Volume 3



San Andreas Comic Convention

It finally happened! We just celebrated the second annual Princess Robot Bubblegum day with a heckin’ comic convention! It happened at the renovated Plutus Financial Arena, formerly known as Maze Bank Arena, and probably going to be known as something else eventually. There were panels, cosplay contests, plenty of vendors, art, and music. (Side note: Alexandra Higashiyama wants to let you all know they will be hosting more cosplay contests quarterly with Billie Eagley so you’ll have more chances to dress up.) It was a very long day, but it was worth it. I got to see so many friends. Hardcore Comic Store even handed out free promotional trading cards with art drawn by Roz, or Rosalind Mercer. There’s so much I want to write about this event, but I’m going to save it for an upcoming article that will cover the comic convention more in-depth.

Lulu Moon performing with Bando on stage at the San Andreas Comic Convention. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

You Dropped Your L or W

I’m not sure who gets the L and who gets the W, but something got dropped. This week started with the Department of Justice (DOJ) dropping charges against Jesse Flaker on criminal docket 2023-CM-002 as mentioned in a press release from the DOJ. I tried to read the docket, but then I remembered that I can’t read. The case was dismissed with prejudice (Was there any pride?). 

You Can Be Lazy with Daisy

The Lazy Daisy is currently operating via delivery only so make sure you call them up if you want some treats. You’re not going to find anything at their location as their trailer has been removed due to erosion. The owner, Daisy, herself reached out to me so she doesn’t have to explain it to everyone a million times if you find out in the Scoops. It’ll be about a week or so before they will be operating out of a physical location again. And hey, if you’re lazy, like the name of the business implies, delivery is probably what you want anyway.

Lazy Daisy Delivery Ad

One More Business Side Note…

Corner Pocket Bar & Grill had their soft opening last night. I didn’t go, but their ad says they had Pop’s Diner selling food and that they’re hiring for all positions. 


Piper Riggs performed at SkyBar on Tuesday night. She played both originals and covers. I’ve always enjoyed her music, live and on Los Santos Underground Radio, but this show was really chill and just what I needed to start my Tuesday night off with the right vibes. Piper said at the end of her set that her new album will be out in about three months with nine new songs. I am so excited!

Piper Riggs performing at SkyBar. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

More Music…

Jason Tanners also performed on Tuesday night over at Bohan. Jason is working on a new EP,  but no word on the release date yet. He played some songs we’ve heard before on the radio, but he also played some acoustic songs that are exclusive to his live performances. He’s a talented dude and I’m glad he exists.

Jason Tanners performing in front of a fun crowd at Bohan. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Some More Music…

Piper Riggs, PAX, and DJ Spooky played at Cockatoos on Thursday night in an event hosted by Tumble. PAX is the latest artist signed onto KOKORO. Everyone was raving about the music on Twitter and I’m sad I missed it due to a bicycle accident. I was able to catch PAX via text and this is what they had to say about it.

“I would love to comment. It was fulfilling. Everyone who came out to show love is so appreciated! I hope my music reaches even more people! It was such a vibe. Shoutout Cockatoos and Miles for helping me get my first gig. It was so fun! Can’t wait to show what else I have in the bag.”


I’m looking forward to hearing PAX at a future event when I don’t fall off a bicycle. Cockatoos should be having a grand opening in the next few weeks. They are still accepting applications if you’re interested in working there. I also talked to Miles Matthews from Tumble for a little bit and he said something about making friends. I’ll let you know more next time I talk to him and I decide to take notes.

Fun people dancing while listening to PAX from KOKORO at Cockatoos. (Photo Credit: Marceline Grey)

Even More Music…

Tommy Winston, also known as Loomis, officially released his first EP yesterday at the Ronin Records’ Drift’N Jam. Just like the exclusive preview event two weeks ago, this one also happened at the underground drift track. Tommy played his EP, Bosozoku, to the crowd of dancers and Vicsin was also there to perform on one of the songs. Link Jordins from BIG CAMERA CONTENT was filming the event for Tommy’s upcoming music video. I talked about his stuff in last week’s Scoops if you want to catch up on that. You can listen to Bosozoku at your leisure.

Tommy and Vicsin performing at Drift’N Jam. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)


I don’t know if any of you have seen my tweets here and there, but I’ve been on the search for a Sunny Savannah for over two weeks since I first heard her songs on the radio. On Monday, I got a phone call from a number I didn’t know. It was the best surprise I’ve had in a long time minus getting to see my mom. I got the chance to meet Sunny Savannah on Wednesday night! If you didn’t already know, Sunny is the singer-songwriter behind WeStan, Paid Off, and Indulge Me.

