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Still Haven’t Voted? What More Do You Need!?



No matter what your reason is, GO VOTE! (Song by Lulu Moon)

The winter 2022 election cycle has sped extremely quickly past us this holiday season. Voting began on the 5th of January at 8pm (ET) and will be wrapping up tonight, the 9th of January at 8pm (ET). Voting is conducted at City Hall and you can check out our previous coverage for more information regarding single transferable voting (STV) which allows you to vote for the candidates in order of preference.

It is important to remember that the right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy. We have the opportunity to have our voices heard and it is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Please familiarize yourself with the candidates and don’t forget to exercise your right to vote to help shape the future of our state.

Norman Wren

Norman Wren, formally known as Norman Bernard, is an 82-year-old Vietnam veteran from Frankenmuth, Michigan. After his time in the Army, he moved to Los Santos and has been a resident for 50 years. Norman began his line of businesses with a burrito truck known as Bernard’s Burritos. It was not until a few months ago that Wren decided to sell the company. Due to a series of unfortunate events, he found alcohol to help him cope with the trauma from his time in the military.

With the help of the Department of Human Services (DHS), he was able to open his new business, the Hub, which according to him is “one of the best one of the best cyber lounges and nightclubs in the state.” The Hub was awarded Best Place to Go Dancing and Best Place for Events and Partying in the first Weazel Choice Awards.

Aside from opening and operating the Hub, Norman is also the DHS Veteran Specialist. This position led him to want to run for State Representative, intending to help veterans with affordable housing and other accommodations. In addition to helping Veterans, he plans to work on HR 14.20 and set term limits for the Chief of Staff and Secretary of State.

“I hope whoever gets elected is going to be there to possibly make a change that the state and the citizens want.”

Norman Wren

Norman says he will not be bothered if he is not elected and will support all who end up securing the position. He will continue to live his life as is and try his hardest to do what he needs to do.

Ryyan “RyRy” Avery

Ryan Avery, known to most as RyRy, grew up in Poland, where he was raised with a gaggle of parents. They helped shape his outlook on life as he transitioned into a young adult. His father was especially vital to his personal growth. His father, a veteran of conflict within the Congo, was also responsible for the most iconic part of Avery’s appearance; his helmet. After using it for many years, Avery received his father’s headgear as a rite of passage. He has since made it a permanent part of his look.

When he became a politician, Avery made large leaps to make the lives of residents of San Andreas better. Despite his outward appearance, he has shown to be a highly competent politician with a strong passion for safeguarding the future of San Andreas. He has become the heart of the people and without a shadow of a doubt, a symbol of integrity. 

This term, he is adding some focus on reforming the criminal code and increasing support to neglected government departments. 

Provided by Ryan Avery,  a portion of his platform is as follows:

Pushing to create a serial stalking charge so repeat offenders may be punished more harshly for committing this crime more than once.

Add DHS to the events fund budget so they can hold state-funded events to receive donations to better the citizens. 

As well as possibly make a bill that allows the PD to give out money for ransoms for ‘high valued’ individuals to decrease the chance of unneeded breaches and to lessen the possibility of casualties. 

“There are no guarantees in life, so as much as I want to say I got to win – I don’t lie, so I don’t wanna say false promises, or even have the chance of that happening –  I hope I win.”

Ryyan “RyRy” Avery

Avery is highly anticipated to be re-elected this term.

Milo Tello

Milo Tello grew up with his father and two brothers in Los Angeles, California. His father was part of the State Highway Patrol and was a big part of his life. After an unfortunate accident in the line of duty, Milo lost his father. To cope with his father’s passing, Milo and his brother, Gordon, left their hometown to move to San Andreas for a fresh start. Here, Tello found himself in a community and met many fantastic new faces.

With his brother now aiming to be a lawyer, Milo turned his focus to ensuring the longevity and welfare of San Andreas as a State Representative Candidate. If Tello is elected, one of his primary concerns will be reducing drug abuse within the state. This will include everything from selling drugs to using them. He has dubbed this “War on Drugs” project “Asclepius.” Tello will also strive to enforce additional transparency through greater public engagement through public opinion and polls.

Provided by Milo Tello, the specifics of his platform are as follows:

Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones has been a resident of San Andreas since this past August but was originally born in Tennessee, where he served in the military as a medic. Time in the military led him to desire change upon returning home from deployment and led him to move to San Andreas. He had no intentions of staying but ended up enjoying his time here and has continued to remain here today.

