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Debate Recap: Governor Platforms

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Los Santos, San Andreas – With last night’s election debates wrapped up, it’s time to take a closer look at what these campaigns are fighting for. While you can watch the full broadcast yourself, Weazel News would like to go further and break down the important moments of the debate. In our first piece of in-depth coverage for the Governor Debate, we’ll be looking at the high-level platforms each pair of candidates announced to kick off their portion of the event.

The first campaign to introduce themselves was Andre Johnson and his running mate, Jennifer Sallison. Both candidates have experience working with the LSPD, with Mr. Johnson currently being on a leave of absence from his duties. Their platform is focused on rehabilitation and reintegration as investments in our criminal justice system. They’d like to invest further in social programs like those provided by the Department of Human Services, helping people deal with problems like addiction as well as providing support to give former criminals more opportunities to strike a new path. In vying for Lt. Governor, Candidate Sallison spoke about the need for strong leadership to create change and how they hope to apply their leadership skills to improve San Andreas for all citizens. Watch their full platform statement below:

In the middle of the debate state, Cole Gordon and campaign partner Oliver Hall pitched their vision to the audience. As the current State Attorney, Candidate Gordon believes they possess the knowledge and skills to ensure the state grows and changes according to the needs of the people. They intend to pursue bail reform and the Speedy Trial Act by working with the judiciary on criminal justice reform. They’re also proposing a Board of Directors for Mount Zonah hospital to improve citizens’ healthcare experience. As Governor, Candidate Gordon would implement performance reviews and an oversight committee to ensure government agencies are operating in the public’s best interest while improving communications and transparency.

As his running mate, Oliver Hall has an extensive background in both criminal defense and prosecution law. He asserts that our current government has failed the citizens of San Andreas, and that their campaign will implement common-sense reforms to address these gaps. He referenced “major cases of corruption” as a core source of the public’s apparent distrust in the State Government. He believes their campaign is uniquely suited to fix the problems they’ve identified, such as standardizing employment law. Check out their full statement:

Last but certainly not least, Vlad Tod and Karmen McKenzie made their election case. As a long-time business owner and private practice lawyer, Candidate Tod feels his background affords him a close look at the daily problems of society. Prior to being named the Department of Commerce and Labor, he joined the Chamber of Commerce to gain perspective on how to build a more successful society through business and other public measures.

Lt. Governor McKenzie, the sole incumbent in this particular race, has a long history in politics. Their campaign seeks to address lack of restitution for victims in the state of San Andreas, offering an alternative to endlessly sought vengeance. She also spoke to her diverse life experiences, having been a patched MC member before leaving to pursue a different path for herself. This personal perspective guides her interest in helping others find ways to rehabilitate and change their lives, another cornerstone of their platform. Learn more about their platform from this broadcast clip:

With their platforms established, the candidates embarked on a spirited debate. Afterwards, Weazel News gave each campaign the opportunity to issue a written statement to accompany their debate performance. Find each of their responses below.

Andre Johnson & Jennifer Sallison

After the debate, we feel that no matter what, every Campaign team on that stage had the best interest at heart for the state. However, with that said, we do feel that we did not have ample time to discuss our take and way ahead for small businesses. Our biggest concern is that our local restaurant owners are having to compete against gas station food that is just as substantial and filling as homemade food, or food that is made when you order it but at a fraction of the price. We would urge DOCL to work with Medical Professionals to evaluate the nutritional levels of the food that is stored on shelves, versus the food provided by our Restaurant Entrepreneurs. We had a chance to speak with multiple small business owners who all expressed the same concerns, which were that they have to compete with food that costs $6 at the local vendors. Unless individuals want something specific, they found that most would just be fine with the gas station food rather than a hearty and healthy meal or treat. They all just wanted to provide food to the state as a way to enjoy healthier and tastier food. Now it is up to our Government to ensure that we are giving them the tools and ability to succeed. We need to reevaluate the local food vendors and see if the nutritional value that we place on these items, is as nutritious as the food provided by our small business restaurant owners. There is currently work being done to produce a document to help other small businesses with frequent questions and numbers to help them get their feet under them. We have shared this info with all of the small businesses we speak with and helping the small businesses and restaurants of the state is one of our top priorities. Thank you for this opportunity and we wish everyone the best of luck during the campaign!

Andre Johnson & Jennifer Sallison

Vlad Tod & Karmen McKenzie

As someone who has been affiliated with and lived amongst those with questionable morals, I have witnessed first hand all the injustices that happen on a day-to-day basis. I understand the hardships of what the amazing people of San Andreas face, not because I have stood idly by and watched, but because I have been there suffering with them. When I ran with Ms. Stiletto 5 months ago, I have had many people call me personally to express their frustrations with me not leading the campaign. I am here to personally say that I am here with Lt. Governor McKenzie to work on the foundations placed by the Paxton legislation so that we progress towards a better tomorrow. I have not forgotten nor will I ever forget the conversations I have had with people before, during, and after the campaign trail then and now. We are here, not as two members of the same department, but as people who have both the street smarts and the book smarts that this state desperately needs to usher this state into an age where dreams are no longer just dreams.

Together Karmen and I will work with the people of this state to see that all the changes that the state needs will be done to completion. Where there is a will, there is definitely a way. If there is a chance in a million that we can do something, anything, to see the changes necessary for the state and the lives of its citizens to improve, you better believe that we will do it. We will pry the door of change open or, if need be, we will wedge our foot in that door and keep it open just so that everyone can walk towards a better San Andreas.

Vlad Tod

Cole Gordon & Oliver Hall

Just as the candidates touched on during the debate, the State of San Andreas is facing critical issues that the current administration has unfortunately failed to address. We are seeing issues in our justice system, in our healthcare system, in our business community, in our employment law, and major incidents of corruption in our government; to which the current Administration has failed to address. A Gordon Administration would work tirelessly to ensure the issues affecting everyday citizens of San Andreas are swiftly solved. During the debates Cole Gordon and Oliver Hall worked to inform the viewers about what the government would accomplish should they be elected – and used the debate to address issues with fellow candidates.

The Gordon Campaign stressed the importance of signing The Speedy Trial Act into law, commissioning executive committees on oversight and fair employment, fixing and expanding the vague corruption laws, restructuring the DOJ and Hospital, increasing government transparency, and performing monthly reviews of all departments to maintain their long term effectiveness and success.

The Gordan Campaign confronted Vlad Todd and Karmen Strike on their proposal to create a “Department of Intelligence” and how said department would hinder law enforcement’s current employment deficit, instead of strengthening the agencies we have. Ms. Strike was asked to apologize to the citizens of San Andreas for her illegal appointment as Lieutenant Governor, instead Ms. Strike doubled down, and in doing so expressed a great lack of understanding of our government and Constitution – in order for Ms. Strike to have been legally appointed, a constitutional amendment would have had to be passed and then the Governor would have had to nominate her. Instead Governor Paxton illegally nominated Ms. Strike when there was no constitutional path to legally do so.

No other candidate is as committed to fixing the government inaction San Andreas is facing, as Cole Gordon, and that was made very clear through the course of the debate. By the end of the debate it was clear that the only candidate prepared to run our government is Cole Gordon

Oliver Hall & Cole Gordon

We’ll have more coverage of the debate itself in the coming days, so check back right here on Weazel News for more election analysis!

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