Sunny Savannah dances to her music as Brodee plays it on the stage behind her. (Photo Credit: Sally Nailburry)

During our lively interview, Sunny shared with me the story behind her song, WeStan, which is wild to comprehend. You’ll probably get a sense of what the song is about from listening to it, but just in case you didn’t, the song is about a stalker fan, a total creep, that she met a long time ago. She’s been traveling and touring around the world since then. She’s even a COO, or assistant manager as she calls it, of a new record label, Yokai Records, in another city, owned and run by Sana Satoru.

Stella Day dying internally while posing for a photo with Sunny Savannah. (Photo Credit: Sally Nailburry)

Many of Sunny’s friends ended up showing up to Sunrise Beach Club, where we met for our interview, so we ended up having a surprise, pop-up concert that really popped off. Brodee, her fiance, and Sunny played three of her songs for us. Sunny’s newest song, Free Drink, will be released in February. She’s been working on this song for around four months and I’m really excited to hear it when it’s out into the world. Sunny is absolutely talented and she writes all her own songs. You can listen to her songs on the radio as well as on SoundCloud and YouTube. DO IT RIGHT NOW!


A couple of weeks ago, there was a series of tweets from Jessica Butler about a free car people could win if they manage to catch it. I was able to get in touch with Jessica to get some information on what happened. She told me that she believes in tangible items and redistribution of wealth which is why she felt a car was the right prize to win. There were a couple of chases involved, and in the end, Deputy Dakota Aces won the car as the first person to actually catch her and the car. Jessica showed me her “Goblin-mode car” so I must show you as well.

Jessica Butler posing with her Goblin-mode car. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

At the end of the interview, Jessica wanted to give a shout-out.

“Check out Shady Dan’s BBQ Shack and Car Rentals! He’s a great guy and an inspiration to me in all of my business and fun enterprises.

Jessica Butler

Jessica would also like to go into stand-up comedy. If you or anyone you know is looking for someone to make you laugh, hit her up. She says she’s ready.

Fishing With Love…

I saw an ad on Twitter about giving someone a gift of fish on Valentine’s Day so I had to find out more. Tortuga Marine Conservation is using this love-focused holiday to generate awareness for their adopt-a-fish program. Why get someone a generic gift of chocolates or flowers when you can adopt a FISH for them? 

Tortuga is helping San Andreas balance the ecosystem by saving fish humans have injured and giving them a space to recover in their fish tanks. People like you can adopt a fish while they’re in rehabilitation and you’ll get the opportunity to scoop the fish out of the tank and into a bag to be transported back into the free wilderness. As a fish parent, you get to send your fish off to fish college and never be seen again. To remember all this, the parents get a photo from the release ceremony and a Certificate of Release. Tortuga believes in the importance of fish bonding “because a fish family lasts forever.” If you are looking for the perfect gift for your significant person, consider a fish! It’s less trash pollution and there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Tortuga Valentine’s Day Ad

Bumper Car Bumped…

McKenzie Entreprise did another bumper car event on Friday. I missed it and I tried to contact people so I could share with you how it went, but I had no luck in that department so all you get to know is that it happened at Del Perro Pier, probably in that large parking lot outside of Wicked Motors.

Remy’s Pajama Party…

Remy is having a pajama party at her store on Thursday night. I think it’s going to be awesome. We should be expecting lots of s’mores around a campfire which I think would be the ideal place to also enjoy the advertised Devil’s Dice games and truth or dare. A classic sleepover isn’t complete without pizza from Reese’s Pizza and drinks from the ArCola Company, unless you’ve never seen an American sleepover movie then maybe you’re expecting something else. You can also get a 10% discount on Remington goods at the sleepover. And of course, Remy will be providing sleeping bags so we can all get snuggled up together. I’m not sure what your sleepovers were like growing up, but I don’t remember ever being invited to sleep in a jewelry store so this will be a first for me.

Remington Pajama Party Poster

More Music Next Week…

Starting with Metal Monday at Hawkins Hideout on Monday, with Jason Tanners going grunge. On Tuesday, Konrad Knives will be performing at Bohan with DJ Beef. Aiko’s showcase in the sex dungeon at Hardcore Comic Store is happening on Saturday the 4th.

Aiko’s House Event Poster

Have a Stella Day and a Hardcore Night, San Andreas!

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