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Stella’s Scoops Volume 48



Three New Bills Passed

Remember the Town Hall (recordings posted eventually? fingers crossed) from a couple of weeks ago that was really heated? Well, three of the laws mentioned from that night have passed since. Actually, it was on December 3rd when H.R. 291, H.R. 292, and H.R. 293 passed. These three bills cover a lot about things that relate to the San Andreas Parks Department, including animal ownership, fishing and hunting limits, and stuff I’m too lazy to read and summarize for you. State Representative Becks Lawson shared in a press release that “an amendment will be released before the end of term in response to citizen feedback.” The Rangers, Executive Branch, and State Representative Becks Lawson did gather on December 1st with members of the public to talk about concerns regarding the Environmental Protection Act, aka H.R. 293. The laws were passed without changes because, from what I understand, it’s quicker to make amendments than to rewrite a bill and vote again.

A room in City Hall crowded with government figures and citizens. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

School Picture Day

Remember when you were a kid and dressed up for school picture day? Or rather, your parent(s) probably picked out an outfit for you and made you wear it until you were old enough to dress yourself accordingly. On Wednesday night, the Board of Education had School Picture Day at Los Santos University. People stopped by to get their photos taken and sign up for a library card if they hadn’t already. I got my library card, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much power a library card can bring. For starters, I plan to attend the grand opening of the LSU library on December 17th at 6PM. I hope to see you there.

Stella’s photo from School Picture Day. (Photo Credit: Roman Rossi of Momenti D’Amore)

Don’t Get Sappy About the Future…

Because you can do something to help! The San Andreas Parks Department and Tech & Sons teamed up together for a large-scale tree-planting initiative. For one weekend only, citizens were able to pick up trays of saplings to plant in planned zones within forests around the state. Saplings included pine trees, redwoods, birch, and more.

Tree Planting Map (Provided by SAPD)

While participation is obviously optional, citizens are encouraged to volunteer because the loss of trees from deforestation has been damaging to the local ecosystem, and it’s important to revitalize the environment in an effort to rebuild the tree population. It’s exciting to see the effort from volunteers helping to plant these saplings in hopes of a greener future for our home here in the state of San Andreas.

Vivan Aldis, Harlow Greene, Chris Kellerman, and Starla Kellerman planting saplings at the entrance of the Mount Chiliad Trail. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)

SAFR Gets a New Home…

San Andreas Fire Rescue (SAFR) has made the Rockford Fire Station their new HQ, giving them a more central base of operations in the City of Los Santos. The station is around the corner from Rockford PD and looks to have ample space for their growing department. Weazel looks forward to catching up with them soon to check out the newly renovated station and hopefully give the public a more in-depth look into the space. For now, congratulations to San Andreas Fire Rescue on their new home!

Stella Day chilling outside the Rockford Fire Station. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

Upcoming Events:

  • Dec 13th @ 7PM EST: FREYA EP Release Concert
  • Dec 13th @ 10PM  – 12AM EST: Wicked Sweet Wednesday
  • Dec 14th @ 9PM – 11PM EST: Craft Bar & Eatery Soup Kitchen
  • Dec 14th @ 10PM EST: Purple Fantasy Soft Re-Opening
  • Dec 15th @ 7PM EST: Sandy Shores Winter Rally
  • Dec 15th @ 9:30PM EST: What’s This?
  • Dec 16th @ 3PM EST: The Yule Festival and Market
  • Dec 16th @ 7PM EST: Ronin Christmas Party
  • Dec 17th @ 6PM EST: LSU Library Grand Opening
  • Dec 17th @ 7PM EST: Singleton’s Nightclub Grand Opening

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Tis the season for holiday treats! Last week, I mentioned advent calendars being available at the little Christmas Market on Davis Avenue between Macdonald Street and Innocence Boulevard near the Davis Fire Station. This week, I would like to recommend you all to stop by the market and enjoy some nice treats. Two booths to the right of the advent calendar booth, you’ll find a nice local selling snacks and drinks. I messaged the person who set up the shop there, and they shared with me that they “are looking to help brighten everyone’s month. Christmas can be a challenging time for many, and we set up shop hoping to bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Liz Barber, Candy Lane, and Dutch Schultz at the snacks and drinks booth at the Christmas market. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Their menu is extensive for such a shop booth. Snacks are $12 each, and drinks are $10 each. They have roasted chestnuts, peanut brittles, peppermint barks, Christmas rumballs, candied almonds, lebkuchen, bratwurst, candy canes, chimney cakes, Christmas puddings, fruit cakes, kortoffelpuffers, marzipans, and sugar cookies for snacks. As for drinks, they have Christmas mules, eggnog, mulled wine, gingerbread lattes, hot cocoas, Christmas punch, apple cider, and grumpy punch. I’ve only tried a few of their items, but the place smells delicious! Go check out their selection and let me know what you think!

Christmas Market menu. (Courtesy of Astrid Callis)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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