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Music To Our Ears And The “Heart” Of San Andreas



The above footage was edited and provided to Weazel News by Link Jordins.
Videographers: Rhylee Finke and Erin Murphy

Los Santos, San Andreas – In English, the Japanese word “kokoro” translates to heart. While likely literal, the translation is an all too fitting interpretation for San Andreas’ best entertainment company. Since its debut seven months ago, KOKORO has transformed from a city-wide sensation to a global phenomenon. With up-and-coming artists soon making their debuts and major show planning underway, it is not too early to say KOKORO may very well define pop culture for 2023.

(Photo by: Aiko Romance)

Amid all the hype, it is worth remembering that 2022 was a huge year for KOKORO, or rather massive. The year began with the KOKORO x Toe Beans collaboration for the Debut Concert of aiko! that introduced KOKORO’s founder and CEO, Aiko Romance, to the people of San Andreas. Since then, KOKORO has rarely missed an opportunity to be involved in the community. They have also held various charity events throughout the year, collaborating with Eclipse Medical Center to perform concerts to lure in blood donations from potential donors. Their concerts have been met with critical acclaim and have led to many wonderful memories. From the KOKORO Pride Month Parade to their undeniable presence at the Los Santos Gala and Weazel Choice Awards, they have left a mark on the city.

Without a doubt, KOKORO has a bright future ahead. With their dedication to both their art and the community, it is no surprise that they have gained such a devoted fanbase in such a short amount of time. It will be interesting to see what the new year holds for KOKORO and the impact they will have on pop culture.

(Photo by: Aiko Romance)

In appreciation for all that KOKORO has accomplished this year, Weazel News commissioned a small recap video. Please enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

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