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Aftermath: Cleanup Crews Work Tirelessly Searching For Answers In The Rubble Of Eclipse Medical Tower

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A hauntingly eerie scene outside Eclipse Medical Towers (Photo by: Konrad Knives)

Vinewood, San Andreas – In the aftermath of the devastating explosions and fire at Eclipse Medical Tower, crews have been working tirelessly since receiving the all-clear to begin the arduous task of clearing the rubble. Many utilities to the destroyed hospital and several nearby buildings have been shut off while the crews dig through the wreckage. City and state inspectors have descended upon the site to begin the arduous investigation into the root cause of the disastrous events of last night.

In a press release from the Office of the Governor, patients and staff who were evacuated from the hospital and needed medical attention were rushed to Sandy Shores Medical for treatment. In addition to searching for answers, crews have also been working to tow any cars left in the hospital’s parking lot to the public lot at Pillbox Medical on Strawberry Avenue. This allows those displaced by the fire to retrieve their vehicles safely.

Crews have their work cut out for them clearing the aftermath of the destruction (Photo by: Erin Murphy)

The cause of the explosions and fire is still unknown at this time, and authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to determine the source of the incident. The damage to the hospital is extensive, and it is unclear when it will be able to reopen. The public has been urged to steer clear of the immediate area around Eclipse Medical Tower for their safety while cleanup efforts are underway. Visitors to the hospital are also asked to please use this public parking lot to keep the circle drive in front clear for emergency vehicles.

In the meantime, San Andreas Medical Services (SAMS), under the direction of Surgeon General Maggie McCormick, have officially relocated to Pillbox Hill Medical Center. SAMS medical staff will continue to offer medical treatment as operations have shifted to this newly renovated facility designated to take over as the major trauma center for the State of San Andreas, effective immediately. Governor Starr and the Legislative Branch will be working together to enact amendments to existing legislation to help ensure this is a seamless transfer of services.

Pillbox Hill Medical Center Exterior (Photo by: Niko McReary)

Pillbox Hill Medical Center underwent a state-of-the-art facelift completed earlier this year after Governor Starr and his cabinet quietly took the initiative to ensure government facilities are maintained at a state of readiness. The foresight and planning of our experienced government officials have ensured the state can recover quickly from this catastrophe.

Newly renovated primary emergency room at Pillbox Hill Medical Center (Photo by: Dr Niko McReary)

Stay tuned to Weazel News for updates on this developing story.

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1 Comment

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