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Debate Statement: Jordan Malone



Los Santos, San Andreas – After several absences at the public election debate Sunday night, Weazel News reached out to every candidate, present or not, to give them the opportunity to submit written statements on the topics discussed that night. As you’ve already seen from our platform coverage, all three campaigns for Governor took advantage of this opportunity to issue a response. For State Representatives, we also provided them with every question asked of the candidates so they could present their perspectives in turn.

One such candidate who responded was Jordan Malone, who wrote back promptly Monday night. As such, Weazel News has decided to produce his responses in full, in an effort toward transparency and giving every candidate an equal opportunity to have their platform considered by voters. The following consists of every question asked at the debate and the answers provided by the Malone campaign. All responses have been reproduced exactly how they were received by Weazel News.

Please give the audience a summary of your campaign and why you are running for State Representative.

The Summary of my campaign is to help out the economic struggle the citizens of San Andreas endure. Making realistic changes I hope to help out the community if elected. I am running for state Representative because I feel that with the experience so far I have with the public, along with what my goals are, I feel I can help make change overall to San Andreas. I want to help those out in need. I’ve worked in Vinewood for almost 5 months now and listening to conversations from different groups of people along with attending many events. Hearing these concerns I believe I am someone who can help make that change to the community.

Jordan Malone

What does corruption mean to you and how do you plan to address it in your policies?

Corruption to me is abusing powers while in a government position. Example would be bribing the Governor to pass through a bill. Or bribing any government official or LEO for that matter to get things done. In my policies I hope to address it by working with other State Representative officials or Government officials for that matter in order to prevent future corruption and make sure we work in a clean environment.

Jordan Malone

What is the biggest problem facing the state, and how do you plan to solve it?

This is a difficult question. I would say there isnt just one huge problem the citizens of San Andreas is facing. We are currently in a state that we are facing multiple issues. If I were to name one major issue that would be the economy. The economy is struggling with business owners having to work two jobs in order to make payments. We live in a time currently that with the Economy in this stage is at a rough time. I plan on solving it by making small but realistic changes one step at a time. One of the policies I am pushing for is $50 Universal Income and alone with that raising the job wages by $20. For example I make $80 an hour at Ari’s by raising the Universal Income to $50 we raise the job wages by $20 making jobs pay $100 then. Its small steps like that along with helping to push for more community events. The little changes we make will grow over time. Trying to push for drastic changes immediately might not go through. But as stated if we make changes that help the community as a whole one step at a time. Then by the end of my term we can see a drastic change.

Jordan Malone

How do you plan to ensure that every constituent’s voice is represented?

Take into account every voice heard. Everyones opinions matter. You take notes and listen to what the community wants. Don’t just make assumptions or try and beat around the bush. You want to make sure you understand as a politician what the community needs and to take that into consideration.

Jordan Malone

What is something that the current legislation body should have done but did not?

This one is tricky simply because there were a lot of bills that were submitted that during the last round of State Reps. There was some that was pushing for economic help but it was a bit much like raising universal income to $70 that alone is too much and would hurt the economy more than upbring it. Raising it to that much that quick would cause heavy inflation. I believe we should have pushed for more economic growth but in small steps so it doesn’t make drastic changes. Along with that pushing for more bills that help with public safety/public concerns other than the H.R. 072 – Amendments to H.R. 044 – The Protection Against Urgent Threat Act.

Jordan Malone

Given the recent uptick in illegal weapons manufacturing in the state, what actions could you propose that would keep San Andreas citizens safe and these weapons out of the hands of violent criminals?

The one thing I will say with this question is, no matter what you do with Gun Manufacturing unfortunately Criminals will still be able to get their hands on them. If you try and regulate gun laws then someway or somehow they will obtain them. I believe Gun Control will only cause more problems than good. Taking that into account we need to work together to figure out a way that isnt completing Gun Control but also making sure the citizens of Los Santos are safe and sound. One thing I will say is LIMITING that gun control will ultimately help in the long run. Take into consideration this. If you fully regulate it from top to bottom what will we see? We will see more problems than good as stated before.  But coming from a citizen perspective if we LIMIT it one step at a time then that shows more safety for the public along with making sure that there aren’t more problems down the line.

