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Stella’s Scoops Volume 15




Everyone has their opinions of election season, from campaigning to voting. We are here once again because it’s time we think about voting fresh faces into positions of power and probably keeping a few familiar faces around. The debates are coming up, which is a great time and place for you to learn more about the candidates. If you have any dying questions to ask, PLEASE help us collect questions from the public (aka YOU), so your questions can be asked at the debates. The submission deadline is Thursday, April 27th at 9 PM ET, so ask or hold your peace.


On Monday, Skippy had his debut show at Blackwoods Saloon in Paleto. I wasn’t able to be there, but I was told that they had a pretty good turnout. I found out Skippy is an artist with Mythic Studios. It sounded like his music is mostly country with a small mix of other genres. When I asked, Bibi Creed from Saucy’s said, “Great voice, good range.” There you have it, Los Santos; go check out Skippy at an upcoming event. 

Skippy performing at Blackwoods Saloon. (Photo Credit: Rory Tanner)

Blaze It…

You all know what’s special about April 20th. Yes, it was the day of a block party in Morningwood with music, vendors, and the green stuff. Euphoric Cannabis organized the block party, which featured multiple vendors and performances from Jrodbroccoli, Jason Tanners, Konrad Knives, and Mayumi Aoki. Jason Tanners released his latest single, Edict, featuring Lulu Moon, during his set, which made it onto Los Santos Underground Radio that very night. Skippy even played a bit after the event ended. Euphoric Cannabis even released their “Euphoric” penny boards at the event. According to Vincent Darling, “Just about everyone was lost in the sauce.” Were you there?

Jason Tanners performing at the 4/20 Block Party. (Photo Credit: Candy Lane)

Bando’s Last Hurrah

Bando Fest was not short of Bando. There were BandoDucks and Bando umbrellas being sold throughout the event. Over fifteen artists were featured, which means the music didn’t stop for close to four hours. I’m not even going to put the effort into naming all the artists because there were a lot. Mayumi released her first original single, Tonight, during her set. I’ve been looking forward to this release for eleven days. I was so overstimulated that I can’t even remember if there were any other releases or notable songs I needed to mention.

Piper Riggs and Dante Gravina-Reed performing at Bando Fest. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

At the end of the event, Bando made an announcement. He’s retiring from the music scene and is handing the primary ownership of Ronin Records to Mayumi. He’s grateful that music has “connected [him] with everyone around [him] much deeper.” He also said, “I feel like there’s more out there to explore,” explaining that he will be pursuing dreams outside of the city. You can buy Bando’s final album from Ronin Records soon, complete with side A (Bando) and side B (William Baker), and three songs in the deluxe edition. 

Bando’s goodbye group photo. (Photo Credit: Mayumi Aoki)

Let’s keep the Earth clean, it’s not Uranus!

What a week with the Rangers! The Rangers from the San Andreas Parks Department celebrated National Park Week and Earth Day with events throughout the week. There was the fishing jamboree last Sunday, a beach clean up on Tuesday, a hike on the Raton Canyon trail on Thursday, jetski adventures on Friday, a concert on Saturday, and an art circle today. As for the photo below, I have no comment on that. Ask the Rangers.

A shark at the beach clean-up in Vespucci. (Photo Credit: Poppy Hill)

I did ask Parks Department Coordinator Poppy Hill about how the week went from the Rangers’ perspective, so here’s what she told me.

“This past week was a celebration of our island’s national parks, and we were excited to host a variety of events in honor of this occasion.

Throughout the week, we organized guided tours, educational programs, and recreational activities that allowed visitors to explore and enjoy the beauty of our national parks. From hiking trails to cleaning the beaches, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The turnout for these events were fantastic, with many visitors taking advantage of the opportunities to interact with our rangers and employees, as well as learn about our parks and the important role they play in our environment.”

Parks Department Coordinator Poppy Hill

DJ XtrodinaRy…

I didn’t know Xander when I very briefly mentioned him in Volume 9 of the Scoops way back when. I just knew I enjoyed what he was playing as a DJ at Cockatoos. Fast forward to yesterday at the Vinewood Bowl; Xander’s breakout performance was amazing. The music was great. The choreography was wildly mesmerizing. The outfit changes were off the charts (there was one doctor-patient-themed outfit). He was so nervous about his performance, but it was beyond anything I had ever imagined. I’m so proud of Xander. If you missed his performance, instead of feeling regret, make sure you make it down to his next show!

DJ XR and his dancers performing at the DJ XR Breakout Performance. (Photo Credit: Madori Shang)

Phrogs and Pherns…

I’m just being silly. They’re frogs and ferns. Public Works’ latest toys are now available for sale at their toy hut. It’s important that I share this because I drew up the chalkboard sign, which I don’t have a photo of.

