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Acting Commissioner Thad Furtaw Establishes the Labor Party



As of the 11th of April, the San Andreas Labor Party has been named the San Andreas Liberty Party

DEL PERRO (WZL) — During Acting Commissioners Thad Furtaw’s (SALP) announcements at this month’s Town Hall, he announced the establishment of the Labor Party of San Andreas. 

Weazel News has learned from Furtaw that Representative Hudson Welsh (SALP) has joined the party, leaving Endeavour Jackson as the only Elected Representative as an Independent. We have also learned that Lt. Governor Karmen McKenzie has also joined the party, Only a week ago it was announced that the Lt. Governor had joined the Progress Party led by Becks Lawson. 

The Lt. Governor has released this statement to Weazel News;

“As a sitting Lt. Governor, a lot of my job is juggling which fire to put out in what order while also making sure I am speaking for the people. This means being able to sit down and listen to ideas and voices that oppose my thinking, then applying logical reasoning so I can understand those ideas and action them in earnest towards the greater good. That puts me in a position where I can hold similar values of both parties equally at the same time, because politics is simply not a one size fits all. 

Originally I didn’t want to join any party, so I had both Becks and Thad pitch their ideas and concepts to me. There was only the Progress Party when I joined with Becks and I still hold a lot of values of wanting to help rehabilitate and give people a second chance, while also fighting for the rights of victims. I think that is a shared goal between both parties and being for that isn’t something either has uniquely to themselves. The difference is how you get there and Thad touched on it during his announcement, funnily enough. 

The mention of the rec center in his announcement was due to a conversation him and I had about a goal I wanted to achieve. The South Side is an obvious cause for concern throughout the city. The constant gun fire and violence that plagues the area has been something the Government as a whole has been battling for over a year now. I proposed the idea of bringing the rec center back in earnest with the intent being to provide a place to instill a sense of community and offer programs to those who are interested in finding a better path but simply don’t have the knowledge or tools to get started. It’s an idealistic goal that was in it’s infancy and during our heart to heart he made very good points and offered me a perspective that I hadn’t considered. Providing the tools and knowledge is all well and good but it lacks the after effects of applying that knowledge and those tools. It’s a short term solution. It is more worth our time to focus on subsidies that can help bolster the South Side by bringing in businesses that provide incentives and opportunities in the form of jobs and a means to provide for a family on a long term basis. 

In my goal to be a better vessel for the voice of the people of San Andreas, I need the insight of individuals like Thad who have been boots on the ground and the citizens of South Side themselves to continue telling me what they feel their struggles are and how they want to see change. The Labor Party challenges my idealism and aids in turning it into realism. The same end goal, but a more precise route.”

This is now the current makeup of the Legislature.

According to Furtaw during the Government Town Hall “it’s time to get the Government out of Government.” He exclaimed that the citizens’ second amendment rights were being taken away and that taxes are going up. Furtaw also went on to accuse the progress party of not listening to the people

“One of the things I learned about being a little bit associated up close to people in the progress party is that they wanted to make a Rec[reation] centre on the South Side. Now I know those people down on the South Side. Those people down on the South Side don’t want a rec[reation] centre because it’s not going to impact their lives. This is the classic routine we see in American politics where somebody wants to do something frivolous to people to secure some votes but it really doesn’t change anything.” 

We contacted Commissioner Furtaw after the conference and regarding what the party stands for and what makes this party different;

“We in the Labor Party believe that this Recreational Center would have been a waste of Taxpayer Dollars and in addition, not served that community well at all and after having spoken with leaders of the Southside communities myself on the topic, they agreed. They also agree that the Labor Party’s approach to bringing business and commerce to the southside is a positive way forward for the community to thrive and prosper. 

That being said, The Progress Party advances their oppressive agenda under the guise of social assistance to the poor, destitute, and indigent. In doing so, the citizens of San Andreas have been, in effect, subjugated by the government’s proverbial jackboot on the throat of the constituency.

The Labor Party is in practice the diametric antithesis of the Progress Party. Whereas the Progress Party misguidedly think that “big government” is the way to serve its people, we seek to advance the free will of the people by decreasing the size of the government and loosening the tyrannical stranglehold that it holds on its private citizens as well as the industrial grade money vacuum that it uses to squeeze businesses dry through exorbitant fees and startup costs.”

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