Jordan Malone

How can the government better support the business community while considering the current economy and the state’s budget?

This is a fantastic question. Ive stated this before in my previous questions but with the current economy businesses are struggling! Some companies are having to go mining in order to pay their monthly fees because they simply aren’t making profit. Ari’s Deli for example we have to pay almost $11,000 a month just for taxes and business fees. I believe that if we work with businesses and lower taxes this will help out in the long run. If you notice based off the domino theory. Businesses fluctuate some are more successful than others. But if we work with the government and DOCL we can help those businesses out by lowering taxes or giving more aid to those who are struggling. By doing that this will tend owners to lean away from having to do mining and instead help their business grow. I stated the domino theory because it truly is one. Lets say a entertainment company opens up and because of them struggling they shut down after 2-3 months. If another company tries doing the same thing and they struggle ending up shutting down 2-3 months. You have to step in and aid businesses so situations like this don’t happen. We don’t want companies to ever shut down. We want companies to succeed overall.

Jordan Malone

Do you think the current penal code is too harsh, too lenient, or just right, and why?

Heres the problem with the penal code. Some of it yes is harsh and some of it is just right. The main thing we have with the penal codes is that some are getting more time than others. Ive heard of instances where someone gets their first felony example- Reckless driving. End up getting 20 months in the pen. I believe that if we work with law enforcement lets not be so harsh on those who are getting their first felony. If someone has commmitted the same crime three times in one day then that is understandable why they are getting more time the third instance compared to the first. I believe that if we work towards something like pushing for community service this will help those who have committed their first felony. Overall there are some things we need to work on but by working with the law enforcement we can help make changes so that its fair.

Jordan Malone

How would you encourage economic growth outside of the city of Los Santos?

Along with what I said earlier. Raising UI by $10 that can help its a small step but by doing this it can help with economic growth. Economic growth can also mean hosting more events by doing this we can do fundraisers and host more things that can help the citizens all around. We can’t also forget Sandy and Paleto citizens they are just as important as the citizens of the City of Los Santos. The main point im coming across is if we help with the universal income, along with little things like weed laws and boosting businesses we can help the economy as a whole.

Jordan Malone

What is one governmental department that you feel needs restructuring and why?

Personally? I think the one department that needs restructuring is DOCL. Why? DOCL helps establish businesses and along with that they are the ones who set the prices on business taxes and so fourth. By working with DOCL we can help out the process of businesses.

Jordan Malone

In politics, not everyone always agrees; how do you plan to work with your fellow State Representatives, should you be elected, to negotiate policy?

Regarding working with my fellow State Representatives if elected I would ask that we have weekly meetings (if possible) to discuss future bills and work together so that we can come up with an agreeance. By doing this we will have a healthy communication amongst ourselves and create a good environment for the term if elected.

Jordan Malone

What can the state do to address the violence in the Southside of Los Santos?

The violence in Southside has been bad that is something that i’ve been noticing even since my first day in Los Santos. There are little things we can do to help out regarding that violence. One key thing I think that would help is putting in a recreation center in Southside. We want folks down there to have something to do other than leaning towards criminal activities. By doing little steps along with hosting community events in Southside this can help with the flow of crime as is. I also believe in government aid to those in need. If we offer better housing in Southside this will also change the flow of more people wanting to move down there. Like stated these little changes can help in the long run.

Jordan Malone

What can the State do to better support medical services in the State of San Andreas?

I believe with the medical services communication is key. After speaking with Dr Anders and numerous medical service workers Communicating with not only the heads of the department but the department as a whole can help benefit future decisions. We also need to take into consideration what our medical services go through. With the crime at Zonah, along with how stressed they are. Having a group communication along with aiding those in that department can help out in the months to come.

Jordan Malone

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