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Stella’s Scoops Volume 47



Lively Tuesday?

On Tuesday night, the first of two November Town Hall sessions were held at City Hall. Attendance was shocking. I believe every government department had at least one representative present to share updates about their departments. I will mention a few things that are highlights to me and the rest of my notes will be in an upcoming video of the Town Hall recordings.

  • Election season is upon us. Registration starts on December 12th.
  • Department of Commerce and Labor will be closing for the holidays on December 22nd to January 5th.
  • Three new bills relating to San Andreas Parks Department sparked disagreement in person and on Y while waiting to be signed into laws.
  • There was discord between law enforcement and the governor which you can watch in the video.

The second Town Hall session on Wednesday afternoon was much shorter and less spicy. The recording from that session will also be included in the video. I will include the link to the video in Stella’s Scoops following the video’s publication.

A room in City Hall crowded with government figures and citizens. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Erin Swears!

Erin Murphy was officially sworn in on Wednesday night as the Director of Public Works. She said that she’s pretty sure she’s the first director to actually get sworn in after being appointed. Yay, Erin!

Erin Murphy being sworn in by Chief Justice Kylian Clarkson. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Vroom Vroom!

And crash! I had the privilege of being present for a portion of Carmageddon, an event part of the greater Turbo Weekend. The cars rammed into each other inside Maze Bank Arena on a snowy Saturday afternoon. Don’t worry; none of the stage and chairs were set up on the floor level. Instead, it was filled with dirt to create an uneven ground with bumps and large mounds for jumps. Participants drove large trucks into each other in hopes of being the last operating vehicle in the arena. There were lots of damaged bumpers and other car parts scattered around after each round. Despite all the chaos, Jason Tanners commentated on each crash with his iconic voice. It was such an interesting feeling to go back and forth between the loud, roaring arena and the calm, snowy outdoors.

Stella taking a selfie inside the Carmageddon arena. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Winter Wonderland Ball

I wasn’t there to attend the SAMS Winter Wonderland Ball, but I was most certainly towing cars out of the Kortz Center parking lot as people pulled up with their formal attire. People wore fancy clothes with a blue and white color scheme. What’s the point of dressing nicely if you aren’t going to get at least one photo evidence? The Red Fox Photography photographers took photos of guests at the icy photobooth. Paired with the fancy attire, I heard people were fed food and drinks from The French Laundry while entertained by artists from Ronin Records, including Tomiko, Mugsy, and Mayumi. My friend told me it was very well organized by the SAMS team, and honestly, I would expect nothing less. It must’ve been such a magical experience with the snow and all.

Boris Turgenev and Harlow Greene at the Winter Wonderland Ball photobooth. (Photo Credit: Boris Turgenev)

Speaking of Winter…

Grab yourself an advent calendar! They can be found in the Southside at the little Christmas Market on Davis Avenue between Macdonald Street and Innocence Boulevard near the Davis Fire Station. You can’t miss it because of all the lights and decor. So far, I’ve gotten sweet treats. What will you get?

Stella Day and Erin Murphy sitting in the large Santa chair together. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)


Sergeant Meredith Benson and K9 Petra stopped by the Public Works HQ the other night. There’s nothing important about their visit except for this photo I have to share with the world. Look at how happy Petra is!

Petra the K9 jumping with joy and excitement. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Off the Record and On the Web…

A new name in music publications, Off the Record, has recently launched their website. As a news outlet that has published a fair number of articles featuring the artists, music labels, and the overall music industry, we’re excited to see what they do next. I haven’t had the chance to speak with Hydra Dalton yet, but I hope to do that soon to get to know more about the person behind this new website focused on all things music.

Yeet from Hydra Dalton on 11/27/23 announcing the new website for Off the Record.

Upcoming Events:

  • Dec 8th @ 4PM EST: Name the Shark & Tortuga Clean Up Event
  • Dec 8th @ 5PM EST: A Very HellHound Christmas
  • Dec 8th @ 7PM EST: Galaxy Nightclub Grand Re-Opening
  • Dec 8th @ 9PM EST: BLOOD NIGHT BOUTS: THE PRIZE: Undisputed Showdown
  • Dec 9th @ 9AM EST: Pillbox Medical Doctor Academy
  • Dec 9th @ 3PM – 5PM EST: DoCL Winter Job Fair
  • Dec 9th @ 5PM -7PM EST: Corner Pocket Tournament
  • Dec 9th @ 6PM EST: Pillbox Medical Doctor Academy
  • Dec 9th @ 6PM EST: That’s A Wrap! Charity Concert
  • Dec 9th @ 9PM EST: Pillbox Medical Nursing Academy
  • Dec 10th @ 11AM EST: Pillbox Medical Nursing Academy
  • Dec 10th @ 2PM – 10PM EST: Spirits and Sparkles Holiday Festival

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

I think most of us have gone outside and seen the snow at least once recently. If not, Weazel News would like to remind you all that winter is coming. We know that winter isn’t going to stop you from going on the road to spend time with friends and family in person, so we would like to recommend you all get your vehicles ready for the winter weather. Head down to your favorite mechanic shop to replace damaged and worn-out parts or tires and anything else that might cause an inconvenience in snowy or icy terrain.

People getting their vehicles repaired and ready for the unpredictable weather at a mechanic shop. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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