Stella Day with the PW chalkboard. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

BandoDucks are also no longer on sale, but you can see a photo of them below.

BandoDucks fills an office at Public Works. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)

Upcoming Events:

  • April 24th @ 8PM ET: ANZAC Day @ Bombshells
  • April 26th @ 5PM ET: Brown Back Books Presents: Things I Wish I Knew Release
  • April 26th @ 6PM ET: Space Rave Underground Party
  • April 27th @ 10:45PM ET: Norman’s Cuhpaign Event!
  • April 28th @ 12AM – 2AM ET: Food Truck Friday
  • April 28th @ 6PM ET: ‘Damage Control’ EP Release Party
  • April 28th @ 9PM ET: Miss San Andreas Pageant
  • April 28th @ 9PM ET: Election Commission x Weazel News Presents: The Debates (Representative Debates)
  • April 28th @ 10PM ET: Election Commission x Weazel News Presents: The Debates (Gubernatorial Debates)
  • April 29th @ 5PM ET: A Shad-y Tourney, Hosted by Hookers Unanimous
  • April 29th @ 6PM ET: Cockatoos Nightclub, Original Clothing & SAMS Drag Show Auditions, Take 1!
  • April 29th @ 9PM ET: Retro Drive-In Night with Pop’s Diner, VU, and Vixen Cabaret
  • April 29th @ 9PM ET: Electric Oasis
  • April 30th @ 3PM – 5PM ET: Back to the 70’s Dance
  • April 30th @ 5PM – 7PM ET: ‘EnLighten San Andreas’ Concert
  • April 30th @ 9PM ET: Blood Night Bouts: Championship Finals

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

You might know him as a god from his latest day of worship at the Rockford Hills Church. You might know him for his money suit. He is The Winkler, an artist with KOKORO. You may know him best for his hit song, New To The City, in which he welcomes new people into Los Santos. You may know his song, called Who Am I?, about who he is. His latest single, My Earth, was released yesterday at the One Planet: An Earth Day Charity Concert in honor of Earth Day. Maybe you saw him dancing silly, or what he calls “Cha-cha Winkler,” at the concert.

Aiko Romance and The Winkler taking a selfie together. (Photo Credit: Aiko Romance)

The Winkler was inspired to write My Earth when he looked around him one day and saw all the trash. It was “dirtier than dirt itself.” He found rat tails and poison in the trash. As a god, Winkler finds himself entitled to the planet. Once he saw how dirty it was, he wanted Winklettes to help clean it up. The message he wants listeners to get from his song is that everyone should clean up after themselves. It’ll create a domino effect where one person does it, and another person will see it and follow suit. Then, another person will do it, and soon enough, everyone will clean up after themselves. Something that everyone can do is “separate your trash from your recycling,” as the lyrics in the song says. At the end of the song, Winkler shares his genius idea. Based on his knowledge of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball and Fast and Furious 9, any car can go to space, so The Winkler’s idea is to take a sedan full of trash up to Venus, make a drop, and return the sedan to Earth and make multiple trips until all the trash is off on Venus.

Faja and daja time. (Photo Credit: Dante Gravina-Reed)

You might be wondering, “Well, who really is The Winkler with the genius idea?” I can tell you that listening to his song, Who Am I?, can help you narrow down who he isn’t. This song was written out of pure rage. He was sick and tired of people calling him different names and wanted to correct everyone. The song is very fast-paced due to his rage. Since the release of his song, he believes that people have stopped calling him all the different names. He’s feeling grateful and less rageful because of that. He shared with me that one of the names that did make him laugh was “Jiggler,” which came from Spooky if he remembered correctly. Having heard the lyrics, I had one final clarifying question to ask him about the song. The answer was not what I expected, but I’m glad it was what I got. The Winkler has not pulled down anyone’s underwear. It’s a threat made in the song, and with how effective the song is, he hasn’t had to try to do that since.

Stella Day posing with The Winkler. (Photo Credit: Lincoln Perrywinkle)

If you know The Winkler, you might also know Norman Wren. They are not the same people. There was previous beef regarding the two of them, but since then, they have cleared up the air and are both their own person. When he thinks of Norman, The Winkler gets excited at the idea of starting “an old guy group” with the two of them rapping. “The seniors need to step up in this community.” The Winkler also looks forward to collaborating with Dre K 47, BillyBoe Stone, and Dr. Dementia (Norman himself). You can listen to all of The Winkler’s greatest hits and future hits on his Soundcloud and on Los Santos Underground Radio.

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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