Homeless himself, Bones is advocating for change that will provide relief to the less fortunate. Although initially unfamiliar with the Department of Human Services, he has since placed creating funds for the government department as one of his main goals if elected. He will also look at bail reform for those who commit crimes out of necessity to survive. Bones plans to accomplish this by legally defining what necessity is versus what is not.

With much of his drive for change focusing on providing welfare for the less fortunate and working class, Smokey is looking out for the average joe.

“I’m hoping to kind of narrow that playing field and you know, be the regular guy who comes into office and is able to relate with the people that he represents.”

Smokey Bones

If he is not elected, Bones plans to run again in the future.

Damien Key

Born in Miami, Florida, Damien Key was encouraged to channel his energy into mixed martial arts (MMA) throughout his childhood. This led to a successful spout of fights, with him winning the majority of them. Although they were not held on a national or state level, the local fights were highly anticipated and could have built a pathway to growing a fanbase. His career came to an abrupt end, however, when he refused to drop his morals to go along with a fixed fight. As revenge, those who arranged for the fixed fight plotted to have Key attacked, leading to a destroyed knee. He was promptly dismissed from the MMA scene and his friends cut ties with him. Key decided to move out to San Andreas about six months ago and has been here since.

To best redirect his energy and to be understood, Key figured he could help people and thus became Audrey Storm’s legislative assistant. During his time as an assistant, he sat in legislative meetings, getting a firsthand look at how the Legislature ran and was conducted from term to term. He also provided support with writing bills and kept Audrey Storm on track whenever he could. Whenever possible, he took what citizens would tell him to her in an effort to see change. After some time, he realized he could step up and take charge of making change. 

At this moment, he plans to continue working on what Audrey Storm was doing with the Victim Rights bill, in addition to going through existing bills, and adding amendments to make them less likely to be taken advantage of, specifically, the Snitches get Riches bill.

“And if you know they don’t feel I’m the man for the job right now, then I will fucking do my damndest to make sure that I am next time.”

Damien Key

If not elected this term, Damien Key plans to return to being a legislative assistant before running again in a future election.

Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders was born with a wanderlust spirit and has spent the majority of his life traveling from coast to coast. When he finally decided to settle down from his adventurous lifestyle, San Andreas seemed like the perfect choice. His start here in Los Santos was tough, and Sanders spent the beginning having run-ins with Law Enforcement. However, these incidents led him to meet Brandon Davis, who provided the guidance Sanders claimed he needed, the drive to try to be a better person. He began studying and absorbing information from various media platforms when he figured he could make a positive change.

If elected, Sanders wants to ensure transparency, specifically regarding the terminations of officers for gross conduct, abuse of office, and corruption. He wants to reassure the public that justice is still an integral part of the justice system. Sanders claims a need for a reevaluation of conduct involving trials within the Department of Justice as the lack of justice perceived by the public is worrisome. He, specifically, is aiming for more discussion on police accountability. They may be outed to the public, but he is still working on creating a process that may allow for the release of information about such punishments.

“And that’s not as a means of punishment for them, but more of a means of showing that there’s justice within the justice system itself, that it is being stepped on and taking advantage of.”

Pete Sanders

Changing gears, Sanders spoke on his support of the Southside, with plans of reopening a community center. He hopes to bring more of the general public to the area with food banks, job fairs, and debt consolidation. Primarily, the focus is to help those in the community get reacclimated to society. He says it best:

“You know society needs people who have learned the ways of their misdeeds and then grow from that.”

Pete Sanders

Whether elected or not, Sanders intends to continue with his plans and possibly work as an administrative assistant within the system. He states that he will not take advantage of the state or anyone in it. Sanders just wants to help and drive change.

Sarai Lawton

Born in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, Sarai Lawton initially planned to move to San Andreas at eighteen. After traveling, now twenty, Lawton has officially settled and is excited, like fellow Representative Candidate Smokey Bones, to provide welfare to those who need it most. Up until recently, Lawton was a San Andreas Flight Authority (SAFA) employee and helped work to regulate air travel.

If elected, her goal as State Representative is to work with the Department of Human Services to help get the homeless population of San Andreas back on their feet, into motels, apartments, or simply a place to go at the end of the night. This project would be funded through a projected plan and collaboration with State Representatives. In addition to funding for DHS, Lawton would like to better the budget for other presumably neglected government departments, including her former workplace, SAFA. 

“I just feel that the government could do more for these departments that are struggling.”

