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Stella's Scoops

Stella’s Scoops Volume 54



First of Many

Vivienne Malone was sworn in on Friday as a State Public Defender. Gracie McCoy told Maxine, “It was a quick and simple swearing in ceremony.” There will be more happening tomorrow at the 9th Congress Inauguration, so look out for a future article on that. Wow!

Inauguration Day Flier for the 9th Congress

Hooray for Madi!

The Yellow Jack had a celebration this evening. There was a raffle for a Comet Safari, music, a photo booth with a Momenti D’Amore photographer, and lots of food and drinks. The turnout was great! So many people came to celebrate, and it was exciting! I bet Madi was over the moon!

Everyone vibing out to Jason Tanners and Lulu Moon performing on the Yellow Jack stage. (Photo Credit: Mykie Romance)

Interested in Nature?

The Parks Division of the San Andreas Parks Department has opened up Parks Employee applications. If you’re interested in working in the county and doing nature things, you should consider applying. They put on events like the yoga one and the hike, both happening this week. If you have any questions, you can stop by the Parks Division HQ (Sunshine Welcome Center) in Paleto or contact Poppy Hill and Syrean Jadier.

Photo of the new Parks Division vehicles from the March 2023 press release.

Exchanging Words

It’s no secret Jack Callow is great at talking. In the past month, he has spent hours taking the time to get to know some prominent people in San Andreas. These interviews are part of a new series published here on Weazel News called The Exchange w/ Jack Callow. The first two episodes saw Jack sitting down with the Lawson-Finch and Key-McCoy campaigns, and the latest two are with state rep elects Artemis Blackthorne and Joanna Poole. Episode 5 has already been recorded and should be out in the near future.

Title card for The Exchange w/ Jack Callow

Protest at the Prison

Maxine here! I was hanging out with a friend of mine when I saw a protest being held at Bolingbroke Penitentiary on Yeeter. Being a supporter of people’s right to assembly, I raced down there and joined the fray. When I arrived, there were two individuals dressed in orange merch, possibly representing a club or group I couldn’t identify. They informed me that the protest was being held regarding the fact that their clothing was taken upon being processed, and upon release, not a sock nor shirt was ever returned.

They encouraged me to grab a sign from their car and shout along with, “Give us clothes or give us freedom!,” of which I obviously did for about fifteen minutes. When it became clear that the Department of Corrections (DOC) wasn’t going to make an appearance, and our crowd of three wasn’t growing any larger, they began to… well, derail into unsavory activities. I ended up preventing it from getting out of hand, and everyone eventually went on their merry way. It’s a pity that the protest wasn’t successful, but I’ll always be proud of people using their First Amendment Rights in San Andreas!

Maxine takes a selfie with the protestors at the prison. (Photo Credit: Maxine Finch)

Snooters Court Case

Some of you may have heard, or maybe many, considering how everyone I talked to on Monday night was telling me about attending a court case regarding Snooters. I had other things to attend to, so I didn’t go, but I managed to catch part of it in the Weazel News broadcast. Something about copyright and whose script or project it belongs to. It was complicated. Did you watch it in-person or on your phone? What did you think?

While the judge didn’t make a final decision that night, their verdict was posted to the docket, stating Michael Andino as the clear owner of the script and dismissing Snooters’ claim. Read the full verdict on the [2023-CV-084] docket yourself, or stay tuned because there should be an article coming out soon from Weazel News with a TLDW (Too Long, Didn’t Watch) for you!

Last But Not Least…

For the 8th Congress, Governor Damien Key has signed the final bill, H.R. 306. Basically, this bill updates the payscale for nurses within San Andreas Medical Services. I think the updated payscale makes a lot more sense. Why were nurses paid less for so long? Who knows? Doesn’t matter anymore!

Upcoming Events:

  • Jan 22nd @ 8PM EST: 9th Congress Inauguration
  • Jan 24th @ 9PM EST: Recovery Support Group
  • Jan 25th @ 9PM EST: Craft Bar Open Mic Night
  • Jan 26th @ 7PM EST: Yoga in the Parks
  • Jan 27th @ 3PM EST: A Ranger/Parks Guided Hike Down the Zancudo Trail
  • Jan 27th @ 5PM EST: Public Cleanup – Mirror Park Dam Reservoir
  • Jan 27th @ 5PM EST: SAFA Flight School
  • Jan 27th @ 9PM EST: Candy Land Ball
  • Jan 27th @ 9PM EST: Battle of the Gyms: Bruiserweight Championship Tournament
  • Jan 28th @ 7:30PM EST: Benefactor x SARA Car Meet & Raffle
  • Jan 28th @ 9PM EST: Pack Tactics Boxing Opening Tournament

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

I feel like it’s that time of year again. Everyone is getting sick from visiting their families over the holidays. Their bodies are finally catching up to them, and now people feel poopy. If you’re someone who is feeling sick, make sure you see a doctor. Maybe they can prescribe some medication for you to feel better sooner. And remember, rest up and stay hydrated!

Stella Day pretending to be a doctor with Liz Barber as the patient. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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