Sarai Lawton

Lawton also plans to help criminals with a rehabilitation program that includes job-finding support and ways to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. Lawton states that if elected, she will do her best to uphold the standards that the state holds itself and asks that all citizens vote, no matter who they vote for, and to vote if they want to help get the change they desire.

At this time, she is unsure if she will be running again in future elections if she is not elected this term.

Dr Jimmy Dimmick

Before ever considering pursuing a medical career, Jimmie Dimmick initially received his Bachelor’s degree in criminology and was interested in joining law enforcement. When he was not accepted into the police academy, he decided to pursue another career path. Still interested in working in emergency services, Dimmick applied to be a part of the emergency medical services (EMS) and became an emergency medical technician (EMT).

While on the job, Dimmick was critically injured and had to take a step back from the job until he could safely return to work. During this time, he returned to school and began studying for a doctorate. Rather than returning as an EMT, Dimmick started an internship – the first of its kind at the time – underneath several doctors. This internship eventually led him to complete his doctorate and become a doctor specializing in emergency surgery and autopsy. He would later become the Chief Medical Examiner due to his skills and experience. 

Thanks to his time spent in hospitals, Dimmick gained a sense of community engagement which was further expanded upon through dozens of observations of medical staff and the public being taken hostage or attacked in the vicinity of hospitals. Dimmick wants to be a voice for these people, to protect those unrepresented and being taken advantage of by crime and government alike. 

“Regardless of what the outcome is, just go out and vote and exercise that right, because some people did not have that right and would kill to have it and so do what you feel is right for you and vote for the people that appeal to you, regardless of who that is.”

Dr Jimmy Dimmick

Dimmick has quite a lot planned already for his term if elected. Some of what he would like to accomplish are as follows:

1. Reform of governmental departments: 

• SASS: Ensure SASS has the amount of staffing needed for the duties that are required from them coverage for Court, Jail and Hospital. Reassess workload and staffing

 • SAED: Emergency Dispatch should be a standalone department with their own oversight. Cross training dispatchers could ensure better response to emergency calls and a better resource allocation. 

2. Prison reform:

• Assist to streamline access to mental health services inside of the prison, working with both SASS and MHS to create a plan and get it written down and into law so that both departments are held to the standard regardless of staffing in the future. 

3. Bail reform:

• Reform how bail is given and the oversight of this process. Identify why bail is being revoked for non-violent breach offenses. Amend current bail process. 

4. Accountability:

• Publish public complaints and outcomes of things brought up to Police, EMS, SAMS, government. Process would ensure privacy and redact names & show what was done and what is being done to prevent issues in the future to ensure public trust. 

5. Continuous Criminal Code review: 

• Ensure the Criminal code is equitable for both the accused and the police. Try to not clog courts with trivial non guilty pleas based on disagreements.

6. Community engagement:

• Ensure community needs are met through engagement. Form geographical community committees or reps (non-governmental in nature) (Downtown, Southside, Vinewood, Vespucci, Paleto, Sandy etc.) to table issues with the legislature and have the government help in resolving issues for all citizens (crime, people, housing

If not elected, Dimmick will return to his position as Chief Medical Examiner at Pillbox Medical Center.

Casey Ogden

Casey Ogden grew up outside of San Andreas, in Liberty City, New York. He led a typical childhood with a standard value for education and being generally carefree. After graduating, Ogden sought to look into becoming a law enforcement officer but ended up admitting himself to Brookwood Law School in Los Santos, San Andreas. After receiving a degree, he landed his first job in the Public Defender’s Office (PDO). From there, he would join the Department of Justice (DOJ) before later creating his law firm.

If elected, he told Weazel that he would first review the current legislation to see if any changes need to be made. Changes would be determined based on public opinion or valid critique from constituents. Overall, he wants to be available to the people by being proactive and meeting with anyone in the community to chat and provide transparency.

“My goals are fairly simple. I just want to be the Legislature that the people need. I believe in fairness between all citizens and would try to accomplish that.”

Casey Ogden

He also plans to evaluate how the Judiciary issues bench warrants; according to him, people who receive bench warrants are told to be unable to go to trial or plead their innocence. To him, this causes there to be a due process that is required under the Constitution of San Andreas. 

“You just, you just go serve your time.”

Casey Ogden

The future is unpredictable and Ogden is unsure of what is next for him if he is not elected. However, he mentioned that he might return to the Department of Justice if he does not become a Legislator.

Tune in to Weazel News live tonight, the 9th of January, at 9pm (ET) for the State of San Andreas Election Results.

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